Ultra Nintendo RPG is a RPG which collides all Nintendo series packed into one story line.


Fight through Nintendo worlds as you collect the SuperStars which brings more characters as you fight Goomba's Dark Matter's and the most bravest bosses. A portal focring all Worlds together is

Playable Characters

Temporary Characters

These characters help along the way in their worlds.

Super Stars

These are collected and can be summoned to use there power and anytime by pressing Y.


Buy additional stuff for the game from here.

Mushroom hat 75 coins +30 HP 0
Link's hat 75 coins +5% RP 0
Mario/Luigi hat 75 coins +5% SPEED 0
Zero suit Helmet 100 coins +100 HP  -2% SPEED 2
Speed bandana 125 coins +10% SPEED 3
Antenae band 300 coins +5%HP & RP 5
Vikin helm 500 coins +300 HP 5
Lightning Hat 500 coins +20% Elemental resistance 8
Ceramic Crown 750 coins +500 HP +5% RP 8
Immortality Helm 1000 coins +50% Elemental resist 10


Bowser Jr. - Mushroom Kingdom

  • Ganondorf - Hyrule

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