Undertale (film)
Director Tim Burton
Chris Renaud
Producer(s) Chris Meledandri
Toby Fox
Tim Burton
Studio(s) Illumination Entertianment
Tim Burton Production
Writer(s) Toby Fox (Original characters)
Distributor(s) Universal Pictures
Type Computer Animated Film
Genre(s) Comedy-Drama
Dark Fantasy
Music Toby Fox (original songs)
Danny Elfman
Country of Origin USA
Ava Acres

Glenn Close

Zach Callison

Alex Hirsch

Frank Welker

Timber Puppers

Alan Oppenheimer

Olivia Olson

Ashley Burch

Mark Fischbach

Tim Curry

James Earl Jones

Sam Lavagnino

Age Rating(s)
USA: PG (for scary images, some thematic elements, mild suggestive, rude humor, as well as some homosexual characters)
Original Language English
Runtime 102 minutes
Undertale is a American computer animated musical dark fantasy comedy-drama family film loosely based on a PC game of the same name by Toby Fox. It is produced through a joint effort of Illumination Entertainment and Tim Burton Productions with Universal Pictures distributing the film.

The tagline of the is "Fantasy tale, Dark tale, Adventurous tale, Epic tale, Mysterious tale, Funny tale, Heartwarming tale, Undertale".

The films follows a 6 1/2 year old human female named Frisk, who find herself to the world called Underground, where she met by Toriel Dreemurr and other friendly monsters in the world. However, the evil ruler of Underground Asgore, who despised humans, and wants to kill Frisk.


Similar to the game it is adapted from, Undertale centers around an orphaned human girl named Frisk (voiced by Ava Acres) who finds herself stuck in the Underground after falling from the top of Mount Ebott. The Underground is home to many monsters who were imprisoned there by a spell many years ago and one of them, a goat-like creature named Toriel Dreemurr (voiced by Glenn Close), soon brings Frisk into her company. While living with Toriel in the Ruins, Frisk discovers a mysterious talking flower named Flowey (voiced by Alex Hirsch) who attempts to convince him that the only rule down here is that it is "either kill or be killed," frightening the young girl.


  • Frisk, the main protagonist who is a 6 1/2 year old orphaned human. Unlike the game, in which Frisk's gender is intentionally left vague, Frisk is identified as female. She was adopted by Toriel.
  • Toriel, Frisk's goat-like foster mother.
  • Asriel, Toriel's only son and, as revealed by the ending, Frisk's foster brother. Unlike the game, he and Flowey are two separate characters.
  • Flowey, a talking flower who is created by Alphys. He's friendly and polite, but he's also secretly mean, cruel, scary and violent. He attempts to kill Frisk for her soul, but fails couple times, especially when Toriel stops him to save Frisk time-after-time.
  • Sans, a short talking skeleton. He is lazy, a jokester, and sells hot dogs without a vendor's license, but is also secretly the most powerful being in the entire Underground, possibly the world.
  • Papyrus, a tall talking skeleton who's Sans' younger but taller brother. He aspires to join the Royal Guard by capturing a human, but he not dare capture Frisk or incur the wrath of Toriel. He also likes puzzles, spaghetti, and his racecar bed.
  • Undyne, a female fish-like monster that leads the Royal Guard. She is Papyrus' childhood friend, and at first, sought to kill Frisk and take her soul before she found out Frisk was under Toriel's protection.
  • Alphys, a female reptilian monster who lives in the lab in western Hotland. She's shy, nerdy and intelligent, believing anime is real. She is in a homosexual relationship with Undyne.
  • Mettaton, a robot who was created by Alphys. He acts like a TV host and has love for every TV genres, including drama, comedy, action, etc. He was built first for killing humans and taking their souls, and tries to get Frisk's soul by subjecting her to his various shows. In their final confrontation, Mettaton transforms into his bipedal form, Mettaton EX, who is basically Dr. Frank-N-Furter (Tim Curry even voiced the EX version, having come far enough in his physical therapy to be able to speak in his famed bombastic style).
  • Asgore, the ruler of Underground and the ex-husband of Toriel. He's also a main antagonist as he wants to kill humans and use their souls to free the monsters from the Barriers that trapped them, but is actually quite a nice, kind, and sweet fellow whom Papyrus refers to as "King Fuzzybuns".
  • Temmies, the cat-like monsters who lives in Temmie Village. They are quite bizarre by Underground standards, and no one can explain what exactly they are.
  • Chara, Frisk's long-lost twin brother, who is kept prisoner by Asgore, who intends to use him as leverage in the coming war with mankind.


  • Ava Acres as Frisk
  • Glenn Close as Toriel Dreemurr
  • Zach Callison as Asriel Dreemurr
  • Alex Hirsch as Flowey
    • Frank Welker as Omega Flowey
  • "Timber Puppers" (refused to be credited by his real name) as Sans
  • Alan Oppenheimer as Papyrus
  • Olivia Olson as Undyne
  • Ashley Burch as Alphys
  • Mark Fischbach (creditted as Markiplier) as Mettaton
    • Tim Curry as Mettaton's EX
  • James Earl Jones as Asgore
  • Thurop Van Orman as Monster Kid
  • Gilbert Gottfried as Mad Dummy
  • Venus Terzo as Muffet
  • Justin Roiland as Burger Pants
  • Sam Lavagnino as Chara
  • Andrea Libman,Tara Strong, and Hynden Walch as Temmies


There are 10 original songs for the film, though two of the rest are solely made for the film's soundtrack. In total there are 12.



(from the trailer)

Toriel: Welcome, human, to the Underground, the under world which is (To be added).


(Encountering two skeletons)

Frisk: Don't eat me, please! Get away of me you two big scary-bones!

Sans: Kid, really? Chill out. We're come in peace, we're both just the kid-friendly-type bones; we're not gonna eat nor hurt you.

Papyrus: (faking being scary and walks zombie-alike) No, he's wrong, kiddo! We're both not! We're literately a scary-type bones, and we're going to eat you alive! ROAR!!!!

Sans: (angrily shoves Papyrus, causing him to fell to pieces, to stop him) Will you shut up and stop it?! You're scaring this little kid here.

Papyrus: Aww c'mon, bro! I'm being sarcastically playful. Don't you take a "funny bone" joke?


(in the first line)

Frisk: (narrating) This land didn't look pretty, yet this is the future, long after the total impact during the following TBA


(repeat line)

Temmie: Hoi! I'm Temmie!


  • Despite for being based on the game, there are some cameos of other Universal and Illumination characters and some references, some examples are:
    • In the scene where it depicts a photo of Frisk and Chara in their birthday, along with other children (seemly their friends), one of them is Agnes from the Despicable Me series.
    • In the Underground, we see some monsters like the one is seemly look like Littlefoot in The Land Before Time franchise, a minion in Despicable Me, a T-rex in Jurassic Park, E.T., Frankenstein monster, and the Grinch
    • An old poster in the real world which depicts an advertisement of Universal Studios theme park.

Differences from Game

  • In the game, Frisk and Chara had their genders intentionally left ambiguous, leaving it to the players' imagination. In the film, Frisk is blatantly identified as female, while Chara is male.
  • Chara is depicted as a quasi-Satanic entity in the game, while the movie depicts him as being Frisk's long-lost twin brother.
  • Asriel and Flowey are two separate characters.
  • RG 01 is female, as opposed to male in the game. This was done after the Westboro Baptist Church phoned in multiple bomb threats to Universal Studios.
  • The reason why Frisk was on Mt. Ebbot is explained: both of her parents were drafted to fight in the Third World War between the NATO and Russia, and both were killed defending Paris from the Russian Army; Frisk ran to Mt. Ebbot after her grandmother told her to flee when the war went nuclear, and she fell down after mistaking the hole for a place to shelter against the fallout; Frisk, very much aware of what nuclear war entails due to be taught in school, believes she is the last human alive (of course, she's far from it, this being her six-year old mind having an overactive imagination).
  • The ending of the film is vastly changed: Frisk and Chara reunite, Asgore finds out that the surface world has been destroyed, and the inhabitants of the Underground feel content with their lot upon hearing the news, only for Flowey to absorb the Human SOULS and become Omega Flowey. Through the combined efforts of Frisk, Asriel, Chara, Toriel, Papyrus, Sans, Undyne, Mettaton NEO, and Asgore, Omega Flowey is destroyed, opening a portal in time that Frisk and Chara enter to go back to the day of the nuclear war and stop the president from ordering a nuclear strike. The original ending featured them actually confronting the president, but this ending was changed after test audiences found it was a blatant attack against Donald Trump, so the exaggerated Trump caricature was swapped out for a generic president combining George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, and John F. Kennedy. The nuclear war is successfully averted, Russia is defeated, and the Barrier is destroyed, allowing monsters to come to the Surface, where they are welcomed with open arms and compensated for the injustices they were subjected to by the ancient humans. And they all live happily ever after...until the post-credits reveal W.D. Gaster plotting.