Developer(s) TheJohnStudiosLogo
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo NX
Release Date(s)
November 13th, 2015
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Hack and slash
Media Included Wii U/NX Disc

Undo-able: Unten Eleven is another reboot of the Unten series. This one approaches into a much more darker tone unlike the previous reboots.


In the year 2043, a war has happened that killed millions of human population, nearly getting extinct. After the war was ended in 2051, a meteor comes crashing into the village of Native-Americans, their chief Dongorio opens the inside, revealing some sort of alien baby bear, with a writing that said that this baby is the last of his kind that are killed in a explosion of the home planet, he raise him like he was his child. 20 years later, while Unten plays with his adoptive brother Mondo, Unten got his eye shot by someone else and his right arm and left leg cut off, luckily Mondo is able to punch the villain, running away. Back to the village, Unten suffered severe pains to his damaged parts, but a mysterious intelligent duck named Professor Nov Ekard, managed to create new parts for him, as well the cape. With Unten now being a half Beom half android, he plans to take revenge and team up with new allies. In John's story, John meditates in the top of Mount Fuji, until he is been sucked by the portal, which he ends up to Unten's world, so John must found the way to return and defeat Dark Master.


There are three endings (four counting John) for this game, whenever character gets the final blow to Dark Master, will recieve its own ending.

  • Unten: After killing Dark Master by transforming into Hyper Mode, Unten goes on a berserker rage, but Netnu, somehow alive, managed to calm him down, turning back to his original form. Unten, cannot holding his uncontrollable powers, decided to go back to the village where he was adopted, training with Mondo to become a warrior.
  • Zerita: After defeating Dark Master, Zerita uncovers her mysterious origins, it is revealed that she was created by Dark Master to kill humans, but rebels against him and became a hero. Zerita, shocked, decided to kill herself, but Unten managed to stop her in time, asking to her to have a better life. Zerita agrees, and decided to go to Unten's village where he was adopted and had a normal life.
  • Yoko: After stabbing Dark Master, Yoko had finally avenge his father's death shouting "I finally killed the leader, father! I finally avenge you!!". The next day, he pays a visit to his father's grave, he asks that he will succeed him, after that, he trains with his sword, and the game ends with a half slice to a dummy.
  • John: After defeating Dark Master with a super powerful Draco Upper, the portal begins to open and John return to the World of Lawl, where he sees his best friend Robo worries about his disappearance.

Is unknown if one of this endings are canon.


  • Story Mode
    • New Game
      • New Game+ (After beating the game)
    • Continue
    • Load Data
  • Options


The gameplay is very similar to Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z. A typical Hack and Slash game that involves hand-to-hand weapon combat.



Image Name Description
John's Unten Unten Adopted by a chief villager, he has some of his parts damaged and replaced with cybernetic ones, which helps him defeating most enemies in his paths.
John's Zerita Zerita Unten's newly founded sidekick who her origins are a mystery. But she has the ability to slash and climb on walls thanks to her claws.
Yoko Nishituna Yoko Nishituna Son of Musashi Nishituna, he can create a barrier that can reflect enemy's projectiles and carries his father's sword.
John Old Appearance John Di Micco A special guest character from the World of Smash Bros. Lawl universe. An American-Italian martial arts skilled human who saved the world multiple times during his life. He can be unlocked after beating the game, which granted him his own story mode. His appearance is based on the upcoming Smash Brothers Super Lawl 2.


Image Name Description
Chief Dongorio Chief Dongorio Unten's adoptive father. He is the chief of his tribe and village.
Mondo Unten's adoptive brother.
Queen Pixella Queen of the Narobi Kingdom, she helps Unten to create a new sword, the PiXL Slasher.
Professor Nov Ekard An old duck scientist responsible for turning Unten into a hero.
Musashi Nishituna Yoko's father, who is the greatest samurai to be seen, until he is killed by Sia.
Mrs. December A mysterious woman that carries her umbrella as a weapon, she temporarily allies with Unten to save her city called Beauty Town from the DankBots.
Fanti Unten's adoptive pet friend, he allied with him to help his kingdom of Narobi from the DankBots.
Plum Unten's long lost younger sister who is one of the survived Beoms.
Amalia Heaven The protective angel, who is one of Pixella's guards. She is based on the character from Let's Fight!
Adam "Jay" Hein One of Pixella's guards, a honorable knight who is actually s coward.
Sensei Zerita's Sensei, who was killed before the beginning of the game.
Doomuli Tribe The Doomuli Tribe where a group of deceased species that once protect earth years ago until where killed by Dark Master, with Doomulus Grime survived.
Unton Unten's real father, he is only seen in flashbacks. He is the leader of the Beom Squad who fight the forces of Dark Master, but where defeated, and Unton dies in the battle.
Untan Unten's real mother, she is only seen in flashbacks. She is the one who put her son to a meteor-like spaceship before being shot by one of the DankBots.
President Nightmare President of his company and one of Dark Master's minions. He is based on the character from Adventure Time ZX of the same name.
Sia One of Dark Master's minions, and responsible for killing Musashi Nishituna.
Doomulus Grime Nicknamed Doomuli Nine, one of Dark Master's minions and responsible for damaging Unten's parts. He is also a former member of the Tribe.
Netnu One of Dark Master's minions and Unten's greatest rival. He is revealed to be the second survived Beom.
Dark Master The true main antagonist, a dark armored man responsible for the war 40 years ago, he even carries a huge dark sword.


Image Name Description
DankBots The main robots who destroys cities and kills many people ordered by the Dark Master.
DankBat The smallest of the robots modeled after the vampire bat, this robots can suck blood of Unten.
Skeletons This skeletons revived by Dark Master, are actually former soldiers of the war.
DankIndian A DankBot dressed as an native warrior with a spear.
ButterBots A very small flying robot, with a incredible speed.
SWATBots President Nightmare's robots who orders them to arrest many people of Mobys.
Neo DankBots Faster and stronger variations of the main robots.
Electric Goodles Modeled after a Catfish, this fish-like enemies can produce electricity from its body.
DankGolem The strongest and the biggest of the robots.
FlameBots Red DankBots with a flamehead that can shoot fireballs.
DankWall An indestructable large wall that cannot be defeated, it can crush Unten, but he can walk on it after crashing.


Image Name Description
DankCyclops A large one-eyed DankBot that can crush anything with its fists.
Sand Marine A large submarine designed to travel under the ground. It fires large homing missiles from its back. It is based on the boss from Metal Slug 5.
King Goodle Leader of the Electric Goodles that produces spark balls from its mouth.
Imposter Unten Dark Master had managed to create a dark colored Unten to trick his friends. The imposter battles the real one, until being contact into the nuclear radiation, which alters his appearance with spider-like legs, four arms, distorted eyes, and always smiles
The Indescribable Object As the name suggests, it was created from a failed test creation by Dark Master. This creature appears to have a transparent fish-like body, revealing its insides. It is very large than the house, and can suck people with its mouth and trap them into the stomach.


  • Yoko Nishituna is actually created specifically for this game.
  • The game was developed for a few months, originally be part of the Fissure reboot, but was retooled into a new original reboot series.