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A new mario RPG.


Mario, Luigi and the Toads were at Princess Peach's party at her castle when Bowser's clown car grabbed them, but Bowser wasn't driving it. IT WAS DRIVING ITSELF!!! It went through a portal and dropped everyone but Peach inside. They soon found themselves in a different place. They had to find their way out and rescue Peach.



  • Darkened World - Starting World
  • Green Hill Zone - Sonic's home
  • Robot City - Mega Man's home
  • The Wilderness - Henry's home
  • Dreamland - Kirby's home
  • Midtown - Sweet Tooth's home
  • Camp Whispering Rock - Raz's home
  • Baron - Cecil's home
  • CM207 World - Coleman207's home


SweetTooth Stalking

Sweet Tooth

Psychonauts raz





Coleman 207

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