Undersea Spree
Developer(s) Fritez Franchise
Publisher(s) FantendoByArend
Platform(s) 3DS
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan TBA 2013
25px-Flag of USA TBA 2013
25px-Flag of Europe TBA 2013
25px-Flag of Australia TBA 2013
1-4 Player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Strategy, Puzzle
Undersea Spree is the first game in the Undersea Spree series and debuts Yuquish  as the main characters of the game. It is produced by Fritez Franchise and is a game for the 3DS.


Each player is given 4 rows of 5 little bubble creatures called Blurbs (adding up to 20 in all) The objective of each game is to rid of all the opposing player's Blurbs. Before the game starts the player is given 5 Star Shells that are used to upgrade the health of Blurbs by 1 and can be used on items to upgrade them. Both Blurbs and items can be upgraded twice. Each player also starts with 50 Dubloons and is able to buy as many items desired using the Dubloons. A stage is also chosen effecting the gimmicks, layout ect.

In order to get rid of the opposing player's Blurbs items must be selected on the player's turn. To use an item the player must tap a spot on the opposing team's side, between two Blurbs for the item to take effect. Some items benefit the player's team thus being used on the player's side. Up to 12 items can be held in the player's inventory shown on the bottom screen. To gain items the player can buy up to three items using Dubloons thus ending their turn. When an enemy Blurb is defeated a certain amount of coins are gained. If the player runs out of items another, basic item is provided.

The mascot selected at the beginning of game effects the color of the blurbs and a special item that can be used when the mana bar fills up. Mana can be bought or obtained by hitting Blurbs. It can also be obtained by some Blurbs. When the special ability is used it effects the gameplay greatly and normally has a negative effect on the opposing player. The color of the Blurb effects the gameplay of the game slightly. Blurbs, at the end of each turn gives out or attempts a certain effect such as giving the player a bit of coins or mana etc. Sometimes this effect fails but most of the time works.








Image Name Description Blurbs Special Ability
Yuquish TBA Yellow, Blue TBA
Corian TBA Orange, Green TBA
Dazovel TBA Red, Violet  TBA
Elemony TBA Orange, Blue TBA
TBA TBA Yellow, Violet TBA
TBA TBA Red, Green TBA



All Blurbs when upgraded each receive an extra point of maximum health .

Image Type Effect Upgrade Effects
Red If effective this Blurb restores it's own health points by 2. Becomes more likely to be effective.
Restores all health points.
Orange If effective this Blurb will heal two random Blurbs that are adjacent to it restoring 1 health point. Becomes more likely to be effective
Heals three adjacent Blurbs.
YellowBlurb Yellow If effective gives the player 5 coins. Becomes more likely to be effective.
Makes it occasional to receive 10 coins.
Green If effective gives the player 10 mana points. Becomes more likely to be effective.
Gives out 20 mana points.
Blue If it is defeated it will gain a grey palette and stay on the board until the turn is over. At the end of the end of the turn if this status is gains and is successful than the opposing player that defeated this Blurb loses 10 coins and 20 Mana. Is uncommon to be effective. Becomes more likely to be effective.
Deducts 20 coins and 40 mana.

If it is defeated it will gain a pink palette and stay on the board until the turn is over. At the end of the end of the turn if this status is gained and is successful it will explode flinging a coconut on the other team's side th

Becomes more likely to be effective.
Gives the player 25 mana points.


All weapons deal one damage if not upgraded.

Image Name Description Cost Upgrade Effects
Spikester Watch out for this fish when you see it, those spikes don't make it the best pillow. Although it can be tamed it only hits one selected Blurb then swims away. 20 Deals two damage.
Deals two damage and is able to hit two selected blurbs.
Torpedo A high tech rocket that is powerful enough to charge through a whole lane of Blurbs! Some say it isn't that explosive but with a little tweaks and upgrades you could fix that rumor. 35 Deals two damage.
Deals two damage and blows up at the end of the lane damaging Blurbs in a very small radius. The explosion deals three damage.
Bubomb They may appear quite round but when you touch them they explode! Drop them on your opponents to really have a blast. 35 Damages a radius of six blurbs.
Damages a radius of six blurbs and deals two damage.
Bubble Stick A magical item that can protect four Blubs from any one attack! Don't take my word for it! Try it out! 50 Protects 6 Blurbs.
Protects Blurbs from any two attacks.


Image Name Description Layout Challengers
Seaside A quaint little town with the simplest layout around. Seaside is built of many sandcastles and is the proud owner of Ghupdown Gardens.   SeasideLayout TBA
Ghupdown Gardens Ghupdown Gardens is a truly contrasting garden dome with coral and seaweed growing on not just the ground but also all around the walls and celing! TBA TBA
Penton Boulevard A flashy and very popular boulevard  despite it's vary narrow layout. The player can pay 10 coins to roll a slot machine that can give out extra Blurbs, Spikesters, Bubombs, more Dubloons or nothing. Torpedos are not acsessable in this stage. TBA TBA




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