This article is about the character Unipon. For information about the game of the same name, see UNiPON.
Unipon (character)
Official art by Qyzxf (tbc)
Full Name Unipon
Current Age Billions of years
Gender Androgynous
Species Unknown
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Horn
First Appearance UNIPON

Unipon is a being of unknown species that inhabits the planet Tissmanthia in the game UNIPON. In the game it takes the form of a small, purple, fuzzy being with a large horn on its face. The horn possesses a ton of power and energy of which Unipon uses to live. The more dilapidated and ruined the horn is, the less powerful Unipon itself is.


Unipon's finalized design is actually stated to be inspired by the protagonist of the obscure Sunsoft NES platformer, Gimmick! and came into fruition only after UNIPON itself was to be cancelled. Unipon's redesign itself was one of the first things that happened during development. Major changes to gameplay were made as well to incorporate old ideas into the new design and game.

Several prototype sketches of Unipon have been unearthed, revealing the original design to be nothing more than a violet ball with a face known as Bubba. At the time, Bubba would get around by shooting spheres out of its mouth and rolling about.


Unipon's spirit is actually way older than the body it inhabits. Its spirit resided in an underground temple in the shape of a white, cartilaginous cone, created at the very beginning of the planet's creation. The horn is a physical manifestation of all of Tissmanthia's purity, which the spirit itself carried from its origin. Soon after intelligent life came into being around it on the planet, there were just a few "bad apples," as the spirit described them. It didn't actually do anything about the malevolent beings, though - rather, the spirit just observed where the acts of maleficence performed by these beings would take the planet.

Several centuries later, however, these aggressive beings had become evil superpowers. Tissmanthia was plunged into millennia of war, plague, and famine. The spirit decided to take a stand to put the planet back into in the very least a temporary state of pleasantness, by any means necessary. So it generated a body around the horn, taking the form of a massive, hulking being, with the horn at its center. Unfortunately, the body's generation was rushed and when it tried to put an end to the chaos, the spirit was defeated, and forced to retreat back into the horn.

The planet was decimated and nearly met a horrible end. But in the end of the massive, century-long war, the evil was defeated by opposing forces and the planet was met with a peaceful renaissance and a painstakingly long rebuilding of civilization in which the planet began to flourish and prosper.

Unfortunately, there were more malevolent beings that were created - an evil culture, in fact. As soon as the first of these beings was born, the spirit took notice and began to generate a new, much more perfected body to combat them.

Over the course of several decades, the Skoneran threat grew as they built a vessel to end all of Tissmanthia, the Celestial Coma. Just as the machine was finished, the spirit finally perfected its body in the form of a small, fuzzy, violet being with the horn on its forehead as a skewer. This form is the one finally known as Unipon.



Game Appearances


Unipon debuts in this game, and takes its well-known form for the first time in this game.


Although this game is not considered canon, Unipon once again appears in this upcoming game as the main character of the game. In this game, it has a total of 16 usable Spectrum Powers (the additions being Crystal, Shadow, Stone, Tech, and Toxic), and uses its horn, various items, and its Spectrum Powers for attacking.


Unipon's Powers