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Fantendo the Animated Series

(Opening) (Title Card) Written by SuperSonicDarkness and Exotoro

(Shows Scratch Kat in his house, sitting on a couch eating marshmallows while watching TV. Unten, Britt, Mika, and Data enter the room.)

Unten: Scratch! We need to go stop Mary Sue from destroying the city!

Scratch Kat: Come on, man! Fantendo High is on!

Britt: We can't put up with this, Scratch. We need you out there. NOW.

Scratch Kat: *sighs* Fine. *turns off TV* I wasn't even in that show anyway.

(cuts to Unten, Britt, Mika Sho, Data, and Scratch Kat fighting Mary Sue)

Mary Sue: Prepare to die!

Mika Sho: Never, Mary! We will bring you down!

Scratch Kat: Enough with the generic hero/villain talk already! Let's just get this over with.

(Mika Sho blasts fire at Mary, but she dodges.)

Scratch Kat: *pounces at Mary, but is blasted away by an energy beam* God! Will there ever be an episode of this series where no violence happens?

Britt: Wait, don't sa-

(A large beam of light appears, blasting away the heroes and Mary)

Mary Sue: What the hell was that? I'm done with you freaks! *teleports away*

Scratch Kat: Huh. Well that happened.

[ScratchKat looks out of a broken TV Set, and the world outside is live action.]

Exotoro and SuperSonicDarkness: Oh, man, what the hell?

Britt: What did you do?

Unten: He broke the fourth wall!

ScratchKat: Look at those weirdos!

[Exotoro and SuperSonicDarkness run out of the writing studio. ScratchKat climbs out of the broken television set.]

ScratchKat: Haha, look at these nerds. They're writing some kind of television show... wait a second.

Mika: ScratchKat, I think that it's the script to this episode!

ScratchKat: (grabbing a pencil) (writing while talking) ...Mary Sue explodes into a billion pieces.

[Mary Sue explodes into a billion pieces.]

Britt: Well, episode over.

Scratch Kat: No, it's only begun!

Britt: What else can we possibly do? The main villain of the episode just exploded!

Data: He could just make a new plot...

Britt: Just write [The End] so that the world resets and it's the next episode.


Unten: He's got a point.

Britt: Shut up.

Scratch Kat: Besides, who said Mary Sue was the main villain?

Data: What do you mean?

Mika: Do I hear something? It sounds like giant....footsteps. (turns around and sees an army of Titans from Attack On Titan) AAAAH!

Britt: You can't use copyrighted material, ScratchKat. The show is still going to air on TV and there would be lawsuits and

[Titan stomps on Britt.]

Unten: Wow, ScratchKat, you're sort of a jerk.

Data: *is suddenly outfitted in a Survey Corps uniform* What is this, Attack on Fantendo?

Scratch Kat: Not quite *continues writing on paper*

(Suddenly, an army of airships fly in and shoot lasers at the Titans, blowing their heads up, as a remix of the first Attack on Titan opening plays in the background) 

Data: Give me that!

[Data punches ScratchKat and takes the pencil.]

[Titans disappear.]

Data: Let's see here...

[Britt is written back in.]

Britt: Write out ScratchKat!

Unten: No! Let's not write anybody out!

Data: We can do whatever we want... hmmm.

[Money falls from the sky]

Britt: Oh boy, money that we can't spend.

[A mall pops up]

Britt: Give me the ****ing paper, you guys have no idea what you're doing.

Scratch Kat: GIMME THAT! *tackles Data until he goes unconscious* Now I can do ANYTHING with the power of the....script? *turns around and sees that Netnu is holding the script* DAFUQ!?!?!??!

Netnu: *writes something in the script* 

Unten: You know, I suddenly have the urge to not save the world anymore.

Mika Sho: This can't end well....

[Netnu keeps writing in the script, and Mary Sue pops up, fully restored, along with Danguro and Bananas.] 

Netnu: Hmm, Bananas needs a better name. How about "Deathpower the Shadowmonkey?" Yeah, that sounds right! *writes in script* 

Scratch Kat: No, it sounds stupid.

Unten: I don't really care about what's going on right now, so can I leave?

Britt: No, you can't. We need to fix this. Here, just let me see if...

[Netnu turns into a giant robot with tanks for arms.]

Britt: Aha, got a pencil right here. A little small for the script but... oh hey.

Mika: Hand it here!

[Britt throws the pencil and Mika catches it.]

[Mika writes something in the script.]

Mika: Cosmic Queen Form Go!

[Mika turns into a Cosmic Queen and starts shooting stars at Netnu]

Cosmic Queen Mika: Die!

Deathpower the Shadowmonkey: Oh no you don't! *snatches script, and writes something in it*

(Britt, Data, and Scratch Kat suddenly dissapear) 

Cosmic Queen Mika: Oh no! He wrote out our friends!

Unten: I don't really care. 

Cosmic Queen Mika: Oh why you little * punches Deathpower away, and writes something in the script* 

Unten: AAH! I had a horrible nightmare that I became an ignorant jerk that was indifferent to everything!

(Britt, Data, and Scratch Kat reappear) 

CQM: (continues writing in script)

(Netnu and the other villains disappear)

(Mika Sho turns back to normal)

Britt: There. Now can we PLEASE continue the episode?

Data: I'm afraid we don't have time.

Unten: What do you mean?

Data: I mean the episode is almost over. 

Scratch Kat: WAIT!!!! *grabs script from Mika* I forgot to add the part where I become king of West-

(Script disappears in a flash of light)

End of Episode

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