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is an upcoming Action-Adventure RPG Game developed by SuyoGames and Fantasize Studios for the Wii U, Nintendo Immerse, and Infinity. It is scheduled to be released in  Autumn 2013.




  • Razen: The main character of the game, he used to be a killer and a dark being who took souls, he lives in The Abyss, and seeks answers.
  • Mimi: A mysterious light figure has joined Razen after being constantly assaulted by the Reapers in The Abyss.
  • Mary: Marilyn, or Mary is a vampire girl who later joins Razen as her home was attacked by an evil being.
  • Rose: An angel partner.
  • Damian: A demon partner.
  • Rausen: A assassin who for some reason has an endless hatred of Razen and wants to destroy him.


Name Info
Glob A basic enemy, it is meant for mostly defense, it's attack isn't really that good.



  • The Abyss
  • The Above
  • The End
  • Outwith
  • Vampyra
  • Tentail Woods
  • Twilight Forest

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