Unity the Lucario is a character from another destination. He is a mysterious fighter who came from nowhere, and has a pet Shiny Salamence called Sal. His code color is black.


Unity wears a pair of black sunglasses, a blue military uniform, a Shadow the Hedgehog-patterned cape and has red pupils on his eyes.


Unlike other protagonists, Unity is very serious, grumpy and always focus of himself. He usually travels in some destinations. Once he's done helping Renan and his friends, he just leaves without saying "You're welcome". Unity also has a lot hatred nesting in his heart, because his friends were killed by his arch-enemy, The Chosen Enemy.


He is a neutral character in all media except the manga Renan!, where he is a spy working for the Shadow Lord.


Renario "Renan" Extreme

Unity and Renan have a strong rivalry against each other,.


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