Pyro Enterprises
Well, welcome to Underground Warriors, a fangame made by me, Pyrostar.

Please do not edit it without my permission, but you are welcome to comment or talk to me on my userpage. That said, enjoy the page!

Underground Warriors
Developer(s) Toby Fox, Fuzzy, Pyro Enterprises and Team Ninja
Publisher(s) Pyro Enterprises
Platform(s) Pyrohedron
Genre(s) Hack-and-Slash
Series Undertale

Underground Warriors is a hack-and-slash spinoff of the Undertale series, directed by Toby Fox and developed by Pyro Enterprises, TheFoxyRiolu, and Team Ninja. The game combines the bullet hell attributes and mercy mechanics from the original game with the existing framework of the Dynasty Warriors series, as well as adding its own unique twists.








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