Un-Gamed 2 is a game by TheMinecraftWolfStar,were the player plays as the bad guys instead of the good guys.The played ones are Iggy and Lemmy.The game is also in 3D.

Developer(s) TheMinecraftWolfStar
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii
Release Date(s)
Sometime in 2013


The Koopalings and Jr. are happyly having a party for saving their world.However,Flames-Fire attacks AGAIN!!!!!!This time,Iggy and Lemmy are going to have to go after him alone.In the end,They defeat Flames-Fire again.


The game is very simplar to the first one.Iggy,Lemmy and Flames-Fire all keep their same attacks from the last game.Also like the last game,The play can change if they want to be Iggy or Lemmy.Iggy and Lemmy's speical attacks have gotten a little better,due to the droping of Morton and the others,who have better attacks.It also fetures Pet-Attack,were if Iggy,One of his pets(Boo,Chim-Chim or Red Eye)will do a little damge to near by enemies.It also fetures Dragon Riding,were if The Level acpects it,Iggy or Lemmy could ride on their riding dragons,Red Eye and Midnight.

Speicl Attacks:


Lemmy-Wand Use,Balls

Flames-Fire-Tail Swipe,Fly,Fire


  • Flames-Fire is not refured to Metal Mask at all in this game.
  • Lemmy can now walk and ride his ball.It can be changed in settings.If changed,double pressing the 1 button will toggle his movement.
  • This fetures Iggy's 3 pets:Boo,Chim-Chim and Red Eye.Also it's first game to show Lemmy's pet,Midnight.

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