Ultra Smash Bros. Burst
Game Information
Developer NewStardustCitadelLogo Stardust Citadel
Publisher Nintendo logo 1 Nintendo
Genre Platform fighter
Platform NintendoSwitchLogoBlack Nintendo Switch
Release Dates
Flag of USA USA 20XX
Flag of Japan Japan 20XX
Flag of Australia Australia 20XX
Flag of Europe Europe 20XX

Ultra Smash Bros. Burst (also referred as Ultra Burst) is a platform fighter game developed by Stardust Citadel and published by Nintendo. It is the seventh installment of the Super Smash Bros. series, following 2018's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The game is the first made without the major involvement of series creator, Masahiro Sakurai, who takes on a supervisionary role for this game while a new director stands up.

Ultra Burst is described as a soft reboot of the series, seeking to revamp the gameplay of the game. The game is stated be the first of game of the Silver Age, where Ultimate was the last game of the Golden Age. The Silver Age of Smash seeks to bring in new innovations by experimenting with different gameplay mechanics and concepts in a more experimental take on the series, while keeping it true to the series core as a whole.


Development of Ultra Smash Bros. Burst began in early 2019, with the acquisition of Stardust Citadel by Nintendo. The team were working on a Smash-esque engine and it caught the attention of the Nintendo higher-ups. As Sakurai declared that he wouldn't continue directing the Smash series after Ultimate, the team at Stardust Citadel, as well a development team from Nintendo composed of younger developers, started working together on refining the Smash engine. Although not directly involved in the game's development, Sakurai served as a supervisor for the game, providing notes and feedback to the ideas provided by the new team.

The game remained in secrecy until a Nintendo Direct in 2021, three years after the initial development, when Nintendo teased a new Smash Bros. installment under the codename Neo Smash. The reveal was a surprise, as Nintendo implied Neo Smash would also be released on the Nintendo Switch, making it for the first Smash installment to be released on a system already having a Smash game. In further interviews, Nintendo representatives stated the new Smash game would provide a different feel and experience from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, one being made for the fans while the other seeks to provide the "next evolution" of the Smash series, with a brand new vision for the series and changes in how things should work.

Character Reveals

SSB Mario Series The Legendary Star Warrior
72 - Geno Geno's Wish Comes True!

I'm pleased to announce Geno is the first newcomer included in Ultra Smash Bros. Burst. Geno is a fighter whose only major appearance was in the 1996 classic Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars but has remained a series favorite ever since his debut. His appearance in Ultra Burst makes it his first playable appearance in almost 25 years. Wow! Smash is no stranger to give characters a second chance, as some of you may remember Pit's appearance in Brawl, making it his first playable appearance in 17 years.

As a playable fighter, Geno's moveset is based off his appearance in his debut game. Like Mega Man, Geno does not utilizes normal punches and kicks for his neutral moves, instead choosing to fire bullets out of his iconic Star Gun. Geno's gimmick in his original game was the ability to charge up his moves to deal more damage. This trait will also be present in Ultra Burst, as Geno can charge up not only his special moves, but also some of his neutral ones too.

Geno's Final Smash is the Geno Flash, a powerful explosion with a gigantic range. Getting away from the blast is one tough challenge!

Super_Mario_RPG_Box_%28North_America%29.png Newcomer Memory
Super Mario RPG

Geno's only major game appearance was the 1996 collaboration between Nintendo and Square Enix, the ambitious Super Mario RPG. Boasting a different artstyle and gameplay from what was common for RPGs at the time, Super Mario RPG provided the perfect formula between Mario's trademark platforming and Square's ingenious storytelling. Many of the features introduced in Super Mario RPG would later influence two other Mario RPGs, Mario & Luigi and Paper Mario, continuing to amaze players with comical dialogue and intriguing battle systems.


Ultra Burst has the basic gameplay of the previous titles. The game is a platform fighter, where players take control of characters from different series, attacking opponents and increasing their damage percentage. The higher the damage percentage of a player, the higher they will fly off when they are hit again. The objective of the game is to knock opponents out of the stage they are in. Each character has the same inputs, but each character has a different function for their inputs.

Differences between Ultra Burst and the previous Smash games is a bigger focus on offensive combat.

  • Shields are now replaced by Parries, where if the player presses the parry button in the timeframe before the opponent's move connect, the player will take 50% less damage and no knockback from the attack and be fully able to counter the opponent's attack instantly. Getting the Parry earlier or later than what it is expected will make the player take 25% less damage and still recieve the full knockback, as well as being unable to follow up with an attack.
  • Abilities like crawling and wall jump are now universal.
  • The effects of Rage start earlier than when they did in Smash 4. To counterbalance, the boost of rage is slightly reduced.
  • Moves with big startup and ending lags have their lags reduced.
  • Heavyweight characters have been made faster and slightly floatier, making them more viable.
  • Landing lag has been decreased.
  • Players can now sacrifice one of their stocks to utilize Ultra Burst, a gameplay mechanic that works similar to Rage but with a bigger attack multiplier and temporary. Ultra Burst can be stacked with Rage as well. Ultra Burst can be toggled off, as well as Rage if the player wishes too.

Game Modes

CLASSIC Classic is a returning game mode from previous Super Smash Bros. games. Players go through a certain amount of stages before fighting off against the Master Hand or the Master Hand and the Crazy Hand.

Classic is similar to its appearance in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. Characters go through a set of three path options, each one colored differently to determine their difficulty: red for hard, green for medium and blue for easy. As the difficulty decreases, the amount of battles the player has to go through becomes smaller. The more the difficulty increases, the more and the better rewards the player acquires.

Before starting Classic, the player can choose the level of intensity, starting from 3.0 to 10.0. The harder level of intensity, the better and the more rewards the player has. On harder intensities (9.0+), the player has the chance to fight Master Core after defeating both Master Hand and Crazy Hand.

VERSUS The classic Versus mode returns as expected in Ultra Burst. Play matches against other players or against computer controlled opponents, in four different gameplay styles:
  • Stock, where each player has a limited amount of stocks and they lose them once they fall of the stage. The last player remaining wins.
  • Time, where each player has an infinite amount of stocks but the battle has a time limt. The player who knocks the opponents more times than the rest wins.
  • Coin, where each player drops a random amount of coins when they are attacked. The player with more coins when the time is up wins.
  • Stamina, where each player has a set amount of health and the player that reaches 0 HP, they are knocked out. The last player remaining wins.
Trophy Scramble is a new game mode included in Ultra Burst. This mode takes place a big maze, where the participants are spawned in different locations of the map. Each player chooses one character and they must progress through out the maze with a singular stock. Players can acquire Trophies of the other fighters in the roster, giving them an extra stock. If they lose a stock with their current character and have a Trophy of another character, their next stock will make the player take control of the character in that Trophy.

Although inspired by the Smash Run, Trophy Scramble does not have the same objective as Smash Run. For one, the mode has no time limit. The objective of Trophy Scramble is to acquire the four pieces of the Smash Trophy, a golden trophy of the Smash logo. To acquire the pieces, the player must explore the maze and find doors that leads to different places in the maze, sometimes one of these doors can lead to a Boss Battle. Should the player win the battle, they will be fully recovered and acquire one of their pieces. The amount of Smash Trophies depends on the amount of players, there will be at least one trophy for one player, making sure everyone has a fair chance of acquiring the trophy.

Adventure Mode: Remnants of Subspace

The adventure mode included in Ultra Smash Bros. Burst takes place an unspecified amount of years after the events of Subspace Emissary, this time involving a new villian character by the name of Primordial, the self-proclaimed leader of the remaining members of the Subspace. Similar to the original Subspace Emissary, this mode takes the shape of a platformer, with the player having to control the characters to the end of a linear level, reaching its goal or defeating the boss at the end like a traditional game of this genre.

Part 1
Chapter 1
Taking place after the events of the Subspace Emissary, Bowser forms an alliance with King K. Rool and launches an coordinated attack on the Mushroom Island and the Kongo Jungle. The Mario Bros. and the Kongs join forces to stop their archrivals.
Mushroom Island
Initial Assault
Kongo Jungle
Initial Assault
DonkeyKongHeadSSBUDiddyKongHeadSSBUDixieKong Stock
Scale Fortress
MarioHeadSSBULuigiHeadSSBUDonkeyKongHeadSSBUDiddyKongHeadSSBUDixieKong Stock
Adventure Adventure Versus BowserHeadSSBU KingKRoolHeadSSBU
Chapter 2
Order of the Blade
A group of fighters with similar styles chose to unite their strengths and focus on improving their skills by helping each one out. Naming themselves "Order of the Blade", they organize in an arena to participate in a mini-tournament between themselves, just to get back to fighting ways.
Combat Arena
Qualifiers, Pt. 1
RexHeadSSBUShulkHeadSSBU or LucinaHeadSSBUChromHeadSSBU
Combat Arena
Qualifiers, Pt. 2
CorrinHeadSSBUIkeHeadSSBU or Shovelknightstock2MetaKnightHeadSSBU
Combat Arena
Winning Pairs of Pt. 1 and Pt. 2.
Versus LucinaHeadSSBUChromHeadSSBU or RexHeadSSBUShulkHeadSSBU Versus Shovelknightstock2MetaKnightHeadSSBU or CorrinHeadSSBUIkeHeadSSBU Versus Non-Picked Pair
Chapter 3
Palutena watches over the Skyworld, watching over the World of Trophies. She notices a strange occourance happening, something similar to the Subspace Bombs back during the events of the Subspace Emissary. She sends out one of the new members of her army, the star warrior Geno, alongside her trusted pupil Pit to investigate. As the two advance towards the spot, they notice that they are not alone in the search for the mysterious object.
Parsley Woods
Forest Path
Rice Beach
First Contact
S.S. Teapot
Unlikely Union
Adventure Adventure Versus RidleyHeadSSBUSyrupstock
Chapter 4
The Last Emissary
As Geno and Pit reach the locale, they are ambushed by the pair of pirates Syrup and Ridley. The occourance tourned out to be an undetonated subspace bomb. The two pirates seeks to use the object for profit but Pit is aware of its danger and advises Geno to help him out to stop the pirate duo. As they battle, a taller than average humanoid Primid gets closer to the Subspace Bomb. Ridley is the first to notice, followed by the other three who decide to stop their fight to stop whoever this creepy fellow is trying to do with the bomb. Palutena notices the battle isn't going their way and rushes to help, finding Kumatora in her way and recruiting her to help on the battle.
Rice Beach
A Mysterious Opponent
Rice Beach
Desperate Struggle
Rice Beach
A Light of Hope
PalutenaHeadSSBUKumatora Stock
Versus ??? Versus ??? Versus ???
Part 2
Chapter 5
Second Strike
The mysterious individual reveals itself as Primordial, the self proclaimed leader of the Remnants of Subspace and the Last Emmissary of Tabuu. She activates the Subspace Bomb, which proceeds to swallow her and her defeated opponents inside of it. Promordial releases a gigantic pure purple version of Ridley made out of Subspace Bugs and uses it to spread the bugs all around the World of Trophies, claiming this as the second strike of the Subspace Army. The bugs reach two places: the Scale Fortress and the Combat Arena, requiring the effort of all those involved in these places in order to defeat the ever-increasing Subspace Army and escape out of there alive. After fighting the waves of enemies, Bowser and Meta Knight notice the flying Subspace Ridley and give chase to them, with Mario tagging along on Bowser's Clown Car and Shovel Knight on the back of Meta Knight, with the remaining staying to fight off the last of the enemy waves.
Scale Fortress
Bug Infestation
MarioHeadSSBULuigiHeadSSBUDonkeyKongHeadSSBUDiddyKongHeadSSBUDixieKong StockBowserHeadSSBU KingKRoolHeadSSBU
Combat Arena
Bug Infestation
RexHeadSSBUShulkHeadSSBULucinaHeadSSBUChromHeadSSBUShovelknightstock2MetaKnightHeadSSBU CorrinHeadSSBUIkeHeadSSBU
Skies Above
Subspace Ridley
Enemy Wave Enemy Wave Versus RidleyHeadSSBU
Chapter 6
The Ancient Minister
Lucas is seen running in the direction of Rice Beach, looking for his partner Kumatora, who diseappeared of his sights. He comes across the gigantic subspace orb encapsulating the beach and a quartet of Subspace versions of the captured fighters start coming out of the orb, including another Ridley. Lucas is frightened as he is not prepared to take on all of these enemies and runs away, only for the new Subspace Ridley to come after him. Lucas trips over and seems hopeless, until Captain Falcon jumps in and Falcon Punches the Subspace Ridley. He asks if the young boy is alright and asks him to stand back, but Lucas reassures he can help out, as the trio of Subspace Kumatora, Geno and Syrup appear in front of them. After the fight, Falcon remembers the events of the Subspace Emissary and asks for Lucas's help to find someone that can help them stop the new Subspace invasion: the Ancient Minister, R.O.B. Falcon uses the Blue Falcon to reach the Abandoned Island, where the Ancient Minister hides.
Formerly Known As Rice Beach
Subspace Confrontation
Abandoned Island
Minister's Hideout
Versus PalutenaHeadSSBUKumatora StockGenoHeadSSBUSyrupstock Adventure Versus ROBHeadSSBU

Playable characters

The following characters were cut from Ultimate: Dr. Mario, Daisy, Young Link, Lucario, Marth, Roy and the Mii Fighters. 95 characters are playable in this installment. 29 characters make their debut in this installment, the most since Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.


You can click on the character's image to take you to their description! Note that not all characters have a description yet.

SSB Mario Series MARIO SSB Mario Series LUIGI SSB Mario Series PEACH SSB Mario Series BOWSER SSB Mario Series BOWSER JR.
Mario SSBUltimate Luigi SSBUltimate Peach SSBUltimate Bowser SSBUltimate BowserJr SSBUltimate
SSB Mario Series ROSALINA & LUMA SSB Mario Series GENO SSB Mario Series PAPER MARIO SSB Yoshi Series YOSHI SSB Donkey Kong Series DONKEY KONG
RosalinaandLuma SSBUltimate 72 - Geno 602px-Paper Mario - MarioLuigi-PaperJam Yoshi SSBUltimate DonkeyKong SSBUltimate
SSB Donkey Kong Series DIDDY KONG SSB Donkey Kong Series DIXIE KONG ε SSB Donkey Kong Series KING K. ROOL SSB Wario Series WARIO SSB Wario Series ASHLEY
DiddyKong SSBUltimate DixieKongSuperSmashBrosRenderBySmashified KingKRool SSBUltimate Wario SSBUltimate Ashley super smash bros wii u download by jerichoakemi-d8gh6sc
SSB Wario Series CAPTAIN SYRUP SSB The Legend of Zelda Series LINK SSB The Legend of Zelda Series ZELDA SSB The Legend of Zelda Series SHEIK SSB The Legend of Zelda Series GANONDORF
Captain Syrup New Render Link SSBUltimate Zelda SSBL Sheik SSBUltimate Ganondorf SSBUltimate
SSB The Legend of Zelda Series TOON LINK SSB The Legend of Zelda Series MIDNA & WOLF LINK SSB The Legend of Zelda Series LINKLE SSB Metroid Series SAMUS SSB Metroid Series DARK SAMUS ε
ToonLink SSBUltimate Twilight Princess HD Artwork Wolf Link & Midna (Offical Artwork) 1200px-HWL Linkle Artwork Samus SSBUltimate DarkSamus SSBUltimate
SSB Metroid Series ZERO SUIT SAMUS SSB Metroid Series RIDLEY SSB Metroid Series SYLUX SSB Kirby Series KIRBY SSB Kirby Series META KNIGHT
ZeroSuitSamus SSBUltimate Ridley SSBUltimate 250px-Sylux mph Artwork Kirby SSBU MetaKnight SSBUltimate
SSB Kirby Series KING DEDEDE SSB Kirby Series MARX SSB Kirby Series SUSIE SSB Kirby Series PRINCE FLUFF SSB Kirby Series DAROACH
KingDedede SSBUltimate KSA Marx KPR Susie artwork 4 Prince Fluffbig KSA Daroach
SSB Star Fox Series FOX SSB Star Fox Series FALCO SSB Star Fox Series WOLF SSB Star Fox Series KRYSTAL SSB Pokémon Series PIKACHU
Fox SSBUltimate Falco SSBUltimate Wolf SSBUltimate Krystal Smashified Pikachu SSBUltimate
SSB Pokémon Series JIGGLYPUFF SSB Pokémon Series PICHU SSB Pokémon Series PACHIRISU ε SSB Pokémon Series POKEMON TRAINER SSB Pokémon Series MEWTWO
Jigglypuff SSBUltimate Pichu SSBUltimate Pokken Pachirisu Pokemon Trainer Mewtwo SSBUltimate
SSB Pokémon Series GRENINJA SSB Pokémon Series BRAIXEN SSB Pokémon Series GARDEVOIR SSB Pokémon Series GOTHITELLE ε SSB F-Zero Series CAPTAIN FALCON
Greninja SSBUltimate PTWC Braixen Gardevoir GothitelleMillennium CaptainFalcon SSBUltimate
SSB EarthBound Series NESS SSB EarthBound Series NINTEN ε SSB EarthBound Series LUCAS SSB EarthBound Series KUMATORA ε SSB EarthBound Series GIYGAS
Ness SSBUltimate Smash Ultimate Ninten (fanmade) Lucas SSBUltimate Kumatora SSB Giegue concept render by primantis-d4evk99
IceClimbers SSBUltimate MrGameandWatch SSBUltimate ROB SSBUltimate DuckHunt SSBUltimate LittleMac SSBUltimate
SSB Fire Emblem Series IKE SSB Fire Emblem Series ROBIN SSB Fire Emblem Series LUCINA SSB Fire Emblem Series CORRIN SSB Fire Emblem Series CHROM
Ike SSBUltimate Robin SSBUltimate Lucina SSBUltimate Corrin SSBUltimate Chrom SSBUltimate
SSB Kid Icarus Series PIT SSB Kid Icarus Series DARK PIT ε SSB Kid Icarus Series PALUTENA SSB Kid Icarus Series HADES SSB Pikmin Series OLIMAR
Pit SSBUltimate DarkPit SSBUltimate Palutena SSBUltimate Hadesart Olimar SSBUltimate
SSB Animal Crossing Series VILLAGER SSB Animal Crossing Series ISABELLE SSB Wii Fit Series WII FIT TRAINER SSB Xenoblade Series SHULK SSB Xenoblade Series FIORA
Villager SSBUltimate Isabelle SSBUltimate WiiFitTrainer SSBUltimate Shulk SSBUltimate Mecha Fiora
SSB Xenoblade Series REX & PYRA SSB Splatoon Series INKLING SSB Splatoon Series OCTOLING ε SSB Golden Sun Series ISAAC SSB Sonic Series SONIC
RexPyra Render Inkling SSBUltimate Octolingsmashrender Isaaci Sonic SSBUltimate
SSB Sonic Series SHADOW ε SSB Sonic Series TAILS SSB Metal Gear Series SNAKE SSB Mega Man Series MEGA MAN SSB Mega Man Series ROLL ε
75 - Shadow Tails SSBL Snake SSBUltimate Mega Man SSBUltimate TvCRollB
SSB Street Fighter Series RYU SSB Street Fighter Series KEN ε SSB Pac-Man Series PAC-MAN SSB Final Fantasy Series CLOUD SSB Bayonetta Series BAYONETTA
Ryu SSBUltimate Ken Masters Pac-Man SSBUltimate Cloud SSBUltimate Bayonetta SSBUltimate
SSB Castlevania Series SIMON BELMONT SSB Castlevania Series RICHTER BELMONT ε SSB Castlevania Series SHANOA SSB Bomberman Series BOMBERMAN SSB Shovel Knight Series SHOVEL KNIGHT
Simon SSBUltimate Richter SSBUltimate Shanoa by lin jin17-d4sa6zf Bomberman Ultimate by GildedPudding New shovel knight render by nibroc rock-d9ypbrp
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SSB ARMS Series SPRING MAN SSB ARMS Series DR. COYLE SSB Fatal Frame Series MIO AMAKURA SSB Bravely Default Series AGNES Dmclogo DANTE
Spring Man SSBL Dr Coyle SSBDiscord Mio render by ninjayuffie16-d4xuuw5 Agnes UMvC3 Dante
SSB Kingdom Hearts Series SORA SSB Shin Megami Tensei Series DSSB DEMI-FIEND
Sora SSBL SMTC - Demi-Fiend (Big)


16 out of 95 characters completed
Mario Donkey Kong Link Samus Yoshi Kirby Fox Pikachu Luigi Ness
Captain Falcon Jigglypuff Peach Bowser Zelda Sheik Ganondorf Falco Mewtwo Pichu
Ice Climbers Mr. Game & Watch Diddy Kong Toon Link Zero Suit Samus Meta Knight King Dedede Wolf Pokémon Trainer Lucas
Ike Pit Wario Olimar R.O.B. Snake Sonic Rosalina & Luma Bowser Jr. Robin
Lucina Corrin Palutena Dark Pit Villager Little Mac Wii Fit Trainer Shulk Duck Hunt Mega Man
Pac-Man Ryu Cloud Bayonetta King K. Rool Ridley Dark Samus Chrom Inkling Simon
Richter Geno Paper Mario Dixie Kong Ashley Captain Syrup Midna & Wolf Link Linkle Sylux Marx
Susie Prince Fluff Daroach Krystal Pachirisu Braixen Gardevoir Gothitelle Ninten Kumatora
Giygas Hades Isabelle Fiora Rex & Pyra Isaac Shadow Tails Roll Ken
Shanoa Bomberman Shovel Knight

SSB Mario Series MARIO SSB Mario Series
Mario SSBUltimate
Neutral Special Fireball
A fiery projectile that bounces on the ground upon contact. Deals barely any damage or knockback, but it can disrupt the opponent.
Side Special Cape
Mario throws his cape in front of him. A short range move that deals a small amount of damage and no knockback, but if used correctly, it can reflect projectiles or switch the direction the opponent is facing, depending of what Mario hits.
Up Special Super Jump Punch
Mario leaps upwards with his fist raised. The attack is stronger on the start-up. The move only deals damage while Mario is moving upwards.
Down Special Mario Tornado
Mario spins in place and then throws his hands in the air. Deals multiple hits and can KO at very high percentages.
Final Smash Mario Finale
Mario releases a powerful fireball that continously moves forwards and increases in size. The fighters caught by the fireball will be pushed to the stage's Blast Zone, losing a stock in the process.
Character Theme: Jump Up, Super Star from Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo's most recognizable character, Mario has been a major part of Nintendo ever since his debut in the 1981 arcade game Donkey Kong and has been an essential part of Smash since its very first game. The red overalls plumber has participated in almost 300+ games ever since his conception and is one of gaming's most beloved characters.

As a fighter in Smash, Mario is an easy to learn character with no major gameplay gimmicks. Mario is a quick fighter, able to rack up damage fast. While not particuraly hard-hitting, Mario's moves allow him to take control of the battle in his favor, with many three special moves that can easily disrupt an unknowing opponnent. Mario's lack of a killing move without some major build-up makes the matchup against those who are able to KO at lower percentage to be less in his favor.

SSB Mario Series LUIGI SSB Mario Series
Luigi SSBUltimate
Neutral Special Thunderball
A variation of Mario's fireball, but it goes straight forwards and instead of fire, it is electricity. Otherwise, it has the same propreties.
Side Special Luigi Missile
Luigi charges up and when the input is released, Luigi is launched forwards. The move has a sweetspot and if it hits, it can KO opponents even at low percentages.
Up Special Super Jump Punch
Similar to Mario, but it has a shorter start-up and it has higher KOing chances at the start.
Down Special Luigi Tornado
Same as Mario's but it has a higher range than Mario and Luigi finishes his tornado by throwing his hands in the air, making it a KOing option.
Final Smash Poltergust 5000
Luigi pulls out the Poltergust 5000 and it goes wild, sucking everything close to it, including opponents. After sometime, it will spit out the opponents inside the Poltergust 5000, launching them out of the stage.
Character Theme: GCN Luigi's Mansion from Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

The red plumber's cowardly yet brave brother, Luigi has been Mario's sidekick ever since his debut. Luigi has gained a personality of being scared of a lot of things, especially the paranormal, but he will still push himself to save whoever is in need. Luigi has gained abilities separate from his brother during the series duration, although he still shares moves with him.

Luigi is a semi-clone of Mario, he is lighter than Mario and has a higher jump. His moves have different propreties, such as the Thunderball, which is electricity-based instead of fire-based and the Super Jump Punch has a faster start-up than Mario's.

SSB Mario Series PEACH SSB Mario Series
Peach SSBUltimate
Neutral Special Toad
Peach puts Toad in front of her. If she is attacked while holding Toad, Toad will release spores, negating the opponent's attack.
Side Special Peach Bomber
Peach launches herself forwards. If she hits an opponent, a heart will appear behind them, as the opponent is launched in the opposite direction. Deals medium damage and low knockback, not very reliable as a KO option.
Up Special Peach Parasol
Peach jumps upwards with her Parasol open, making her fall slower to the ground. While jumping and opening her parasol, the parasol can hurt opponents, dealing a minimal amount of damage and no knockback.
Down Special Vegetable
Peach pulls a vegetable out of the ground, which she can use as a throwable item. There's a small chance Peach can pull out a Bob-omb instead of a vegetable.
Final Smash Peach Blossom
Peach dances as the opponents fall asleep around her. Peaches start spawning on the stage. After she stops dancing, she can pick up the peaches to heal herself and attack the sleeping opponents.
Character Theme: Peach's Castle from Mario Kart Arcade GP DX

The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, Peach's role in Mario's adventures seems to be ever changing. Debuting as the princess in need of rescue, she would later join Mario on his journey through subcon in the next game, only to be kidnapped again in the next installment. Between the one in need of rescue, one of the main protagonists or just an ally, Peach has assumed many roles in the Mario series.

As a Smash fighter, Peach is relatively unchanged. She is a mediumweight fighter with a lot of fast moves, but not a lot of KOing options. It takes a while until Peach is able to defeat opponents and her most reliable KO options, her Smash attacks, have a pitful short range.

SSB Mario Series BOWSER SSB Mario Series
Bowser SSBUltimate
Neutral Special Fire Breath
Bowser stays in place and breathes fire. The longer the input is held, the smaller the flames will get.
Side Special Flying Slam
Bowser claws forwards. If an opponent is hit by it, Bowser will grab them and leap diagonally upwards and then slam on the ground.
Up Special Whirlng Fortress
Bowser retreats to his shell and spins in place, gaining a small amount of horizontal momentum.
Down Special Bowser Bomb
Bowser leaps diagonally upwards and slams on the ground. If used on the air, Bowser will slam to the ground from where he is on the air.
Final Smash Giga Punch
Bowser turns into Giga Bowser and appears in the background. A crosshair appears as the player is able to move it and pressing any button besides the control stick will make Bowser punch in the direction of the crosshair. If there happens to be opponents in the crosshair by the time Bowser punches, they will be immediately Star KO'd.
Character Theme: Bowser Battle 1 from Super Mario Odyssey

The leader of the Koopa Troop, Bowser is Mario's archnemesis ever since his debut. The Koopa King is a threating foe that always gets stronger to prepare for his next dastardly plan. Bowser no longer speaks with realistic animal noises, instead his voice is more similar to his appearance in games like Super Mario Odyssey, voiced by Kenny James.

Bowser is relatively unchanged from previous Smash games. Bowser is a large heavyweight character. Slow yet very strong. Bowser lacks projectiles which makes the matchup against them difficult for Bowser. Although Bowser is very strong and has a lot of KO options, his biggest weakness is his lack of speed. Bowser is severely outmatched against faster fighters.

SSB Mario Series GENO SSB Mario Series
72 - Geno
Geno Stock
Neutral Special Geno Beam
A chargable laser. Hold down the input to increase the length of the beam.
Side Special Geno Whirl
Geno shoots out a disc-like projectile. Its damage is bigger if it hits an opponent farther away.
Up Special Geno Boost
Geno is launched upwards, propelled by small stars. If he lands on the ground succesfully without being interrupted, he gains a small power boost.
Down Special Geno Blast
Geno raises his hands upwards. When the input is released, Geno makes light beams fall out of the skies directly in front of him. The longer the input is held, the more beams will appear, with a maximum of three.
Final Smash Geno Flash
Geno turns into a cannon and releases a powerful explosion, which expands quickly, taking out almost everyone close to it.
Character Theme: Beware the Forest's Mushrooms from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

A warrior from Star Road who takes over the body of a wooden doll in order to help Mario and his party to defeat Smithy and his forces from taking over the entire Mushroom Kingdom, even including Bowser's territory. Geno is a powerful magical fighter and alongside Mallow, he is one of the unique party members introduced in Super Mario RPG that wouldn't unfortunately ever reappear in a Mario game besides few cameos.

Geno is the definition of a glass cannon, he can hit opponents very hard, especially with his charged specials, although he is one of the most fragile characters in the cast, only slightly sturdier than Jigglypuff, the lightiest and weakest fighter in the cast in terms of damage intake. Geno is a fast, threating fighter but also fragile and floaty, being able to KO'd at absurdly low percentages in comparison to other normal fighters.

SSB Yoshi Series YOSHI SSB Yoshi Series
Yoshi SSBUltimate
Neutral Special Egg Lay
Yoshi shoots his tongue forwards. If an opponent is touched by it, they will be pulled inside Yoshi's belly and Yoshi will lay them inside an egg.
Side Special Egg Roll
Yoshi hides inside an egg and then rolls forwards. The direction of which Yoshi is rolling towards can be changed with a single press of a button. Yoshi will stop rolling once no input is used for a short time.
Up Special Egg Throw
Yoshi throws an egg upwards. While throwing the egg, his vertical speed is lowered significantly, giving Yoshi some air time and opportunity to go back to the stage.
Down Special Yoshi Bomb
Yoshi leaps diagonally upwards and then performs a Ground Pound. Thanks to the move's speed, it can be used to punish opponents with long attack times.
Final Smash Mega Eggdozer
A circle of Yoshis appear in the background, holding together a gigantic egg. Yoshi goes to join them and their combined strength sends the gigantic egg flying towards the stage, hitting every fighter in its path and sending them flying.
Character Theme: Athletic Theme from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

Mario's trusty steed, the green dinosaur is one of Mario's major allies ever since his debut in the classic Super Mario World game and went on to star on his own series of games. He is more than capable of dealing with major threats and has taken on major threats all by himself.

Yoshi remains as he was in the previous Smash games, a floaty yet agile fighter with not much in firepower. His moveset has been untouched, with the exception of his Final Smash, which is now the Mega Eggdozer from Yoshi's New Island. Yoshi has multiple jumps and can utilize the Flutter Jump from his home series to recover himself easily.

SSB Donkey Kong Series DONKEY KONG SSB Donkey Kong Series
DonkeyKong SSBUltimate
Neutral Special Giant Punch
A powerful punch. When the input is pressed, Donkey Kong will start revving up a punch. After a while, he will flash, meaning that the punch is fully charged. The more charged the Punch is, the stronger it is.
Side Special Headbutt
Donkey Kong slams his head forwards. If it hits an opponent, it makes them grounded and unable to move for a while.
Up Special Spinning Kong
Donkey Kong rotates himself around, decreasing his falling speed in the air. Hits the opponents multiple times but doesn't deals any knockback.
Down Special Hand Slap
Donkey Kong slaps the ground, causing small shockwaves around it. The attack is stronger if the opponent is closer to Donkey Kong. The input can be held and DK will continously slap, although the shockwaves will get smaller over time.
Final Smash Jungle Beat
Donkey Kong punches forwards. If he hits an opponent, he will unleash a flurry of punches before finishing off with one powerful punch, sending them flying across the stage.
Character Theme: DK Rap from Donkey Kong 64

He's the leader of the bunch, you know him well. He's returning to kick some tail, if he punches you, it's gonna hurt. He's bigger, faster, stronger too, he's the first member of the DK Crew. Huh!

Donkey Kong is faster this time around than he has been in previous games, replicating more of the feel of the character in his original Donkey Kong Country series. A lot of his moves come out faster than before. Donkey Kong is a heavyweight character, meaning he isn't easily knocked of the stage, but unlike other heavyweights, Donkey Kong is still a fast fighter. Takashi Nagasako voices Donkey Kong in this installment, replacing the realistic animal noises used since Brawl.

SSB Wario Series ASHLEY SSB Wario Series
Ashley super smash bros wii u download by jerichoakemi-d8gh6sc
Ashley Stock
Neutral Special Monster Flower
Ashley casts a spell, summmoning a small Monster Flower that tries to eat whatever is in front of it. If it manages to bite something, they get temporarily stunned inside the flower's belly.
Side Special Total Drag
Ashley moves her wand and causes a small explosion in front of her. If the explosion hits an opponent, Ashley uses her wand to move the opponent and then throw it away from her.
Up Special Flying Broom
Ashley whistles and a flying broom comes flying towards her very fast. If she is hit while on the broom, she will be helpless in the air.
Down Special Purple Cloud
Ashley makes a purple cloud emerge. While the input is held, the cloud gets bigger. The cloud causes random effects to those that touch it. The cloud disappears once the input is released, or if Ashley is hit while holding the input.
Final Smash Pantalones Giganticus
Ashley casts a spell on Red, which makes him gigantic. The gigantic Red puts Ashley on his shoulder as Ashley commands him to attack the fighters in the stage.
Character Theme: Ashley's Song from WarioWare Gold

A witch that lives alone in the woods alongside her pet, the little imp Red. How she came in contact with Wario and became a part of Wario's micrograme company is unknown, but she is one of the mainstays of the WarioWare franchise, debuting in the first game in the series and making major appearances since then. In her WarioWare appearances, she is seen trying out different spells or other kinds of magic through different methods.

Ashley's gameplay is inspired by her appearance in WarioWare cutscenes as well as her minigames and her appearance as an Assist Trophy in Super Smash Bros. 4. She is a mixed ranged fighter, with her stronger attacks requiring a set-up to make them useful, as they have odd angles and effects. Ashley can inflict different status effects on opponents with her different spells, allowing her to control the match in her favor.

Neutral Special Duplex Bow
Link shoots an arrow with his bow. Can be used to disrupt the opponent. If the arrow falls on the stage, Link can pick it up and fire two arrows.
Side Special Dragonbone Boko Club
Link holds up the Boko Club and swings it with all his might. A slow move with a lot of start up but with a powerful payoff, able to KO at medium percentages.
Up Special Revali's Gale
Link is swept upwards by a powerful gale of wind that pushes him upwards. Link cannot use this move again while the gale is still active on the screen.
Down Special Remote Bomb
Link throws a bomb. The bomb will remain there until Link presses the input again or at least a full minute passes without Link touching it. Other fighters can pick it up and throw it as well.
Final Smash Ancient Bow and Arrow
Link leaps backwards and pulls out the Ancient Bow and Arrow, firing one powerful shot that decimates everything in its line of fire. It instantly KO's anything that is in front of Link.
Character Theme: Hyrule Castle (Exterior) from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The hero of time, Link is one of the three wielders of the Triforce, holding the Triforce of Courage. He is reincarnated through out time to help the bearer of the Triforce of Wisdom against the one that bears the Triforce of Power, who seeks to utilize its power for their own evil deeds. Like with Ultimate, this Link is based of the Breath of the Wild incarnation. Link is equipped by default with the Master Sword and Hylian Shield, but continous usage of those items can make them break through the battle, forcing Link to utilize the Traveler's Sword and the Wooden Shield for a while.

Link's moveset has been changed to fit with Breath of the Wild. The biggest change is the removal of the Gale Boomerang, limiting Link's ranged potential in combat. Link is now a close ranged fighter, while having options for long range, he excels in close combat, where his power has been increased. Link has been made slightly slower than Ultimate but sturdier this time, being in the same weight class as Mewtwo now.

SSB Metroid Series SAMUS SSB Metroid Series
Samus SSBUltimate
Neutral Special Charge Shot
Samus starts charging up a power blast of energy. Samus can interrupt the charge by moving but the charge will stay where it was when she resumes it. When it is fully charged, Samus will flash. Samus's charge shot can now only be fired when its full, as pressing the B button again will make Samus do the Melee Counter from Samus Returns.
Side Special Missile
Samus will shot one of two missiles: a normal one, that homes in the nearest opponent or the Super Missile, that goes straight forward but has a bigger damage and knockback output than the normal one by a huge margin.
Up Special Screw Attack
Samus leaps upwards and surrounds herself with an electrical shield around her. Doesn't deals much damage and deals no knockback, but it is a very useful recovery.
Down Special Bomb
Samus places a bomb while in the Morph Ball form. If Samus has a fully charged shot, she can instead lay multiple bombs instead of shooting the charged shot, like how it works in Super Metroid.
Final Smash Zero Laser
Samus shoots a powerful laser beam out of her arm cannon. The beam traps the opponents within itself and when it ends, it launches them off the stage.
Character Theme: Theme of Samus from Metroid: Samus Returns

A former member of the Galactic Federation turned bounty hunter, Samus is a lone wolf who works to hunt down whatever species is threating the galaxy this time. Armed with a powerful bodysuit created by an extinct kind of bird people, Samus is a powerful foe that has made entire species extinct by herself.

Samus is unchanged from previous games, she is agile but her moves do not reflect her agility. Her attacks have a bit of start lag and while at their full power they are deadly, getting to them to their full power is difficult. Samus gains her Melee Counter from Samus Returns to use while charging, giving her at least a defensive option while charging up one of her stronger attacks.

SSB Kirby Series KIRBY SSB Kirby Series
Kirby SSBU
Neutral Special Inhale
Kirby inhales whatever it is in front of him. If he swallows a non-character, he can spit out the item like a star, similar to his home series. If he inhales an enemy, he can press the down button while the opponent is in his mouth to copy their Neutral Special, which replaces Kirby's Inhale special.
Side Special Hammer
Kirby hits the opponent with a flaming hammer. The attack is stronger during its start, where it has a higher chance to KO an opponent.
Up Special Hyper Cutter
Kirby leaps upwards with a blade and then drops down. The blade releases a beam when Kirby lands, which deals minimal damage and knockback. Useful move to trap the opponent at closer ranges.
Down Special Stone
Kirby turns himself into stone and drops quickly back down the stage. It is a meteor smash if it hits an opponent in mid air, and it has a chance of KOing opponents at higher percentages.
Final Smash Ultra Blade
Kirby rushes forwards. If he touches an opponent, he will trip them and then will unleash a flurry of sword strikes with the Ultra Blade before finishing them with a powerful blade swipe.
Character Theme: Green Gardens from Kirby: Star Allies

A little pink puffball who is much stronger than what he appears. Kirby's power to copy the ability of the enemies he inhale allows him to use the powers of his foes to defeat them, which is very useful when Kirby is called to defeat which eldrich horror threatens the galaxy. Be by himself or by his Star Allies, Kirby is the legendary star warrior and there's a good reason why they call him that.

Kirby is relatively unchanged from previous Smash games, recieving minimal changes from his appearance in Ultimate. A lightweight fighter with trapping abilities, Kirby is very surprisingly strong, having a lot of reliable KOing options. Kirby can absorb the power of the opponent, which means he can utilize their Neutral Special upon inhaling the opponent, gaining a Ability Hat that mimicks the opponents headwear.

SSB Kirby Series DAROACH SSB Kirby Series
KSA Daroach
Neutral Special Ice Shot
Daroach releases a beam of ice. The input can be held down in order to charge it, but Daroach will remain immobile while charging.
Side Special Hunter Claw
Daroach rushes forwards and then comes to a halt, slashing away with his hunter claws. If the player is not careful, he can dash off ledges too.
Up Special Daroach Bomb
Daraoch hides himself inside his cloak and then opens it, releasing a bomb that goes an upward arc. The bomb can latch on opponents or fall on the ground. There's a 1/3 chance that the bomb is instead a Fire Bomb, which causes a bigger explosion and explodes faster.
Down Special Triple Star
Daroach attacks using the Triple Star, causing three star projectiles to be spawned in, aimed at three different directions. When used in the air, they are aimed downwards instead of forwards.
Final Smash Squeak Squad
Daroach whistles and this causes the whole Squeak Squad to fill the stage in. The smaller members of the Squeak Squad come on the stage first and if they catch an opponent, it will go on a cutscene where they attacked by Spinni, Storo and Doc before Daroach fires an Ultra Ice Laser at them.
Character Theme: Here Comes the Squeaks! from Kirby: Star Allies

The treasure obssesed leader of the Squeak Squad, Daroach's goal was to find endless power. He did, but not in the way he wanted, as he became the host of a villianous threat known as Dark Nebula. Thanks for his driven of treasure, he unintentionally entered in conflict with Kirby which allowed Kirby to defeat the Dark Nebula that was taking over him. After that, Daroach's treasure hunts did not stop but he took on a more supportive role for Kirby.

As a fighter, Daroach is a small fighter, only slightly smaller than King Dedede. He is floaty like Meta Knight and a lightweight like Kirby. Daroach fights utilizing the elements from his boss fight in Kirby: Squeak Squad and his moveset in Kirby Triple Deluxe. He is an interesting character, as thanks to his pursuit of treasure, he has acquired different items that he uses as part of his moveset, giving him an interesting range of options.

SSB Star Fox Series FOX MCCLOUD SSB Star Fox Series
Fox SSBUltimate
Neutral Special Blaster
Fox shoots his blaster. The projectile deals no knockback and a small amount of damage. It can be easily spammend, allowing Fox to rack up damage on the opponent.
Side Special Fox Illusion
Fox moves forwards very quickly, leaving an afterimage where he used to be. Opponents in the path of Fox's move are dealt damage and knockback. At high percentages, it can be deadly.
Up Special Fire Fox
Fox charges up and then propells himself upwards. The player can influence the direction Fox is flying towards by pressing an input before the initial animation is over.
Down Special Reflector
Fox initates the reflector which creates a blue shield around him. The shield decreases Fox's horizontal speed in the air and it reflects projectiles.
Final Smash Star Fox Assault
Fox summons his crew whom proceed to shoot down the stage. If the initial fire hits any opponent, it will go on a cutscene of which the team continously fires on them until Fox drops a bomb on them, sending them flying.
Character Theme: Corneria from Star Fox Zero

The leader of Star Fox, one of the most well known groups within the Corneria Space Armada. The son of a famous Airwing pilot, Fox stepped in to follow in his father's footsteps and protect the galaxy from Andross's forces. Fox is the hotblooded but sensible leader of the Star Fox team.

Fox has been relatively unchanged from previous Smash games, but he has reacquired traits from Melee, including the Reflector mechanics from Melee, giving Fox a bigger range of combo potential thanks to the usefulness of the Reflector as a combo starter.

SSB Pokémon Series PIKACHU SSB Pokémon Series
Pikachu SSBUltimate
Neutral Special Electro Ball
Pikachu releases a ball of electricity. It goes forwards diagonally down. If it hits the ground, it creates small electricity circles that disappear after a while. When it hits an opponent, it leaves them stunned for a short time.
Side Special Volt Tackle
Pikachu charges up with electricity and launches himself forwards while surrounded by electricity. While flying, Pikachu is invunerable, and if he hits an opponent, it has a chance of stunning them upon contact.
Up Special Spark
Pikachu warps, leaving a trail of electricity behind him. The amount of warps Pikachu does can be up to three, making this for a very useful recovery.
Down Special Thunder Charge
Pikachu summons a lightning cloud above him. If the lightning bolt strikes Pikachu, he will gain a small boost in strength, attack and speed for all his electricity-related moves for a short time period.
Final Smash Catastropika
Pikachu surrounds himself with electricity, gaining full charge of it and then bolts across the stage very fast, making loops around it. Opponents caught in Pikachu's path will be launched off the stage.
Character Theme: Title Theme from Pokémon Sun and Moon

Native to the region of Kanto, the #025 Pokémon is Pikachu, the Mouse Pokémon. The series mascot, the tiny electric Pokémon has been present in all of the Pokémon games, even being offered as a starter option for new trainers in Pokémon Yellow. The cute charismatic Pokémon may not be the strongest of them all, but he can certainly put up a fight and they will give them all in battle.

Pikachu has recieved a major visual change from previous games, with all of his moves being changed to show electricity. Pikachu's moves are all STAB (same-type attack bonus) moves, but some of them have only changed visually. Pikachu remains a glass cannon, able to put out a lot of damage but not being able to take much in return. With the addition of Thunder Charge, Pikachu is able to increase his already incredible strength for extra firepower to ensure a match won.

SSB Pokémon Series JIGGLYPUFF SSB Pokémon Series
Jigglypuff SSBUltimate
Neutral Special Rollout
Jigglypuff rolls in place. When input is released, Jiggly rolls out to the direction she is facing.
Side Special Draining Kiss
Jigglypuff tries to grab something in front of her. If she is succesful, she will kiss the opponent, dealing damage and healing her by the amount of damage she dealt.
Up Special Dazzling Gleam
A gleam of light shines upon Jiggly, raising her upwards. Then, she releases it as a powerful beam of light in front of her, pushing her back. At high percentages, this has a chance of KOing.
Down Special Rest
Jigglypuff goes to rest. She is healed by 10% of her damage take. If she rests inside the opponent, an explosion can occour, launching the opponent pretty far.
Final Smash Moonblast
Jiggly releases a white orb of light above her and then throws it on the center of the stage, causing a giant explosion of light happen, KOing any opponent around the center of the stage.
Character Theme: Kanto Trainer Battle from Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver

Native to the Kanto region, Jigglypuff is the Pokémon #039. The Balloon Pokémon, Jigglypuff is able to inflate itself and stay on the air for a longer time period. Jigglypuff is a well known singer Pokémon, known for its lullabies.

Jigglypuff has been changed to fit her latest incarnations in the newest generations, gaining a new Up Special based of her new Fairy typing. Jigglypuff is the lighest fighter in the cast, making her very vunerable even at low percentages. She is slow on the ground and very mobile in the air.

SSB Pokémon Series PACHIRISU SSB Pokémon Series
Pokken Pachirisu
Neutral Special Nuzzle
Pachirisu electrifies itself, creating an electric shield around him. Opponents that are hit by it are stunned, allowing Pachirisu to follow up.
Side Special Super Fang
Pachirisu leaps forwards. If an opponent is in his way, he will bite on the opponent. An attack that deals a lot of damage but no knockback.
Up Special Spark
Pachirisu warps, leaving a trail of electricity behind him. The amount of warps Pachirisu does can be up to three, making this for a very useful recovery.
Down Special Follow Me
Pachirisu waves his paw as a glove with a raised finger moves back and forward above his head. After this animation plays out, a glove icon will be on Pachirisu. While on this state, the next move Pachirisu takes will have 25% less damage and knockback than it would normally do. After the attack, Pachirisu will have temporary super armor.
Final Smash Gigavolt Havoc
Pachirisu charges up and then releases a powerful electricity current. Functionally similar to Link's Final Smash.
Character Theme: Route 225 from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

Hailing from the Sinnoh Region, Pokémon #417 is Pachirisu, the EleSquirrel Pokémon. A small Pokémon that inhabits trees, Pachirisu stores electricity in its bright yellow cheeks and it can discharge electrical attacks with its tail. Although not a particuraly strong Pokémon, Pachirisu is a sturdy one, capable of taking the strongest of Pokémon attacks and still continue on battling.

This is carried over to Ultra Burst, where Pachirisu, despite being a lightweight, can still take a lot of punishment before being KO'd. Their sturdiness can be even better with the addition of Follow Me, which allows Pachirisu to take an intentional hit for a lower damage cost and surprise the opponent with a follow up move. Pachirisu is a small fighter, just about the same height as Pichu.

SSB EarthBound Series NESS SSB EarthBound Series
Ness SSBUltimate
Neutral Special PK Flash
Ness releases a ball of energy, which can be slightly controlled with the directional inputs while holding the input. When the input is released, the ball of energy explodes.
Side Special PK Fire
Ness shoots a lightning bolt forwards. When it hits an opponent or a solid object, the bolt is turned into a pillar of fire. When it hits an opponent, it hits them multiple times.
Up Special PK Thunder
Ness releases a lightning orb. The player takes control of the lightning orb and Ness stays stationary. The player can use it to hit an opponent, or to hit Ness, making Ness be launced to the direction the orb hit him.
Down Special PSI Magnet
Ness surrounds himself with a green shield. Any projectile that the shield hits is destroyed and the damage it would had given Ness instead heals him.
Final Smash PK Starstorm
Ness summons out Paula and Poo as they perform PK Starstorm, making bright star meteors fall on the ground, with the places where they fall being random. If an opponent is hit by one of the stars, it is highly likely they will be knocked out.
Character Theme: Eight Melodies from EarthBound

A young boy who lives in the countryside, Ness's life was turned upside down when a meteor fell on a nearby hill, unraveling an adventure that would decide the fate of life itself. Ness is capable of learning PSI abilities, allowing him to do different multiple abilities, such as healing, elemental attacks, shields, etc.

Ness is a lightweight fighter, with the ability to multiple jumps. He is very floaty, especially in the air. Ness has a variety of moves, allowing for different coverage and useful KOing options. Ness's lack of a reliable recovery hurts him, especially when he is thrown out very far out of the stage.

SSB F-Zero Series CAPTAIN FALCON SSB F-Zero Series
CaptainFalcon SSBUltimate
Neutral Special Falcon Punch
Captain Falcon releases a punch, covered by flames shaped like a falcon. It has a slow start up but it has a high KO potential at medium to high percentages.
Side Special Raptor Boost
Falcon rushes forwards. If he hits an opponent on the ground, he will uppercut them, if he hits an opponent in the air, he will punch them downwards.
Up Special Falcon Dive
Falcon leaps upwards. If he catches an opponent while moving upwards, he will latch on them and plant an explosive on them, before jumping away from them as they explode.
Down Special Falcon Kick
Falcon kicks forwards. If used in the air, Falcon kicks diagonally.
Final Smash Blue Falcon
Falcon summons out the Blue Falcon in front of him. If an opponent is hit by it, a cutscene starts where the hit opponent is hit again by the Blue Falcon in the Port Aero track from F-Zero.
Character Theme: For the Glory (Mute City) from F-Zero GX

A superstar driver from the F-Zero tournament who drives in the iconic blue falcon. An iconic Smash character whose abilities have become fan favorites ever since his debut. Cocky and arrogant, Falcon is just as powerful as he boasts he is.

Falcon is a fast fighter, mediumweight. Many of his moves are fasts but they don't can't KO opponents, while his stronger moves have slower startups making them unreliable. Falcon lacks projectiles and suffers in matchups against projectile heavy fighters. Falcon's mobility is great on the ground, having one of the fastest walking speeds.

Alternate costumes

SSB Mario Series MARIO SSB Mario Series LUIGI SSB Mario Series PEACH
Builder mario render super mario maker by nintega dario-dbsxped SMO Art - Wedding Mario DrMario SSBUltimate 150px-Dr Luigi - Dr Mario Miracle Cure SMO Art - Wedding Peach
Builder Mario Wedding Mario Dr. Mario Dr. Luigi Bridal Peach
SSB Mario Series BOWSER SSB Mario Series BOWSER JR. SSB Yoshi Series YOSHI SSB Donkey Kong Series DONKEY KONG
Dry Bowser Smash DarkBowserSMW3D Nsmbwii-koopalings Super Smash Bros. - Boshi by Nin10Doug Donkey Kong - Punch-Out
Dry Bowser Dark Bowser Koopalings Boshi WVBA Contender
SSB Wario Series WARIO SSB The Legend of Zelda Series LINK SSB The Legend of Zelda Series ZELDA SSB Metroid Series SAMUS
Wario-Wario party 8 SSB4 Dark Link Zelda-1 Fusion Suit Samus Light Suit Samus
Classic Dark Link BOTW Zelda Fusion Suit Light Suit
SSB Metroid Series ZERO SUIT SAMUS SSB Metroid Series RIDLEY SSB Kirby Series META KNIGHT
Justin Bailey PM OtherMSamus Meta Ridley KSA Galacta Knight model ButterflyMetaKnightSSBC
Justin Bailey Galactic Federation Meta Ridley Galacta Knight Butterfly Knight
SSB Kirby Series KING DEDEDE SSB Star Fox Series KRYSTAL SSB Pokémon Series PIKACHU SSB Pokémon Series POKEMON TRAINER
Masked dedede renders by joetestrikesback-dad7rk3 Krystal (Star Fox) PikachuLibreAltPokkénTournament Detective Pikachu 2 FireRed LeafGreen Leaf
Masked Dedede Assault Pikachu Libre Detective Pikachu Leaf
SSB Pokémon Series MEWTWO SSB F-Zero Series CAPTAIN FALCON SSB NES Series R.O.B. SSB NES Series LITTLE MAC SSB Fire Emblem Series IKE
ArmoredMewtwoSSBC GX Blood Falcon 40 - R.O.B. Wireframe Mac 480px-Ike SSB4
Armored Mewtwo Blood Falcon Japanese Colors Wireframe Mac Radiant Dawn
SSB Fire Emblem Series ROBIN SSB Fire Emblem Series LUCINA SSB Fire Emblem Series CORRIN SSB Fire Emblem Series CHROM SSB Kid Icarus Series PIT
Robin (Multiverse Mash-Up) Lucina 4 by gentlemanly Corrin (female) Chrom SMTxFE SSBM Pit
Female Robin Marth? Female Corrin Mirage Classic
SSB Pikmin Series OLIMAR SSB Animal Crossing Series VILLAGER SSB Wii Fit Series WII FIT TRAINER
Alph & Pikmin Brittany transparent by pavlovs walrus-d98drvt Charlie - Pikmin 3 480px-Villager Female SSB4 ACL - SSBSwitch recolour - Wii Fit Trainer 14
Alph Brittanny Charlie Female Villager Male Wii Fit Trainer
SSB Xenoblade Series SHULK SSB Xenoblade Series FIORA SSB Splatoon Series INKLING SSB Golden Sun Series ISAAC SSB Sonic Series SONIC
ShulkShortsSSB4 Xenoblade-fiora-1 Inkling Boy (1) Isaac Golden Sun Dark Dawn Metal Sonic-2
Shorts Human Inkling Boy Older Isaac Metal Sonic
SSB Sonic Series TAILS SSB Metal Gear Series SNAKE SSB Mega Man Series ROLL SSB Street Fighter Series RYU SSB Pac-Man Series PAC-MAN
TailsDollArchie Classic Snake Roll SMF EvilRyuRadioactive Mspacman3
Tails Doll Low Poly MM8 Roll Evil Ryu Ms. Pac-Man
SSB Final Fantasy Series CLOUD SSB Bayonetta Series BAYONETTA SSB Castlevania Series SHANOA SSB Shovel Knight Series SHOVEL KNIGHT
CloudSSBSpectrum Cloud strife render by faisk4-d4mm1no Bayonetta ShanoaJudgement TheBlackKnight SSB3M
Advent Children Kingdom Hearts Bayonetta 1 Judgement Black Knight
SSB Bomberman Series BOMBERMAN
Pretty Bomberman R-0 KaroakeBomber MetalBomber
Pretty Bomber Karoake Bomber Metal Bomber


An uncertain amount of stages are included in Ultra Burst.



Assist Trophies

30 characters are included as assists in Ultra Smash Bros. Burst, from veteran helpers to new assists.

Pokéball Pokémon


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SSB Shin Megami Tensei Series DSSB
SSB Special Symbol

Downloadable Content

Like with Super Smash Bros. 4 and (presumably) Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Ultra Smash Bros. Burst includes post-launch downloadable content in the form of new fighters, stages, music and items.

Wave 1

Wave 1 was announced in ??/??/??.

  • New playable fighters.
    • Spring Man stock icon Smashboards Spring Man and DrCoyleStock Dr. Coyle from the ARMS series were the first two confirmed characters in this wave. Spring Man is a fast heavyweight character with tremendous range, although his moves have a very noticeable start and ending lag. Coyle has similar attributes, but also can levitate in the air like Peach.
    • Mio Amakura from Tecmo's Fatal Frame series was as the third character included in this wave. Her twin sister, Mayo Amakura, is available as an alternate costume for Mio. She is a mechanically unusual fighter, having two modes of movement: Field and Viewfinder. While in field mode, Mio can only utilize quick flashes of her camera, which is her preferred method of combat, which is not very effective in this mode, but it allows her to move faster. In viewfinder mode, her speed is decreased but she gains access to more precise shoots, allowing her camera attacks to be more effective.
    • Agnes Stock Agnès Oblige from Square Enix's Bravely Default series was confirmed as the fourth character included in this wave. Agnès is a combo focused character, with her main gameplay gimmick revolving around Battle Points. Playing more defensively allows Agnès to stock up on Battle Points, the more she has, the more actions she can do. Actions using Battle Points are faster, allowing her to quickly create combos out of her moves. Agnes's appearance in Bravely Second is available as an alternate costume.
    • Finally, the last character to be included in Wave 1 was DanteStock Dante from Capcom's Devil May Cry series. A fast swordfighter who also wields twin pisolts, Dante's gameplay style is a combination of his four different gameplay styles from his home series, with him being able to switch between styles with a press of a single button. Dante's moves are extremely fast but not very strong by themselves, which allows him to rack up damage very quickly. Older Dante from Devil May Cry 5 is available as an alternate costume.
  • New stages.
    • Spring Stadium from ARMS was the first confirmed stage to be included in Wave 1, as the home stage for both Spring Man and Dr. Coyle.
    • Minikami Village from Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly was the second confirmed stage to be included in Wave 1, as the home stage for Mio Amakura.
    • The Great Chasm from Bravely Default was the third confirmed stage to be included in Wave 1, as the home stage for Agnès Oblige.
    • Temen-ni-gru from Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening was confirmed as the fourth and last stage to be included in Wave 1, as the home stage for Dante.
  • New music.
  • New alternate costumes. These were offered free of charge, with the exception of the ones for DLC characters, which can only be acquired by buying the character itself.
SSB Mario Series LUIGI SSB The Legend of Zelda Series LINK SSB The Legend of Zelda Series ZELDA SSB The Legend of Zelda Series GANONDORF SSB The Legend of Zelda Series TOON LINK
Mr L Link (Multiverse Mash-Up) ZeldaHyruleWarriors HW Ganondorf HWL Ravio
Mr. L Hyrule Warriors Ravio
SSB Kirby Series META KNIGHT SSB Pokémon Series POKEMON TRAINER SSB Golden Sun Series ISAAC SSB Final Fantasy Series CLOUD
Dark Meta Knight KSA Sun Moon Protagonist male Character24-AlolaTrainer Matthew Golden Sun ZackCGModel-CrisisCore
Dark Meta Knight Sun & Moon Matthew Zack Fair
SSB Fatal Frame Series MIO AMAKURA SSB Bravely Default Series AGNES Dmclogo DANTE
Mayussb5 BSAgnes OldDante
Mayu Amakura Bravely Second Agnes Older Dante


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⦿ Ultra Smash Bros. Burst
Stardust Delta
Crimson Dynamo

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