Pennywise - Revolution

Pennywise - Revolution

The Main theme of Umbrella CT


"are feet shoes"

                            - anonymous

Umbrella CT is a baby waffle game made for the Infinity and Tesseract-8. The game is most prominent for having a odd mishmash of characters from various consoles,game types and maturity levels,ranging from the bloody shoot em up of binding of isaac and the adorable but equally gruesome world of kirby.


Mystery Fighter

Person1HINT Person1HINT  Person1 HINTPerson1 <span class="explain" title="unoriginal">HINT</span>

Guessed Fighters



         THE HUNTER                                                                                                                                      

  • Health:2 Hearts
  • Speed:12/13
  • Attack: 10/13
  • Defense: 7/13
  • Special Moves: 12/13
  • Knockback: 3/13
  • Special Item:Black Armour(Zero's stats are doubled for 10 seconds)

Zero is a glass cannon by any means,

sprinting around and dealing damage in a hit and run fashion

is the main strategy for zero players,but some

customs can change him up a bit...


' 'Dreamer265



  • Health:4 Hearts
  • Speed:7/13
  • Attack:12/13
  • Defense:12/13
  • Special Moves:11/13
  • Knockback: 12/13
  • Special Item:Thumbtacks(he takes out a bag of thumbtacks and lays them on the ground,players standing on them take 1 damage every 3 seconds and attacks done on the thumbtacks do double damage(triple if the opponent falls during the attack)

A Tank by any definition,Tommy uses steel chairs,barbed wire bats and other hardcore weaponry to attack,he is able to set up tables,ladders and chairs to smash his opponents through



             THE SOCIOPATH

  • Health:1 heart
  • Speed:11/13
  • Attack:base 5/13
  • Defense:0/13
  • Special Moves: 13/13
  • Knockback: 0/13
  • Special item:None?(instead of a special item jacket has a special ability,he is able to steal weapons from dead enemies to increase his rather pitiful attack,melee weapons double his attack and ranged weapons cap it aswell as giving him a trusty kobra machine gun)




  • Health:2 Hearts
  • Speed: 9/13
  • Attack:9/13
  • Defense:11/13
  • Special Moves:9/13
  • Knockback:0/13
  • Special Item:Book of Belial  (Judas loses his ranged tears and opts out to punch things to death with a insane 18 damage,2-shotting nearly everyone


Mystery Stages

Person1     Person1

HINT                                                               HINT                                                           

Guessed Stages

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The hotel mario stage is split up into several platforms,with enemies and items coming out of the various doors. players can also enter the doors to exit a random door on the stage.