Union Unten
GB Flag

British Flag.

The United Kingdom is a nation that appears in Flame: UK Tour. It's made up of England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland. The UK borders Ireland.


The British Flag is known as the Union Flag. It's got the British colours on it - Red, White & Blue.


Football (Soccer)

Teams compete in 4 different league systems, the biggest being the (English) Premier League. There is rivalry between the four home nations. A huge part of the rivalry was Scotland fans booing British anthem 'God Save The Queen' (during Scotland v Northern Ireland in 2008 and 2011, as well as the Lichtenstein national anthem - that has the same tune to God Save The Queen - in 2010), after a British Football Team (Team GB) was purposed of London 2012. Scotland have also destroyed Wembley, home of England, after beating them. Some Welsh teams play in England. British football is also known for hooliganism, topped of with English clubs being banned from Europe.

Other Sports

Other Sports played include:

  • Rugby
    • Union
    • League
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Cricket


Some of the broadcasters include



also see: Tartan Army, Red Dragons, Green & White Army
There are armies in the UK. Flame: UK Tour showed that the armies were trying to save the nation - however they do fight between themselves.

Towns & Cities

Town Country Population (2001)
London English Flag England 7,172,091
Birmingham English Flag England 970,892
Glasgow Scottish Flag Scotland 629,501
Liverpool English Flag England 469,017
Leeds English Flag England 443,247
Sheffield English Flag England 439,866
Edinburgh Scottish Flag Scotland 430,082
Bristol English Flag England 420,556
Manchester English Flag England 394,269
Leicester English Flag England 330,574
Coventry English Flag England 303,475
Kingston upon Hull English Flag England 301,416
Bradford English Flag England 293,717
Cardiff Welsh Flag Wales 292,150
Belfast Northern Irish Flag Northern Ireland 276,459
Newcastle upon Tyne English Flag England 273,600
Stoke-on-Trent English Flag England 259,252
Wolverhampton English Flag England 251,462
Nottingham English Flag England 249,584
Plymouth English Flag England 243,795
Southampton English Flag England 234,224
Reading English Flag England 232,662
Derby English Flag England 229,407
City of Salford English Flag England 221,300
Dudley English Flag England 194,919

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