Umbrellaverse Clash is a game by GamerTendo. It is a Umbrella Fighting game, featuring characters from several different series and companies, so to shorten credit here: All characters belong to their rightful owners.

Umbrellaverse Clash
Umbrellaverse Clash
Platform(s) Wii U

Story Mode

Genre(s) Fighting, Umbrella

Starting Characters

Image Information Special Attacks Finisher
Mario SML

Mario is the main protagonist of the Super Mario Bros Series.

He's known to be Mr. Video Game according to Smash Bros, and is the most famous video game character ever. 

His fighting style revolves around using basic fighting techniques, and some spins of his own.

Special - Fire Ball

Side Special - Cape

Up Special - Super Jump Punch

Down Special - Mario Tornado

Cat Mario


Mega Man, the Super Fighting Robot, or Blue Bomber, or whatever you want to call him.

His fighting style revolves around using several weapons from the Mega Man games, and Rush.

Special - Metal Blade

Side Special - Crash Bomb

Up Special - Rush Coil

Down Special - Leaf Shield

Super Adaptor


Sonic the Hedgehog, hero of Mobius. 

Sonic is very fast, and normally uses moves based off his Spin Dash for types of attacking.

Special - Spin Dash

Side Special - Homing Attack

Up Special - Spring

Down Special - Light Dash

Super Sonic


Pac-Man, the yellow Ghost Eater.

Pac-Man uses several Namco based attacks, alongside his own.

Special - Bonus Fruit

Side Special - Power Pellet

Up Special - Pac Jump

Down Special - Fire Hydrant

Classic Pac-Man

Bowser - Mario Party 10

Bowser is the King of Koopas, and the main antagonist to Mario.

He's a powerhouse, but not very fast. He is very durable, through.

Special - Fire Breath

Side Special - Flying Slam

Up Special - Whirling Fortress

Down Special - Bowser Bomb

Airship Attack
Peach (MP10) 7
Peach is the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. She is constantly kidnapped by Bowser, and saved by Mario afterwards. But just cause that, doesn't mean she's useless. She's saved herself from Bowser once, and saved Mario and Luigi before.

Special - Slight Heal

Side Special - Peach Bomber

Up Special - Peach Parasol

Down Special - Vegetable

Peach Beam
Dipper & Mabel RW

Dipper and Mabel from Gravity Falls are a duo. They fight together, and if one does die, they both die.

Special - Journal Creature Summon

Side Special - Mabel Juice

Up Special - Grappling Hook

Down Special - Mabel Glitter Throw

Rumble Mcskirmish
Garnet is the leader of the Crystal Gems. She's also the strongest, and is a fusion of the Gems Ruby and Sapphire.

Special - Chargable Gauntlet Punch

Side Special - Rocket Gauntlets

Up Special - Shapeshift Grab

Down Special - Gauntlet Grow

Ringo Zone Garnet
Kirby union
Kirby is the hero of Dream Land. While he looks adorable, he can destroy planets with a punch, and can eat foes and copy their powers.

Special - Inhale

Side Special - Hammer

Up Special - Sword Kirby

Down Special - Stone Kirby

Ultra Sword
Waddle Dee
Bandana Dee is King Dedede's main servant. He wields a spear, which is all he uses mainly.

Special - Spear Rapid Jab

Side Special - Spear Throw

Up Special - Spear Helicopter Spin

Down Special - Megaton Punch

Army Assist
SJPA Iron Man 1
Iron Man, Tony Stark, is a member of the Avengers. He has several different armors, also. In this game, he primarily wears the Mark 45.

Special - Repulsor Beam

Side Special - Flash Bang

Up Special - Flight

Down Special - Unibeam

Hulkbuster Suit
Spider man by dimension dino-d8b7tfc
Spider Man is Peter Parker, a teenager who was bit by a special spider that gave him spider like powers

Special - Web Shot

Side Special - Web Grapple

Up Special - Web Swing

Down Special - Web Shield

Web Trap
Yang Xiao Long
Yang Xiao Long, a member and the powerhouse of Team RWBY. She has the Ember Celica, which are Shotgun Gauntlets.

Special - Chargable Gauntlet Punch

Side Special - Shotgun Shoot

Up Special - Bullet Bounce Off Uppercut

Down Special - Counter

"Super Sa-Yang"
Pikachu is the mascot of Pokemon, and the Electric Mouse Pokemon.

Special - Thundershock

Side Special - Volt Tackle

Up Special - Quick Attack

Down Special - Thunder Bolt

Raichu Friend Call In
Jigglypuff, the Fairy and Normal Balloon Pokemon.

Special - Rollout

Side Special - Pound

Up Special - Sing

Down Special - Rest

Wigglytuff Friend Call In
Shovel Knight Smash5
Shovel Knight, the Knight who saved Shield Knight from the Tower of Fate, and defeated the Order of No Quarter.

Special - Flare Wand

Side Special - Chaos Orb

Up Special - Mobile Gear

Down Special - Shovel Bounce

Order of No Quarter Assistance
Pepsi Man, the heroic mascot in Japan for Pepsi..Uhm. Your guess is as good as mine.

Special - Pepsi Can Throw

Side Special - Pepsi Spill

Up Special - Pepsi Jetpack

Down Special - Dropkick of Pepsi

Pepsi Truck
Pit is the heroic angel and captain of Palutena's guards.

Special - Palutena's Arrow

Side Special - Upperdash Arm

Up Special - Power of Flight

Down Special - Guardian Orbitars

Three Sacred Treasures

Unlockable Characters

Note: All characters here can be unlocked by meeting them in Story Mode, also.

Note 2: The sections are the following:

1. Image

2. Info

3. Specials

4. Finisher

5. How to Unlock

InfCharacterInfoo SpecialMovesAttacks Finisherinal Smash How to Unlock
Luigi SML
Luigi is the brother and partner of Mario. Despite being in his shadow, he still has several things that overpower Mario's skills.

Special - Ice Ball

Side Special - Green Missile

Up Special - Super Jump Punch

Down Special - Luigi Cyclone

Luiginary Ball Play 10 Battles
King Dedede is the evil and greedy "king" of Dreamland, who wields a very powerful hammer.

Special - Inhale

Side Special - Gordo Toss

Up Special - Super Dedede Jump

Down Special - Jet Hammer

Masked Dedede Play as Kirby 20 times
Meta Knight SSB4
Meta Knight is the pilot of the Halberd, and a former foe to Kirby. Normally he now is a hero, through.

Special - Mach Tornado

Side Special - Drill Rush

Up Special - Shuttle Loop

Down Special - Dimensional Cape

Galaxia Darkness Win or Lose against any Knight 10 times
Princess Rosalina Tennis
Rosalina, alongside her Lumas are a somewhat of a duo team. 

Special - Luma Shot

Side Special - Star Bits

Up Special - Launch Star

Down Special - Gravitational Pull

Starship Mario Play as Peach 30 times
296px-Sora KHHD
Sora, the main protagonist of Kingdom Hearts.

Special - Strike Raid

Side Special - Flowmotion

Up Special - Aerial Recovery

Down Special - Command Deck

(This is Sora's Moveset from Super Smash Flash 2. This belongs to them, and is not mine.)

Trinity Limit

Play as Pit 50 times


Stage Information
Battlefield is a basic stage. It has 3 platforms, and then the area below. And that's about it.
Final Destination is a area ment for more serious battles, of the intense climax of it. It has no hazzards, bosses, or anything. Just a plain area in space with the earth and sun in the background.


Item Information



Battle Mode is one of the main mode of the game. It goes up to 4 Players/CPUs, and allows you to choose whatever characters you have unlocked, and battle on any unlocked stages.

8 Way Clash

Based off 8 Player Smash, 8 Way Clash is Battle Mode, but allows you to play with up to 8 Players/CPUs. Not all stages are able to be used here, only the ones that can fit 8 Fighters on it.

Story Mode

The Story Mode is likely the main mode of the game. The whole story is explained in another section, however.

Story Mode

Chapter 1: The Way All This Crap Began

The World of Trophies. A lot has changed since Tabuu's defeat. All seemed peaceful, even more universes not from video games came into the world. The place had grown massively.

But all good things do come to an end..

Another tournament was being held. We had came into view during the final round.

Mario and Kirby ran onto the stage, the two in the last round of a previous tournament. The crowd was filled with excitement, the fighters ready to duel. The player was then given the choice of character. The battle between Mario and Kirby began afterwards.

Mario Win - After winning, Mario jumps up into the air in victory. He then touched Kirby's trophy, turning it to normal.

Kirby Win - Kirby did his victory dance, and finished by tapping Mario's trophy, turning it to normal.

Mario and Kirby then shaked hands, and atleast this time the Halberd didn't come attack. Instead, Bowser's Airships did.

Several Bullet Bills and cannonballs were fired at the tournament. Mario and Kirby jumped out of the way, as the heroes looked up. Bowser stood on top of the main and biggest airship, and pointed at Mario. Several Bullet Bills were then fired at Mario, followed by the plumber trying to block, but being blasted away.

Bowser then jumped down, but as he fell towards there, he aimed. He used the Bowser Bomb, and hit Kirby directly, and the impact was so powerful that the pink puffball was launched very far away.

A bunch of dark powder came from the airships, and began forming several enemies. Bowser laughed, as Mario got in a fighting stance.

A fight then began, where the player controlled Mario, fighting Bowser and several enemies. Upon winning, Mario is shown uppercuting Bowser away. Bowser stands up, rubbing his face some in pain.

Mario and Bowser jumped at each other again, but the fight was immeditely put to a halt, as suddenly Mario was kicked away. A very shadowy and dark version of Mario had done this, but it was impossible to identify.

Mario got in a fighting stance, and ran at it. The Mushroom Hero punched the shadowy villain directly, but it did nothing. The figure then snapped it's fingers, and Mario fell down knocked out.

Elsewhere, Kirby woke up in a grass field. Kirby ran over a hill, and looked down, finding two kids walking through the field. The two kids were known as Dipper and Mabel Pines.

Kirby jumped infront of them, then saying "Hi!". After talking some, and Mabel hugging Kirby constantly, Kirby attempted to tell the Mystery Twins what just happened. Except the Pines twins couldn't understand the constant words of "Hi!" and "Poyo!".

So, Kirby just grabbed both and ran off to try and find the arena.

A level then starts, where the player can choose etiher Kirby or Dipper and Mabel. It goes through a grassfield, which included several enemies from Mario, Kirby, and Gravity Falls.

After the level is finished, Kirby, Dipper, and Mabel are seen running through another part of the field. But they're stopped, as suddenly a army of Waddle Dees approached. In this army where King Dedede and Bandana Dee. The heroes got in fighting stances, as Dedede pulled out his hammer and began walking towards them.

But from afar, a similar figure was watching them. He was floating, and only his two legs were shown, and some of his shadow.

Chapter 2: Tournament's End

Back at the tournament, Mario was shown laying in defeat. The shadowy character then changed it's form from Mario, to some type of bird thing. It then flew off to the airship, where it offscreen transformed.

Bowser then picked up Mario, as the Airship flew down to pick up Bowser.

But help was on the way to Mario. As the Airships flew away, we timeskip to later on.

The Halberd flew out, and began shooting at the Airships. Bowser and the unknown figure took cover, as Meta Knight, Iron Man, Pit, and Shovel Knight were standing atop the ship. Pit, Shovel Knight, and Iron Man blasted projectiles at the Airships, as Bowser returned fire.

Meta Knight and Pit then flew off to the airships, as Iron Man and Shovel Knight stayed to fight.

Suddenly, a dark glow happened. A powerful shock of black thunder happened, hitting Iron Man and Shovel Knight, doing major damage. Then, dark powder stuff from Subspace fell onto the Halberd, creating several enemies, which surrounded Iron Man and Shovel Knight.

Pit and Meta Knight broke into the Airship, where a level happened. This included breaking into and taking down multiple airships, and then breaking into Bowser's Airship. Upon breaking through here and defeating several of Bowser's Minions, when you reach the end a cutscene happens.

Pit and Meta Knight break into the last room, only to be greeted by Bowser holding a Dark Cannon. Bowser began blasting, as Pit and Meta Knight moved at fast speeds to dodge. Upon reaching Bowser, Pit and Meta Knight began slashing, but Bowser jumps out of the way over them, and turns around, blasting a beam at them. 

Meta Knight and Pit barely dodged, but when Bowser landed, he wasn't finished yet. Pit and Meta Knight got in fighting stances, preparing to fight.

But this was interupted, as Fracktail attacked the ship. Fracktail slammed into it, and then bit part of it off. Bowser, Pit, and Meta Knight ran to the top of the ship as the heroes began to fight. Bowser hid behind some crates, with the Dark Cannon at hand.

After defeating Fracktail, a cutscene is shown. It began falling onto the airship, as Pit then jumped onto Fracktail, and stabbed into it's head, as it then glew, and exploded afterwards. Pit fell down, dropping his weapon in pain. Meta Knight walked off to find Bowser, but Bowser jumped out from behind the crates, and blasted the Dark Cannon at Pit.

Pit was too tired out to dodge, and was hit directly.

To be contined..

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