White Lord's Lair
The White Lord's lair
First Appearance City Rush
Latest Appearance City Rush
Current Ruler White Lord

The Underworld is a location in the City Rush series. It only appears in the first game in the series, City Rush. It is located beneath Velo City, and is the home of the White Lord.


The Underworld is the final stage of the game City Rush. It is the only stage outside of Velo City. After Striko learns of the White Lord's plan, he sets out to stop it. The Underworld is found in a secret passageway in the Sewers stage (since it is below Velo City). After completing the Sewers stage and defeating Sabrina, Striko must find the White Lord in the Underworld itself.

The Underworld is a dark and eerie area. The law of physics is distorted in this stage. There is no gravity in the Underworld, with the exception of the White Lord's Lair. Anyone who eners the Underworld immediately begins to age faster. After the White Lord is defeated, Striko jokes to himself that he looks 70 years old. When he returns to the Sewers, he is normal again.


Musical Themes


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