Unbound is a game developed by Twenty-Second Choice for the Nintendo DS, starring Unten, who gains the ability to transform into various different forms, each with different abilities. It is part of the Ethereal Collection.


The game takes place in the world of Vanda, where the Dark Mage and his army of Dark Knights rule over the citizens with an iron fist. Unten is transported to Vanda by one such citizen, who saw the heroics Unten had done and hoped that Unten would be able to defeat the Dark Mage. Unten quickly rushes to fight the Dark Mage after hearing of the plight of the citizens. Entering the gates of the Dark Mage's fortress, he is easily defeated by the Dark Knights, and the Dark Mage decides to transform him into a penguin as punishment. He then teleports Unten to the other edge of the world.

Unten, still in penguin form, stumbles across ancient ruins which detail how to undo a curse; this involves cursing oneself to be in their original form. The side effect of having two curses which conflict with each other is that the person affected by the curse may choose which of the curses he wishes to be affected by. Following the instructions, Unten regains his original form and decides to find a way that he might become powerful enough to defeat the Dark Mage and save the citizens of Vanda.


The game is a 2.5D platformer; although the main movement occurs in the standard 2D plane, it is possible for Unten to move backwards and forwards in the 3D plane, in a style similar to LittleBigPlanet, but with free movement rather than having defined "layers".

The major feature of the game is the ability to change into different forms; each form has different abilities. Almost every form has a standard attack move, which is activated by tapping the Run button (like in certain Mario games), and a special move that usually is used to solve puzzles, unlike the attack which is used in combat.


  • ': Move left and right
  • ↑↓: Move backwards and forwards
  • B: Jump
  • Y: Attack/Hold to run
  • X: Use special move
  • L, R: Transform


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