Umbrella Labyrinth is a umbrella game with mainly dungeon elements.


Darkness is leaking from the Inksky Castle. It is creating a paradox, strengthining monsters and threataning to destroy the universe. Mario, noticig this, calls all the video game heroes to help him analyze and destroy this darkness.



  • Mario: He does great jumps and uses the Blazing Mushroom and Blue Shell to fight.
  • Luigi: Mario's faster brother. He can run across long gaps, but treats all platforms as slippery platforms. He uses the Ice Flower and Pelican Egg to fight.
  • Link: The Hero of Time. He goes through his Wind Waker form and uses bombs and the Master Sword to fight.
  • Kirby: A superstar from Pop Star who can move stone blocks to close gaps. He can use abilities from other players by eating them and spitting them out.
  • Floros: My Roserade from Pokemon Y. She absorbs HP from opponents using her signature move, Giga Drain. She uses Magical Leaf to grab items from a distance.
  • Teddie: A cute blue bear-like thing who uses two movesets and switches between them using the R Button. His first moveset uses Kamui-Moshiri and his second one uses Neko Shogun.
  • Shoutmon X2: A combination of Shoutmon and Balistamon. They do many different kinds of moves, ranging from a boombox explosion to a boomerang of light.
  • Chingling: A bell Pokemon that is very fast and uses Uproar and Astonish to attack. He also uses Encore to make opponents use the same attack for a short time.
  • Waddle Dee & Kine: A resident of Dream Land. He is short and barely any HP, but he makes up for it because he can use Spears and use a whistle to summon and ride Kine.
  • Wallow: One of the Bravest Warriors. He is strong and uses a giant falcon axe, but is extremely slow.
  • Motley: A wizard Koopa who creates a clone who helps him attack and press multiple buttons at once when not in multiplayer.
  • Lightning: The hero of Final Fantasy XII that is also a Valkrie. She uses the Red Mage job class and uses Thundara as well as Aero. She is also talented with a sword.


  • 8-Bit Hero: A armor of Shadow Mitsuo that rampaged away when he died. It uses a sword and lightning magic to attack. Unlocked by defeating Spider Piranha.
  • Eagle Guy: A Shy Guy general with a jetpack, allowing him to cross all gaps. He uses a Bullet Bill Launcher to attack. Unlocked by creating 3 allies.
  • Prince Frost: A young King Frost who is adventurous and imagintive. He uses a snow slingshot and royal scepter to fight. Unlocked by defeating King Frost.
  • Nyan Cat: A awesome cat king/queen who has a pop tart for a body. He/She leaves a indestructable rainbow trail, but goes down in 1 hit. Unlocked by fusing him/her.
  • Monty Mole: A mole who digs around and uses various boulders to fight. Unlocked by defeating Hocus Rosus without the Konami Code.
  • Ravio: A merchant that helps Link during his Lorule adventure. He uses the Nice Hammer and Nice Bow to fight. Unlocked by defeating Knucklemaster.
  • White Mage: A mage from Final Fantasy 5 that uses Holy and Aeroga to attack from a distance. She can also defeat enemies with a mace. Unlocked by defeating Praline a la Mode.
  • Laharl: The prince of the Netherworld. He uses a one-of-a kind sword called Yoshitsuna. Unlocked by defeating Solrock and Lunatone.
  • Lulu: A Black Mage kid who helped defeat Kuja once. He uses Blizzaga and Poisonga to attack. Unlocked by defeating Whispy Woods.
  • TBA


Nice Woods

A forest where the tutorial is taught. It also is the first location of a Darkness Outbreak.

Twigig Mountain

The true first world. It is a mountain with many cannons around. The boss is Spider Piranha.

Icy Chasm

A snowy world where snowy monsters thrive. The boss is King Frost.

Onion Ocean

A ocean on Pop Star that is contaminated with darkness. The boss is Hocus Rosus.

Gerudo Desert

A long desert which has the ruins of a kingdom of Gerudo pepole. The boss is Knucklemaster.

Deep Tunnel

A tunnel with lava pools instead of pits. Lava monsters reside here. The boss is Praline a la Mode.

Mt. Iceburg Mines

The mines being built inside Mt. Iceburg. Unlike Snow Palace, everything is slippery. The bosses are Solrock and Lunatone.


The technological city featured in Final Fantasy XIII. Somehow, Whispy Woods is the boss here.



Regular Enemies

  • Goomba: A minion of minions, the Goomba is the weakest enemy of all.
  • Koopa: A armored troop who goes into its shell to defend. Attack it when it's head is out.
  • Twigig: A tank which lanuches missles. Deflect the missles back at the tank to defeat it.
  • Prism Shard: A shard which heals enemies other then itself in a radius. It ironically has low HP, though.
  • Gordo Tower: A tower that launches Gordos. Destroy its legs to defeat it so you don't have to deal with the Gordos on the upper floors.
  • Jack Frost: A weak snowperson who throws snowballs that slow down the player.
  • Mandibuzz: A vulture Pokemon who flys and tries to swoop on you. Attack it when it is on the ground.
  • Swinub: A baby mammoth Pokemon that is slow, but has a lot of HP.
  • Tundra Frost: A member of the Frost Family that wears a eskimo coat and throws bombs.
  • Eggplanter: A walking eggplant that jumps to avoid some attacks.
  • Sir Kibble: A knight who uses a boomerang to attack twice. Wait untill he throws it to attack.
  • Cream Frost: A member of the Frost Family who walks on a giant scoop of ice cream. The ice cream has high HP, but Cream Frost doesn't.
  • Floaty Frost: A member of the Frost Family who is in a inner tube and throws bombs. If the inner tube is destroyed, he drowns.
  • Flabébe: A flower Pokemon that flies around on a rose using Fairy Wind. 
  • UFO: Beams down enemies and shoots lasers. They have high HP.
  • Pelican Guy: A Shy Guy using a Pelican Egg to fly and have 3 Pelican Babies flying around him.
  • Pelican Baby: A new born pelican that flies around Pelican Guy. They have low HP.
  • Cheep-Cheep: Fast water foes that swim around and have high HP. They can dive down to avoid some attacks.
  • Stalfos: A skeletal being that uses a shield to guard some attacks. Use Kirby's inhale or Floros's Giga Drain to suck up the shield.
  • Octorok: A octopus that shoots rocks. The rocks can be deflected by some attacks such as Prince Frost's scepter smack.
  • Cactuer: A dancing cactus that shoots very fast needles that are hard to avoid. It's needles can be blocked, but only if you do it at the exact moment it hits.
  • Prism Crystal: A crystal that uses wind and lightning magic to attack while healing enemies other than itself in a radius.
  • Hextomb: A witch that brings dead enemies back to life. Deal with her before dealing with other enemies.
  • Pyro Jack: A member of the Frost Family that, instead of ice magic, uses fire magic such as Frizzle. It has low HP, but is usually at the back of the enemy line.
  • Cinnamon Frost: A member of the Frost Family that uses earth magic while draining HP from other enemies to heal himself.
  • Magmaw: A lava monster that spews lava streams. It has very high HP.
  • Mawmite: A baby version of the Mawdad. It has heavy armor, so use hard hitting attacks.
  • Redhot Goomba: A Goomba that has 3 orbiting fireballs that he can launch at will. Once he runs out, he creates more.
  • Mam Moth: A moth creature that flies around, spewing moth dust from its wings. It has the advantage of flying over lava.
  • Prinny: A penguin from the Netherworld. They appear in very large groups and explode when defeated.
  • Warmech: A infamous warmech from the original Final Fantasy. It launches homing missles, so use dashing to avoid it.
  • Metang: A floating robot Pokémon that punches a lot and also sometimes moves cargo boxes around.
  • Sweeturn: The Magic Pot Pokémon. It doesn't do damage, but it creates enemies by summoning them.
  • Inky: A blue and cunning ghost that splits up to 8 of itself before finally being defeated.
  • Stone Goomba: A living statue of a Goomba. It is even stronger then the original.
  • Great Prism: A gigantic crystal that restores enemy HP for the entire floor. Destroy it, then deal with the enemies.
  • Ricky Spanish: The most dangerous, twisted, and craziest person in the world. He throws knives and jumps over some attacks.


  • Spider Piranha: A giant Piranha Plant which has 5 legs. He spews giant amounts of thunder that you have to jump over. When he knocks his head on the ground, it is the chance to attack it.
  • King Frost: The King of the Frost Family. He throws giant snowballs that become Jack Frosts. To defeat him, keep attacking his feet untill he topples down on the snow.
  • Hocus Rosus: A evil rose-like sage. She launches a ton of spells while warping around. If you do the famous Konami Code here, she loses all HP except for 1. The boss battle is the only place you can do the code.
  • Knucklemaster: A giant fist which rules over the Wallmasters. Make him hit a wall to stun him and make a opening to attack.
  • Praline a la Mode: A performer master from the Black Blades. She has a lot of supporter Pyro Jacks helping her. She sings a song that makes enemies invincible, so you have to avoid the Pyro Jacks while defeating her.
  • Solrock & Lunatone: 2 bosses that depict the day and night. Solrock launches fireballs while Lunatone throws lightning. To defeat them, you have to deflect the fireballs at Lunatone and vice versa. If one is defeated, both are defeated.
  • Whispy Woods: A giant tree that became able to be planted on technology from the Darkness. He drops apples, drops Gordos, blows clouds, and tries to eat you. When he is trying to eat you, throw fire into his mouth.
  • TBA

Fusion Lab

The Fusion Lab is where you fuse items into Allies who help you in battle.

Ally List

  • Munchy:; Munches and eats enemies that aren't protected by sheild or shell.
  • Baby Floros: Floros when she was a Budew. She spews Stun Spore to slow enemies down.
  • Black Frost: A Jack Frost who became evil, but is tamed when he eats a fused doughnut when you create it. He uses Bufula to freeze time.
  • Doughnut: You get a doughnut ally when you fuse him for a second time. He acts as a shield, which if it breaks, you have to fuse it again.
  • Uncle Grandpa: Do Not Fuse! If fused, he creates a spinner which he spins for random effects.
  • Captain Whamtastic: A weird bat who thinks he is a superhero. He blows wind which blows enemies away.
  • Meeseeks Box: You can activate the box by pressing the L and R buttons. The box spawns a army of Meeseeks that attack the entire screen before ceasing to exist.
  • Hammer Bro.: A elite Koopa who swings hammers like crazy.
  • Mamoswine: A mammoth Pokemon who launches icy missles that home in on enemies.
  • Al-Khemi: He can either attack by using a sword-strike combo, or do just a single strike with a weak umbrella.
  • Inner Tube: Needed to swim in Onion Ocean. Allies, Prince Frost, and Kirby don't need one because they know how to swim. Only ally that can be used with other allies.
  • Mace Frost: A member of the Frost Family who throws exploding maces. When he runs out, he resorts to fist fighting.
  • Toadsworth: Toadsworth is the father of Princess Peach. Toadsworth sends healing items to heal the player.
  • Prinny God: Causes a eruption that attacks all enemies on screen with extreme fire damage.

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