"The Breakdown Shard is something no mere mortal can compose. It is highly destructive, and when used by a mortal, an un-forgivable sin is set free."

The words plauged Dimentio's mind. Who said those words? And how did they know about The Breakdown Shard?

Even to Dimentio, it didn't make sense.

Suddenly, a few portals opened up above tall thrones, and mortals fell to the throne's cushions.

"Welcome to Dimension D. I'm sure you're all suprised to be here, like a child finding out about his suprise birthday party.," Dimentio said.

"HEY!!! You're the...the...," one mortal replied. He was an over-grown turtle, or Koopa, with spikes on his shell, horns, and a red tuft of hair.

"The Master Of Dimensions? Yes, Bowser, I am that. I have invited you all here for a reason."

"Well, "Master Of Dimensions," why did you call The Great King Of Evil to your dimension?," a green-skinned villain asked. He had orange/red hair, a suit of sorts, and a sword.

"Ganondorf, you and the other mortals I brought have one thing in common. You have enemies that none of you idiots can ever beat."

Dimentio snaps his fingers, and a slide-show of more beings appeared. A red plumber, an intelligent ape, a warrior in green, a mech-suit, a pink puff-ball, and much more.

"All of you know who these are. Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Samus Aran, Kirby, and other idiots. So..."

"Like a mad scientist who has finished with an invention, I am proud to say that I've found a way to beat them all."

Suddenly, a chameleon, a panther, and a wolf landed in Dimension D.

"Sorry we're late, sir. We found a few road blocks on our way here.," the wolf said.

"Wolf, since when do you take orders?," a giant blue penguin asked. His wore kingly items, held a hammer, and had a glare in his eyes.

"Since when did you start beating Kirby?," Wolf replied.

King Dedede shut up immediantly.

"Anyways, I've recently gotten word on a mystical item known as The Breakdown Shard. For the one who wields it, a blessing or curse is granted by the wish that the user wishes.," Dimentio said.

All the villains nodded.

"Bowser, get your kids and armies. K. Rool, get your army and your cousins. Ganon, bring the Triforce and all villains you can find. Dedede, hire THEM for you. Star Wolf, hunt for the heroes. Ridley, Dark Samus, work together to get it done. Now...GO!!!"

Suddenly, all of the villains were teleported away. As Dimentio sighed, another portal opened up.

"How can I be of service, Dimentio?"

"Zoroark Zero, you don't need any instructions. Get the weapons, and "fix" those Monita's and Ninja's at Nintendo Land."

"Yes, sir."

The other one teleported away.

"Mario...this is for you. For revenge."


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