Unsolved Mysteries: Seekers of the Light is a long-running anime series based on the Unsolved Mysteries series. Produced by Shining Star Studios with co-opearion of Studio Ghibli, the anime series follows its own plot with the protagonists of the first game but with different locations and different crimes. Seekers of the Light is running since 2003 and had 9 seasons so far, with the upcoming, tenth final season. Three OVAs has been released based on Seekers of the Light: The Burning Hope released in 2005, The Newcomers from the West relesaed in 2007 and Old Friends, New Faces released in 2010, interestingly, it is a crossover with the manga series.

Seekers of the Light started airing in USA in 2005, two years after the release on Japan, which was airing the finale of the 4th season on that time. Europe, Australia and Latin-American countries only started airing it in the end of 2009. Most of the cast of the games doesn't appears in Seekers of the Light, however some got some cameos, like the protagonists of Note of the Souls.


Season 1: Discovery Saga

Jacob Martinez, a boy from Spain that got adopted by a british family and Mai Shrine, daughter of one of the most well-known detectives of London, decides to become detectives. They started solving minor crimes, like robbery, but then got quickly promoted after solving the Mr. Joan's Case, they now solve larger crimes, like murders.

When they meet with Dr. Dioto, they discover a mysterious force called the Followers, lurkers of the shadows of the people that posses them and make them do evil things. Dioto created a machine which would teleport the heroes to the Followers' dimension, as the heroes solve mysteries on real life, they must go to the other dimension in order to defeat the Followers.

The first season ends with the battle of Nero, leader of the Followers. But a cliffhanger shows that the followers are still alive.

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