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Tier Score
God SS 48 MarioThumb USBIV
Top S 46-45 BayonettaThumbUSBIVCaptainFalconThumb USBIVCloudThumb USBIVIceClimbersThumb USBIVLucasThumb USBIV
A 43-40

NessThumb USBIVVillagerThumb USBIVBanjoThumb USBIVGreninjaThumb USBIVSheikThumb USBIVZeroSuitSamusThumb USBIVYoshiThumb USBIVLuigiThumb USBIVShantaeThumb USBIV

High B+ 39-38 PikachuThumb USBIVRosalinaThumb USBIVPeachThumb USBIVBombermanThumb USBIVRoyThumbUSBIVKirbyThumb USBIVWaddleDeeThumb USBIVPaperMarioThumbUSBIV
B 37-36,93 ShulkThumb USBIVToonLinkThumb USBIVDixieKongUSBIVSceptileThumb USBIVBabyThumb USBIVGalactaKnightThumb USBIVRaymanThumb USBIVMiiBrawlerThumb USBIVFioraThumb USBIV
B- 36 MetaKnightThumb USBIVDiddyKongThumb USBIVPacManThumb USBIVBlackMageThumb USBIVWaluigiThumbUSBIV
Middle C+ 35-34,93 LinkThumb USBIVMiiSportsTrainerThumb USBIVGhirahimThumbUSBIVSyluxThumbUSBIVSamusThumb USBIVRyuThumbUSBIVFoxThumb USBIVMeliaThumbUSBIV
C 34-33,93 CorrinThumb USBIVMewtwoThumb USBIVShovelKnightThumb USBIVSonicThumb USBIVInklingThumb USBIVCharizardThumb USBIVKrystalThumb USBIVDillonThumb USBIVNabbitThumb USBIVReynThumbUSBIV
C- 33-32,9 LucarioThumb USBIVKingKRoolThumbUSBIVPichuThumb USBIVWonderRedThumb USBIVChibi-RoboThumbUSBIVPitThumb USBIVFalcoThumb USBIVMiiWizardThumb USBIVZeldaThumb USBIVImpaThumb USBIVBubThumbUSBIV
Mid-low D 32-31 Jigglypûff USBIVExcitebikeThumb USBIVOlimarThumb USBIVChromThumbUSBIVCaptainToadThumb USBIVMG&amp;WThumb USBIVMarthThumb USBIVMiiGunnerThumb USBIVMiiSwordfighterThumb USBIVSoraThumb USBIVROBThumb USBIVMarshalThumbUSBIVKingHippoThumb USBIVGenesectThumbUSBIVGanondorfThumbUSBIVClassicPitThumbUSBIV
Low E 30-29,95 DarkPitThumb USBIVLittleMacThumb USBIVDrLuigiThumb USBIVToonZeldaThumbUSBIVSnakeThumb USBIVIsaacThumb USBIVMedusaThumbUSBIV
F 28-25 MegamanThumb USBIVWiiFitTrainerThumb USBIVDuckHuntThumb USBIVWolfThumb USBIVRobinThumb USBIVBowserJrThumb USBIVIkeThumb USBIV
G 24-23 BowserThumb USBIVDrMarioThumb USBIVWarioThumbUSBIVKingDededeThumb USBIV
Bottom H 22-20 LucinaThumb USBIVPalutenaThumb USBIVDonkeyKongThumb USBIV

The tier list is counted with the sum of all the veteran characters with total scores in Eventhubs (SSB4) and the total of the rankings of all the Smash Bros. games. It also counts for these votes (careful! The polls are closed!). For the newcomers, it makes a sum of the year oof his recent game and their first game. This is created without custom moves.

This tier is divided in 5 tiers:

  • God Tier: This tier (SS) is the strongest among all. They can beat every character below the list easily.
  • Top Tier: This tier (S, A) are pretty hard to beat them on the battlefield. The S-tier is the excellent pick to choose them if you want to win. The A-tier is a pick that they do pretty well.
  • High Tier: This tier (B) features many viable picks that are able do well against others. This is divided in three parts:
    • B+: This part of the tier do well against others but they have big chances to win the tournaments easily.
    • B: This part also do well against others. It can end positively or negatively in the tournaments.
    • B-: This part also do well against others but they often loses the tournaments against characters above them in the list.
  • Middle Tier: This tier (C, D) are divided in four parts. The C-tier is decent but can be defeated by others easily. The D-tier does okay but a different pick could be better to win better.
    • C+: This part of the tier is decent, but they have higher chances to win a match.
    • C: This part is also decent that they can be weak are strong at the same time.
    • C-: This part is also decent but it could easily been defeated by others.
  • Low Tier: This tier (E, F, G) is not smart to pick it, unless you give them a chance if you go easily. E-tier is the highest low tier to pick, so that they can win if they can go easily. F-tier is normal if they have some chance. And G-tier is the lowest tier cause to their bad matchups.
  • Bottom Tier: This tier (HIJ) is definitely the worst counterpick to choose them. It's better to avoid these. The H-tier is the highest bottom tier. It's not so good to pick them but they have a high chance to beat them. I-tier is normally the worst. And the J-tier is lowest tier of the bottom tier. They are not to pick cause to their worst matchups.


CyanSmashBall Big advantage (+3)
GreenSmashBall Advantage (+2)
LimeSmashBall Small advantage (+1)
YellowSmashBall Even (+/-0)
OrangeSmashBall Small disadvantage (-1)
RedSmashBall Disadvantage (-2)
DarkRedSmashBall Big disadvantage (-3)
- Mirror match
MarioHeadSSB4-3 IceClimbersHeadSSBF CloudHeadSSB4-3 CaptainFalconHeadSSB4-3 BayonettaHeadSSB4-3 50px-LucasHeadSSB4-U NessHeadSSB4-3 VillagerHeadSSB4-3 Banjo GreninjaHeadSSB4-3 ZeroSuitSamusHeadSSB4-3 PeachHeadSSB4-3 Shantae Avg.
MarioHeadSSB4-3 - YellowSmashBall LimeSmashBall LimeSmashBall YellowSmashBall LimeSmashBall LimeSmashBall GreenSmashBall
IceClimbersHeadSSBF YellowSmashBall - YellowSmashBall LimeSmashBall LimeSmashBall YellowSmashBall LimeSmashBall GreenSmashBall
CloudHeadSSB4-3 OrangeSmashBall YellowSmashBall - YellowSmashBall OrangeSmashBall LimeSmashBall
CaptainFalconHeadSSB4-3 OrangeSmashBall OrangeSmashBall YellowSmashBall - LimeSmashBall
BayonettaHeadSSB4-3 YellowSmashBall OrangeSmashBall - GreenSmashBall
50px-LucasHeadSSB4-U OrangeSmashBall YellowSmashBall - LimeSmashBall
NessHeadSSB4-3 OrangeSmashBall OrangeSmashBall LimeSmashBall - LimeSmashBall
VillagerHeadSSB4-3 -
Banjo -
GreninjaHeadSSB4-3 -
ZeroSuitSamusHeadSSB4-3 -
PeachHeadSSB4-3 -
Shantae -

Updates and Changelog

  • June 23, 2015: Added new characters in the tier. Some characters have changed from place.
  • November 11, 2015: The tier list as changed. Under-construction.
  • November 15, 2015: New characters added: Dixie Kong, King K. Rool, Nabbit, Paper Mario, Chibi-Robo, Bomberman, Bub, Baby Mario & Luigi, Isaac, Excitebike Rider, Genesect, Black Mage, King Hippo, Dr Luigi, Krystal, Sceptile, Bandana Waddle Dee, Galacta Knight, Fiora, Waluigi, and Captain Toad.
  • November 17, 2015: New characters added: Ghirahim, Sylux, Toon Zelda, Marshal, Classic Pit, Impa, Chrom, Medusa and Inkling.
  • November 20: Tier list places are changed.
  • November 30: Tier list places are changed.
  • December 7: Tier list places are changed. Also, the E- tier no longer exists.
  • December 9: Tier list places are changed heavily.
  • December 13: Tier list places are changed heavily.
  • December 20: Pichu changed from place and Cloud has been added.
  • December 21: Bayonetta, Corrin, Wonder Red, Dillon, Sora, Shantae and Shovel Knight have been added in the tier list.
  • December 22: Tier list places have changed.
  • December 23: Tier list places have changed.
  • January 2: Veterans have changed tier list places heavily.
  • January 3: Veterans have changed tier list places. Also, the subrankings have been removed.
  • January 6-16: Veterans have changed tier list places.
  • January 19: Veterans have changed tier list places. We added a F-tier place for Lucina.
  • January 20-24: Veterans have changed tier list places.
  • January 29: The tier list has changed completly. Many of these characters has changed from tier. Also, the SS+ has added, due to Ice Climbers.
  • January 30: The tier list returned to his normal list. Many of these characters changed from place and SS+ and SS tier are eliminated.
  • February 1-3: Veterans have changed tier list places.
  • February 4: The G-tier has been added for Lucina's 22- score. Also the tier list has changed heavily, due to some changes in Eventhubs SSB4 tier. It's also the definitive tier list places for veterans.
  • February 20: Newcomers have changed places. Also, the G en the H-tier have been added.
  • March 1: Newcomers have changed places.
  • April 19: The G, H, I and J-tiers have been added. The D+ and D- are excluded.
  • April 23: Some characters recieved some buffs.
  • October 6-15: Tier list have changed due to the recent patch.

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