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Usually just shortened to Universal or UniversalGaming Inc, this company specializes in bringing fanon games to life on Nintendo consoles, or assists Nintendo to produce games playable on the PC.






UniversalGaming Inc. will be starting a new channel, known as Galaxy. The only known shows to appear on it are:

Notable Characters

  • Xyphyl The Red Mew- As the symbol of UniversalGaming Inc., Xyphyl will appear in the first game released by UniversalGaming, Pokemon: Legends of Mew. He is a red Mew that is trying to prove his coloration also makes him a unique person.
  • Zexam the Shiny Hydreigon- This guy is pure evil! He hates everyone, save for Mewtwo and Darkrai! He even hates his minions; his goal is to control all of the Pokemon World.
  • Princess Blooe- The 'Princess in distress' of the games in which Xyphyl appears in. She is the only Mew to fell that he is normal.
  • Jack Elemental- The hero of the series, Jack Elemental. He is split into six entities in the first game.
  • Vectrex- He is a hero who has yet to appear in a game of his own. He does, however, have a trophy in Super Smash Bros. Supernova.


  • Vectrex has appeared in a lot of fiction before the founder made this company, most notably a story called The Galactic Chronicles