This page serves as a list of waves in Unparalleled Threat. 15 Waves are placed in "Sections", which serve as the game's worlds.

En route to the Atmosphere

Wave Number Name Description Enemies
1 First Contact An lone Pawn will come down and begin moving towards the player while shooting it. x1 Pawn
2 Scout Team Several Pawns will approach the player in a group and will begin shooting it. x20 Pawns
3 Evasive Manouvers Pawns will come into the screen in line-by-line and loop in circles before exiting the area and will shoot at the player. x8 Pawns (Per Line) 6 Lines
4 Reinforcements Pawns will come as they did in Scout Team, however once one of the pawns from the first set is killed it will be replaced by a second one. x20 Pawns (Per Set) 2 Sets
5 Dangerous Grounds A lone raider will come down and begin attacking the player. x1 Raider
6 The Attack Squad A lone raider will come down and will be surrounded by several pawns, in which circle the raider. x1 Raider, x6 Pawns
7 Three Musketeers Three Raiders will come down and attack the player. x3 Raiders
8 Ring of Fire 25 Pawns will surround the player and begin firing at it. x25 Pawns

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