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"Where's your weapon?"

The man in the blue suit looked at me. His hair dripping with sweat, His face red. That didn't stop him.
He surged in on me. Bare hands, he struck me in the stomach sending me flying.

"You can't stop me. Even though I have no weapon, I am undefeatable."

He looked me in the eyes. He reminded me of Kichiro. Same expression, yet totally different. Kichiro was kind, but firm. This guy was just overpowered.

"Now, you shall feel the pain."

He ran up and threw a jab. I Parried and flung him over with my sword. He was obviously trying to kill me.

"Die, Isamu!"

He struck me in the face. I fell and crashed down. Blood pouring out of my nose, my eyes fuzzy, I had lost this fight. He walked over me, and kicked me across my face. With each kick, he said a word.

"You-Stupid-Little-Brat. Each-and-every-day-it's the-same-thing!"

He stepped on my already broken nose.

"You will never find him, Isamu. Kichiro is dead. Just, like, YOU!"

I felt a deep pain in my shoulders. It rose up to my head. Taking over my entire body. I was on fire, I was drowning, I was being eaten by a dragon, I was murdered. Katashi had killed me. I was dead.

Let me tell you a little about myself. I am Isamu Kajiro. I am what is known as a Phantom. I will explain Phantoms in a minute. I was seventeen when I died. I am currently searching for my friend, Kichiro. He is either dead, a Phantom, or alive. I do not know. He is important to me, and drives my existance. There is a secret, bonding our lives, which of we do not know.

Now, a Phantom, is a spirit, that comes from a dead body. A Phantom looks like and is, a normal human. To become a Phantom, you must be dead and have two things, a goal, and a role. Now, my goal is to find Kichiro. My role, is to discover the secret about us, to help investigate research about Phantoms. What happens, when you die, your spirit drifts off to two places, Masuyo, our "Heaven", or the Under, our "Hell". But you can choose to become a Phantom. But once you lose your goal or role, your time's up. Now let me get started with the story...

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