Developer(s) GearworksLogo (formerly)
Pixelburst Gaming
Publisher(s) FantendoHalf
Platform(s) Hybrid Δ
Release Date(s)
Single Player, Co-Op, Survival
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Shooter

Unparalleled Threat is a bullet-hell shooter for the Hybrid Δ, originally developed by Gearworks Gaming before being handed off to Pixelburst Gaming. The game involves an alien threat in which once inhabited earth years before the humans whom have come back to colonize on their original home in which is earth. The game is run on the bLight Engine release 2.2 which is a Gearworks Gaming engine designed specifically for shooters.


It began on 1983 at earth, an unknown alien craft apparently crashed into a crop-field of a farm and was examined by the owners of the field. The owner proceeded to call the police force to work on getting it back to military quarters. The Military threatened the owner of the crop-fields by telling him not to say any word about the crash and it was simply brushed off as a "experimental fighter jet". Sightings from telescopes of the same craft were being sighted more frequently over 50 years after this, and then sightings such as beams showering down from the skies was more common. Eventually tragedy struck and several ships were sent to take down towns and cities, and the government knew that the aliens were a global threat. They sent an experimental jet to stop the aliens, in which is operated by the player, to fend off and eliminate the entire threat. The pilot first goes across the earth to the main core dug into a crater in which was made by a bomb, passing through several squads of enemies and eventually reaching the core and engaging in battle with it because it was armed. The pilot then destroys the main core and the barrier blocking space from earth and set off to contact a leader to call off the raid. There are several more oncoming waves of invaders stopping the player from getting to the leader which he or she must kill. Once the pilot reaches the War-Leader, Croa, the pilot tries to negotiate, but fails because of Croa's desire to spread their population like a virus. This leads to a boss battle, and once the pilot kills Croa he/she flies off into a nearby set of space junk from the ships.


The player can move their ship around using the directional keys of their console and fire off beams with an assigned button. The player can manually fire the weapon by mashing the fire button or use Auto-Fire by holding it down. The player can also gain other weapons dropped by alien enemies in battle and use them for their advantage.


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Image Name Description Health
MarkolvinPawnMarkolvinPawn2 Markolvin Pawn Basic Markolvin ships which fire several bullets in your direction. They have low health and are easy to dodge. They generally appear in crowds and can be an annoyance. 100 (Minimum) 350 (Maximum)
MarkolvinRaider Markolvin Raider More advance Markolvin ships which fire a stream of bullets in front of themselves. They launch mines onto the ground which then explode into a spray of bullets which go in the player's direction
  • Core: 600 (Minimum) 1500 (Maximum)
  • Barriers: 50 (Minimum) 300 (Maximum)
  • Mines: 200
MarkolvinMaurader Markolvin Marauder Markolvin ships in which use their tentacles to home in on the opponent and to shoot them. They fire streams of bullets at the player and will also fire fast omnidirectional bullets.
  • Core: 2100 (Minimum) 3000 (Maximum)
  • Tentacles: 400 (Minimum) 650 (Maximum)
MarkolvinDreadnought Markolvin Dreadnaught Dangerous and armed to the teeth, Markolvin Dreadnaughts launch omnidirectional bullets and send out waves at the player. They then may switch tactics and begin firing cluster bombs at the player as it sprays bullets. 5000 (Minimum) 7900 (Maximum)
MarkolvinStealthCarrier Markolvin Stealth Carrier A combination of the Dreadnaught and Raider, the Markolvin Stealth Carrier is a stealth based and agile enemy, Markolvin Stealth Carriers hide themselves and can only be seen when fired at or when they are firing weaponry. 2800 (Minimum) 4000 (Maximum)


Image Name Description Health
MakrosBoss Markolvin Central Node Makros The main energy provider and computer unit on earth for Markolvin, Makros is also armed with weaponry such as energy spheres, lasers and bombs at it's disposal. Once the player destroys Makros the energy barrier on earth will be released and the player may process to space. 11000
CroaCroa2 Markolvin Warleader Croa Daughter of the fleet leader and the one responsible for the first wave which invades earth. Croa sits in the head of the robot she operates and has two phases. The first being attacks using the hands of her robot and the second is when the body opens revealing several turrets and the spine of the robot. 9000 (First Form)

5500 (Second Form)


Image Name Description Damage
AOS-2 Vulcan AOS-2 Vulcan A vulcan which fires small bullets at a high rate per second. The AOS-2 Vulcan is a weapon suited for close range combat against large targets such as Markolvin Dreadnoughts and Mauraders. 25 (Per Bullet)
GoliathBurstLaser Goliath Burst Laser A Cannon which fires off a burst of energy in the form of a laser. The Goliath Burst Laser is a weapon which can be used on most enemies, and is more effective when firing manually rather than automatically. 50