Under Ancient Toad Town
Greater Location Ancient Toad Town
First Appearance Super Mario: An Evil Rising
Current Ruler I Mage
Location Type Subterranean
Under Ancient Toad Town was the area under the Ancient Toad Town. It appears in Super Mario: An Evil Rising.


Super Mario: An Evil Rising


When Luigi comes to town, he goes underground and hunts down the I Mage. After fighting him and defeating him with the Behemoth Wand, he transforms him into the I Mage Statue. Then Luigi heads off for Dinosaur Land.

The Mushroom Behemoth Apocalypse

After all the artifacts over load with magic and hatred, the Mushroom Behemoth appears and goes on a rampage. When he stomps out Ancient Toad Town, That land sinks and replaces the area under that area with this town. Shortly after tremors, a landslide replaces the land.