Unexpected Guest is the 1st episode of Fantendo - Misfits in where Aran is thrown into the Misfits team.


Aran gets thrown into the Misfits crew a bit too quickly and things escalate quickly.


Aran is shuffling through mail, throwing some in the trash and the rest on the table beside him

Aran: Trash, trash, and even more trash.

He throws a few more in the trash and stops on a bright one with a light blue seal.

Aran: Well, what is this?

He rips the mail and unravels a piece of paper, it reads:

Hello, Mr. Leverletto, you have been invited to a celebration of your overpowering of one of The Threat's troops, Four. Please meet at the Sinlax Hall at 3:00PM, Saturday.
Aran: Hm, a celebration? That's today..

He looks over to the clock

Aran: In two hours... shit.

He leaps into his room and shuffles through clothes, putting on a different leather jacket, then going to brush his hair. He takes out a bag and pulls a more realistic robotic arm, which resembles an actual hand. He sets his other robotic hand in the bag while he places the other one on.

Aran: Okay.. all ready.

He smiles as he adjusts his jacket and hops out the door, jumping onto his motorcycle and zooming off into the streets.

Aran parks his motorcycle at the place and hops off, walking up the steps that lead to the door.

Aran: Well, this is the place.

He pulls the door open and walks in, surprised to see that the lights are off, except for a very dim chandelier hanging in the middle of the place.

Aran: Hello?

His voice echoes throughout the room, and the lights flicker on, it reveals a woman sitting at the head of the table, snacking on a pear.

Melissa: Took you long enough.
Aran: Who are you? Where is everybody?
Melissa: Come, sit down.

She points to the seat beside her, it has a plate with some food and an unusual looking drink.

Melissa: It's a Mana Margarita, a pretty good drink, if you ask me.

Aran sits down and takes a sip of it.

Aran: Mm, pretty good. Anyways, who are you?
Melissa: Oh, my name is Melissa Dust. And you are Mr. Leverletto, I am guessing?
Aran: Just call me Aran.

She smiles at him and takes another bite of the pear.

Melissa: I'll see you in a few minutes.
Aran: What?

Aran's vision begins to glow blurry, he gets out of his chair and stumbles around, trying to get towards the exit, he walks a few steps further and collapses, blacking out.

Aran wakes up, sitting in a car. He is sitting in the passengers seat and looks over to the drivers seat, seeing Melissa once again.

Aran: What the fu-

He tries to bolt upwards, but is stopped by straps holding his arms and legs down.

Melissa: Don't fuss, you're gonna see my boss.
Aran: What did I do? I'm sorry if you were the one who I accidently hit with that robot dog, it didn't hurt that bad!
Melissa: No, but that was pretty funny.

Aran calms down a bit, and lays back, closing his eyes.

Melissa: Aran, wake up!

Aran wakes up and looks around, noticing that the car stopped, the glass on the front window had been shatered, and shards were all over.

Aran: What the hell happened?
Melissa: One of our criminals we had been hunting down a few weeks ago had just shot us!
Aran: How do you know it was him?
Melissa: Same gun.

Aran's straps stopping him from getting up popped up, and Aran flew out of the car. He pressed a button on his arm, and his more bulky arm with floating fingers shot out and flew towards him, replacing the other arm.

Aran: C'mon!

Aran goes speeding through the alleyway and the person keeps running. He stops as Melissa appears at the other side of the alleyway.

Melissa: No place to escape, person whose name I have forgotten.
???: Its Alex. Though you really won't need to know that, as you'll be dead in a few seconds.

He pulls something out from his pocket and lobs it at Aran, it begins to beep as it goes flying across the sky.

Melissa: Fuck.
Aran: Grenade!

A brown blur flies forward infront of Aran and slams into the grenade, sending it flying upward.

Melisa: Firball!

The grenade explodes in midair. Alex looks around to run but freezes. Melissa runs up to him with handcuffs but stop as Alex drops onto his knees.

Melissa: What the..

She looks over to Aran, whose arm cannon is steaming. She then looks down to the dead Alex, who is laying in a pool of blood.

Melissa: Oh, god damnit, Aran!
Aran: I sneezed!
Melissa: Whatever, just help me get rid of the evidence!

The screen pans out as Aran drags Alex's corpse across the ground


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