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Umbra (Exotoro)



Umbra, antagonist of the Hands.
Gender Male
Class Villain
Blades Master
First Appearance Super Smash Bros. Assemble
Latest Appearance N-Stars
I'm a scary gargoyle on a tower

That you made with plastic power

Your rhinestone eyes are like factories far away
Lines from "Rhinestone Eyes" by Gorillaz.

Umbra is the main antagonist of Super Smash Bros. Assemble and orchestrated the events seen in the trailer and Secret Universe. Although he was defeated in Super Smash Bros. Assemble, Umbra has found his way into multiple universes, appearing in several of Exotoro's game as a surprise boss.


Umbra is maniacal and dangerous, bordering on unhinged maniac. Umbra feels no sense of love and can manipulate others into doing his bidding. He is rather petty and holds grudges with those he believes are against him, even if they may not be. He does have a semblance of the concept of friendship, but he is not one to make friends now. He is just trying to capture a sense of revenge that may never succeed.


Before Super Smash Bros. Assemble

Umbra was a troubled child with the ability to manipulate shadows. As revealed in the trailer "Runaways", he met Irid as a kid and discovered her ability to manipulate light. It also revealed that his parents mysteriously vanished, with every passing moment his memory fading of them. The two grow a bond, which Umbra uses two years later to convince Irid to run away with him when he is on the run.

Two more years pass and the two are living in a junkyard, where Irid attempts to tell Umbra she loves him, but Umbra does not feel the same way. Irid leaves, but cannot find her way home.

Irid comes across a giant glove named Master Hand, who trains her to use her powers efficiently and to make the best of it. Umbra notices, and believes Master Hand is manipulating her to hate him. With the loss of his only friend, he goes in isolation into a mountain, where he finds a robot building manual next to a skeleton.

Several years later, Umbra witnesses Master Hand during the first Super Smash Bros. stage act and begins plotting his revenge.

Several more years later, he meets Wario in a club and gets him to sign a contract for the building of WarioWare inc. It is also during this time that he finds the "Secret Universe" and convinces characters to go into it, using the fear of being forgotten against them.

Super Smash Bros. Assemble

Having assembled an army of "forgotten" characters, Umbra begins his attack using Bowser as a ploy to attack the Smash Mansion. It is also during this time that he kidnaps Master Hand and constructs the Tower of Smash. As the various factions fight over the Tower of Smash, Umbra uses this time to hook Master Hand to the chains of light. When Wario and the others land in the Underwater Prison, Umbra uses Wario's contract as leverage to have him fight alongside him, of which Wario refuses to. Umbra then tells a Cubot to flood the prison, which Wario uses his fat frame to block.

Umbra then gets the Smashers to the top floor, where he battles them with the help of Master Hand. As Umbra defeats the Smashers, Master Hand manages to warp the tower into the Secret Universe. With the help of some of the allies in the Secret Universe, Umbra is brought down and is sent repeatedly warping into other dimensions before stumbling onto a gate to the Lapisverse, which he enters.

Fighters of Lapis 6: Brotherhood

Super Mario Bros: Multiverse Degeneration

Umbra appears as the boss in Noise World. He is one of the final bosses in the game, and Mario must stomp on him three times while avoiding his attacks. He holds the final power star in this game. Because Super Smash Bros. Assemble and this game are two different continuities, Umbra believes he recognizes the cast while this version of Mario and the cast do not.


Umbra appears at the beginning of the game, in the black void that Sheriff has been residing in. He sends out a bunch of mysterious forces that seemingly destroy the black void and Sheriff winds up in a white void where he somehow lands in the Mushroom Kingdom.

He is set to have a sizeable role in the game.


  • Umbra is inspired by the music of the band Gorillaz.
  • Umbra is also based off a forgotten character for the flash game Super Smash Flash 2, where he was supposed to be the main villain of that game's story. Most of his motives come from his forgotten origins.
  • His theme is Gorillaz - Rhinestone Eyes.
  • This is one of the few characters that was not drawn by Exotoro, instead it was Yami no Tenshi who Exotoro asked to have done in his art style, feeling the character fit that art style more than his own.