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Undead BowieQuest
Undead BowieQuest Logo
The games logo by User:Crimson the Fandraxonian
Developer(s) Fandraxonian Enterprises
Publisher(s) Fandraxonian Enterprises, Microsoft
Platform(s) Fandraxo, Xbox One
Genre(s) Third Person Shooter, Combat Platformer
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan1st April 2021
25px-Flag of USA1st April 2021
25px-Flag of Europe 8th April 2021
25px-Flag of Australia19th May 2021
Campaign, Online Campaign, Online Multiplayer Attack
Storage Needed 20 GB

Undead BowieQuest is a game that was revealed at Fantendo Carnival Showcase 2015.  It's a crossover between the Undead Ghouls and BowieQuest series. It stars characters from both the Undead Ghouls series and the BowieQuest series. The game is set for release on 3DS and Wii U in 2021 June 27th in America and July 4th worldwide, following the Tuesday release line up. 


After Danjixrus and Boberius being turned to stone by the ghouls. It’s 2 years later, piece and quiet. The year 1339 (Notangular Cluster years). His rock solid body begins to crack open. After hours and hours of crackling, the solid figure cracked, side to side. Danjixrus was awake. He couldn’t move for a while, after he felt a rumble from the ground. A rock oval was formed and everything in the meditation room kept getting destroyed. He used his katana to fend of any dangerous materials from touching him. After a few short seconds, this rock oval began widening in the middle. It was turning into a purple liquid-solidy formation. Confused, he jumped into the purpley liquid portal like thing. He found himself in a forest, containing a feminine teddy bear being held by a monkey. She was being stolen. It was almost as if he could hear another bear. He saw that other bear. It was green. It was chasing the monkey. Just before his vision went all blurry, the bear looked at him. The green one. He disappeared out of the scene as fast as lightning. He tried to open his eyelids to notice where he was, but he couldn’t. He heard the same bears voice, just a bit older, from his left. He heard a younger like voice to the right of him. He managed to open two eyes a bit. He saw a green bear and a blue one. The blue one sure looked younger. He tried to ask “Where am I?” though all that came out was “Wem ar ee”. He tried to lift himself of the ground, but he became solid, and couldn’t move a bone. He aged to open both eyes wide, and saw he was in a forest, almost the same forest as before, but he couldn’t quite remember. It looked like behind him were many other bears, silver, gold, all sorts of colours. Danjixrus was curious as to what was going on. He let out a slight “Where wam I?”. It was enough for the bears to notice what he was saying… The blue and green bears looked at each other in confusion. They said “Asmoadley Are" in the forest. After they told him where he was, he was able to get up on two legs and found that the blue bear looked a bit overweight. In the distance Danjixrus viewed four other bears. They were all different colours. He started seeing a monkey scratching his face and killing whoever he was viewing as. Danjixrus fainted, and the floor started shaking for the bears. All the six bears looked to their left to see a crack through the ground. Asmoadley Area was getting destroyed. The trees collapsed and a orange portal appeared. It was made of the same rock Danjixrus saw, but the portal was different. Bowie and Ashe carried Danji into the portal, while the rest jumped in one by one. They all dropped to a hard, rock ground. They couldn't move, see or hear anything. Although, the ground they were on felt rough and it almost had the same feeling as going through a portal.... It felt as if they were being watched on, but they wouldn't know.



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