7th Anniversary - Silver
Official Boxart
Developer(s) Adricorp
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Wii u
Release Date(s)
US Flag March 24, 2014

GB Flag March 25, 2014

Australia Flag March 28, 2014

Japan Flag March 30, 2014

Single Player, Co-op Multiplayer, Online Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
ERating 3Rating USK6 OFLC-G CERO A
Genre(s) Action, Adventure, Platformer
Series Ultra Mario Galaxy
Predecessor Ultra Mario Galaxy 2
Successor N/A
Media Included Wii U disc
Ready for the most innovative adventure?
Ultra Mario Galaxy 3 back cover

Ultra Mario Galaxy 3 is a 2014 3D action-adventure platformer videogame developed by Adricorp and published by Fantendo for Wii U. It was released on March 24, 2014 for United States, March 25, 2014 for United Kingdom, March 28, 2014 for Australia and March 30, 2014 for Japan. It is sequel to Ultra Mario Galaxy and Ultra Mario Galaxy 2. This game is the third and final installment in Ultra Mario Galaxy trilogy. This is the only game in the series to have online multiplayer mode. There will be new massive features not found on Ultra Mario Galaxy 2. The levels are solely galaxy based filled with planets and worlds. This game mostly utilizes gravity effects in gameplay.

This game has many new elements such as new game guide to starters and new side missions. Graphics were largely improved to enhance game experience. This is the first game on the series (except for Mario Kart and Mario Party games) to feature driving. Ultra Mario Galaxy 3 is also the first Wii U game to support the shaking of Wii U Gamepad, Wii U Pro Controller, Wiimote or Nunchuk.


This game was developed by Adricorp.


"You will really taste death, Mario!!!"

-Bowser's final battle against Mario


Following the death of Gargante, they now again rest on their own kingdom. Having their happy life during celebrating Mario's birthday on Peach's home. The comet observatory is on peace as well. It was revealed that Dry Bowser had survived during the events on the first game. Dry Bowser woke up on the lost desert world. He found a water and touched it. After he touched the water, he returns to his original form as a magic. Later, he teleported to a giant spaceship using the teleporter around the desert world.

Suddenly, 2 giant spaceships arrived near the edge of land into water and releases Bowser and 60 troops of soldiers to attack Peach's kingdom. The blue princess had a female child. The soldiers were looking for the pink princess and the blue princess. They destroyed the gate to Peach's castle and captured Peach. Mario killed 50 Koopa Troopa soldiers but 10 successfully went back to spaceship with Peach held captive. The blue princess put her child inside the basement of Peach's Castle. Many toads outraged again and become furious. Later, a giant spaceship landed on comet observatory and look for the obserbatory overseer. Later the comet overseer was captured by Bowser aswell. Luma later went inside Mario's cap. Princess Daisy was hiding in the basement of the castle, thus not being caught.

Chapter 1

The third adventure starts again. Mario and Luigi told Toads whats happening to them. The bros. unwillingly saw a meteor shower in Toad Galaxy. Mario and Luigi hid through trees. Mario and Luigi should really kill Bowser for their permanently freedom. They saw many goombas and all of them were stomped by Mario brothers. They also beat some koopas. Mario and Luigi finally free the toads inside the jail. They were thinking if there are more toads to help. Later on, they hiked the valleys and saw the desert.

Chapter 2

Their journey was suspicious, they star slinged into the desert and should go inside the pyramids in order to find the another sling to Water World. They just traveled along the desert full of goombas, koopa troopas, spinies, The bros. were seen waving the sands but nothing are on it. They saw several Pokeys that should be avoided. They started to knock Pokeys with their star spins. Bowser's troops has already captured Princess Peach. Finally the bros. killed all of the Pokeys and after that, they have founded the star sling and used it.

Chapter 3

They are now in water world, and they have been looking for decisions and things to rescue Princess Peach again, who is currently held captive by the Bowser and his army. Once again, they were quite unhappy due to Peach's capture. Their decision and way aren't even sure for that. They keep on exploring several galaxies for their sake. Mario said that he likes exploring galaxies. Until they collect 300 stars, they need to rescue toads who are held captive. They want to rescue the toads in order to become the best hero in the Mario Universe.

Chapter 4

Mario and Luigi descended to the dark world full of boos. Luigi become coward and start shouting because he is scared in ghosts and boos while Mario is just calm. They need to find a Yoshi in order to get past boos. Later on, Mario found a Bulb Berry and let it ate by Yoshi. They hear a boo shouting loud even at far distances. Mario obviously thinks that the boo shouting is Big Boo. They cross around dark galaxies until they came tired. Mario and Luigi entered the mansion full of boos on it. Mario found a poltergust and used it to suck boos up while climbing the mansion. Later, the bros. finally encountered the Big Boo with crown on his head and started fighting him. After killing the Big Boo, they just heard the sling star growing in top of the big mansion. They climbed up stairs and used it to leave the dark and scary galaxy.

Chapter 5

After collecting 200 stars, the bros. managed to fight off Bowser's troops in a lava fields with toads panicking somewhere in this lava world. Luigi is no longer scared. He said to Mario that he is okay now. They hear the toads saying "help". They saw several fire enemies crossing in the lava. They used the mechanical wheel to get past the lava. Later on, the bros. were expected to see if Bowser is here. Mario shouted if he thinks Bowser is here in this lava world but nothing happened, meaning Bowser was not here. They keep on traveling the lava world until they found a sling star leading to final world.

Chapter 6

After collecting 300 stars, chaos spread through Big City Galaxy. The epic battle starts between toad soldiers and Koopa soldiers with their guns. Some of them are on their own fighter jet. Mario and Luigi seek to kill Bowser. The bros. quickly rushed and called Captain Toad using the phone in tower in order to get help. After the toads came, they had a sword to fight Bowser. Bowser, later fell on the city roads after losing fuel in the spaceship, which crashed on the tall building. The building is about to fall. Mario later reveals that Bowser is holding Peach and Roselina. Bowser throws the two princesses to the car, mortally wounding them on the road. Mario fights Bowser until he dies. He should dodge the flames that Bowser breathe in order to prevent taking damage. After the fight, Bowser had a sharp thing and stabbed Princess Rosalina on her heart. Luma said "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!". Mario was unconsious that he had 300 stars. Later, Mario was able to form a grand star by spinning for a long time. The grand star is adept and able to destroy durable enemies. The grand star that Mario has generates black hole (doesn't attract heroes and innocents). Mario then uses it, thus throwing Bowser to the black hole, permanently killing him. The blue princess died and Luma strongly cried.


The funeral was announced by Lubba in Comet Observatory, discussing the overseer's death. Peach was taken to Mushroom clinic. Later Peach is sitting on the wheelchair and said "We are now permanently free!". Mario, Luigi, Luma, Lubba, Toad, Princess Peach, Princess Daisy and the turqoise princess' child enjoyed their happy vacation on the beach. Their vacation was enjoyable.

The End



Flying in Ultra Mario Galaxy 3.

Gameplay in Ultra Mario Galaxy 3 is somewhat similar to its predecessors, Ultra Mario Galaxy and Ultra Mario Galaxy 2. The levels are filled with gravity. The player needs to collect stars in order to advance to next galaxies. This game introduces 4-Player Co-op. It also has retained features from previous games such as outer space, gravity based and even more. Goombario and Geno is now playable but needs to be unlocked however. Ultra Mario Galaxy 3 introduces side missions. There are 3 profile slots. Starship Mario can be used to travel in other galaxies. This game introduces Ultra Mushroom and Pea Flower as the new power-ups. Starbits appear on this game. Mario, Luigi, Waluigi, Goombario and Geno can now punch enemies. The maximum starbits can be gained is 150. The player can change characters anytime during free roam. Each character has different statistics. Special attacks also return. The bros. can access Peach's Castle during free roam. There are 300 total stars found in this game.


This are the new features in this game not appearing in other games similar to this.

Negative Hidden Zone

The most notable new feature on this game that appears in most levels. Upon collecting a Negative Orb, the camera view will zoom out shortly. The player is able to see secret areas not found and accessible at normal zone. The map turns into neon light blue, including the non-negative hidden zone. Many coins, star coins, starbits and power-ups can be found here. It also contains very fun slides. The Negative Orb is really hard to find, especially in the dark galaxies. In Co-op, for example; if player one touches the Negative orb, then the graphics of players 2-4 will turn into neon light blue as well. This effect lasts 60 seconds before this thing wears off (unless not inside a negative hidden zone).

4-Player Co-op

Up to four people can now play adventure. The co-op mode starts only with 2 players if the save file has 2 playable characters. This feature depends, for example; if a save file has 4 playable characters (2 unlocked), then 4 people can now play the adventure mode at the same time. Players are able to choose unlocked characters. There's no Player 5 because Co-Star Luma doesn't appear on this game nor its playable.

Ultra Mushroom Power-up


The appearance of Ultra Mushroom.

Ultra Mario Galaxy 3 features a new power-up called Ultra Mushroom (as the game title suggests). It transforms Mario into Ultra Mario. When the player becomes Ultra Mario, the "coin time" action will be triggered where the player should collect coins as many as possible before he returns back to his original form. Killing enemies with this form gains 5 coins. The player can also use star-spin to certain planets in order to knock enemies in that planet. After returning back to his original form, a number of 1-Up Mushrooms will be awarded to the player depending in how many coins he collect. The new form lasts 30 seconds.

Rewards can vary:

<15 coins = No lives

15 coins = 1 life

45 coins = 3 lives




150 coins = 10 lives

Geno and Goombario

UMG3 is the first galaxy game to have Geno and Goombario playable but they are locked from start. They are quite easier to control than Mario.

Ride Birdo

For the first time, players are able to ride Birdo throughtout their adventure. Her stats differ from Yoshi's, with higher jumps and flutter kicks last longer but slower walking speed.

Other Features

  • New online multiplayer mode
  • New power-up: Pea Flower
  • Robust special attacks
  • Better stats system
  • Improved gameplay
  • New side missions
  • Players can now create their own levels. (Super Mario 3D World based but with a star at end)
  • In Co-op mode, players can now choose unlocked characters to help 1P through his adventure
  • New game guide
  • Remastered HUD
  • Even more!


There are 6 modes on this game:

  • Adventure
  • Online Mutliplayer
  • Coin Rush
  • Minigames
  • Forge
  • Settings


The main mode of Ultra Mario Galaxy 3. Explore your adventure once again. The player can pick how many players will play (1-4 players). The player selects a save slot to start his adventure. Once selected, the story will begin. After finishing the game, it will roll back to start screen.

Online Multiplayer

Challenge yourself to other people. There are four modes. It consists of level race, star catching (similar to Super Mario 64 DS's Multiplayer), coin rush and fire flower battle. In star catching mode, players need to hunt and grab stars while preventing the star spins and attacks by another players. Once the timer runs out, the player with the most stars win. The coin rush is very similar to NSMB2 except that this one is three-dimensional and has a time aswell. Maximum of 12 people can compete each mode.

Coin Rush

Find the coins scattered in a random-generated place! The player needs to collect coins as much as possible before the clock runs out. Unlike the Online Multiplayer's coin rush, this doesn't involve grabbing and its only for 1-player.


Play minigames to hone your skills! Starter minigames include Fire Flower Bonanza and Ice Flower Rush. Additional minigames can be acquired and unlocked by progressing the game's adventure mode.


The forge mode is a new mode, which allows people to build and publish levels in galaxy-style. The player can add blocks, bricks, enemies, objects, stars, coins, bosses and even more. The player can't publish his/her level without the star. Once the level built is finished, he can save it and upload it for the level race mode of online multiplayer. Other people can rate the player's built level.


On settings mode, the player can modify graphics, music, SFX, textures , quality and save files. The available selections are Audio, Display and Data.




These characters are playable from start.

Character Stats Special Info
Mario Artwork - Super Mario 3D World

Strength: 10/10

Speed: 4/10

Jump: 3/10

Special: 3/10


The ultra famous plumber is back and better than ever.

He is the strongest of all playable characters.

Luigi Artwork - Super Mario 3D World

Strength: 4/10

Speed: 8/10

Jump: 10/10

Special: 6/10

Poltergust 10000

Luigi is the younger brother of Mario. He always joins Mario's adventure.

He can jump the highest out of all playable characters.


Characters that need to be unlocked.

Character Stats Special Info
Mario Party - Island Tour Waluigi Artwork Waluigi

Strength: 6/10

Speed: 10/10

Jump: 5/10

Special: 8/10


The thin stached purple guy who is crazier than Wario.

He can run the fastest out of all characters.


Strength: 2/10

Speed: 6/10

Jump: 8/10

Special: 10/10


A goomba that is wearing a cap is a long time teamate to Mario.

His special attack is greater than others.


Strength: 7/10

Speed: 5/10

Jump: 4/10

Special: 5/10

Cannon Blast

Mario's long time partner since Super Mario RPG: LOTSS.

He is the most balanced character out of all characters.


These are the central characters.

Character Info
Luigi Artwork - Super Mario 3D World

Luigi is the younger brother of Mario. He always joins Mario's adventure.

He can jump the highest out of all playable characters.

Bowser SSB4
Bowser The main antagonist of the game. He has returned to his normal form when he touched the water in the desert.
Boom Boom 3d
Boom-Boom The fat shelled guy who appears as a boss.


Other non-player characters (NPCS) encountered in the game.

Character Info
Princess Peach Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Princess Peach The damsel in distress once again, she has in Mushroom Kingdom for many years.
Princess Daisy The princess of Sarasaland.
Rosalina Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Princess Rosalina Another damsel in distress and the comet observatory overseer. She has tumbled in her past.
Toadsworth Princess Peach's right hand toad.
Luma An apricot luma who grants Mario, Luigi, Waluigi, Goombario and Geno a star spin. Without him, they can still use star spin.
Lubba A large and fatty luma who wears a blue checkered shorts.
Toad captain
Captain Toad The leader of Toad Brigade that only appears if Mario chooses Option A.
103px-130px-Toad Artwork - Super Mario 3D Land
Toad The mushroom guy from Mushroom Kingdom.
Donkey Kong A large ape that lives in jungle world. He appears in the jungle galaxy.
MP7 Toadette
Toadette Toad's wife who is an expert pianist.
Mallow One of Mario's former partners.
Bob-omb Buddy Mario 2012
Bob-omb Buddy The pink-colored friendly bob-omb opens cannons for Mario and Luigi.
Koopa The Quick A koopa who races Mario in certain levels.


These characters can be ridden.

Birdo MP9

Yoshi and Birdo's Power-ups

Power-ups that can be obtained by Yoshi and Birdo around the galaxies.

Powerup Form Description
200px-SMG2 Dashpepper
Dash Yoshi/Birdo Allows Yoshi or Birdo to run very fast for limited time.
Blimp Yoshi/Birdo Allows Yoshi or Birdo to become extremly fat and fly for small amount of time.
Bulb Yoshi/Birdo Allows Yoshi or Birdo to light up things near him. The light can go smaller and smaller as the time continues.


Ultra Mario Galaxy 3 has six worlds to explore, each connected with other. Starship Mario can be used to travel along the galaxies. The comet observatory appears near Peach's Castle but not explorable. The first world is grassland-themed, the second world is desert-themed, the third world is water-themed, the fourth world is dark-themed, the fifth world is lava-themed, and the sixth world is mixed-themed. Worlds can be unlocked by completing the current world. Each star in each galaxy has a well-hidden star coin, which is shaped like a coin but with a star in the middle. There are 240 stars to be collected plus 60 stars that appear if the player collects 100 coins in that galaxy.

World 1

Toad Field Galaxy

Goomba Valley Galaxy

Gulley Galaxy

Misty Forest Galaxy

Plains Galaxy

Mastermind Galaxy

Hilly Galaxy

Wiggler Galaxy

Mountainous Galaxy

Skyland Galaxy

World 2

Cactus Galaxy

Fertile Galaxy

Rusty Galaxy

Canyon Galaxy

Clunky Galaxy

Dunes Galaxy

Sandy Galaxy

Dirty Galaxy

Dust Galaxy

Cotta Galaxy

World 3

Palm Galaxy

Sand Galaxy

Cheep-Cheep Galaxy

Mild Galaxy

Beach Galaxy

Shallow Galaxy

Sea Galaxy

Ocean Galaxy

Platoon Galaxy

Waterfall Galaxy

World 4

Dark Galaxy

Boo Galaxy

Haunted Galaxy

Ghoul Galaxy

Ghost Galaxy

Mysterious Galaxy

Mansion Galaxy

Booky Galaxy

Black Mountain Galaxy

Copper Galaxy

World 5

Cavern Galaxy

Fire Galaxy

Lava Field Galaxy

Volcano Field Galaxy

Blazing Galaxy

Mt. Vulcan Galaxy

Terrodactyl Galaxy

Rising Lava Galaxy

Meteor Galaxy

Armageddon Galaxy

World 6

Ice Cave Galaxy

Cold Pass Galaxy

Ice Mountain Galaxy

High-Tech Base Galaxy

Fallen Bridge Galaxy

The Town Galaxy

Urban Galaxy

Ambush Galaxy

City Galaxy

The Final Battle


Appearance Boss Description
Bowser SSB4
Bowser Mario's arch-enemy who always captures Princess Peach.
Boom Boom Bowser's right-hand man who likes spinning as his main attack.
Bouldergeist A rock-type boss whose hands are clunky and rocky.
Baby eyerok
Eyerok A boss who lives in the desert world inside the pyramid.
Unagi He is the father of all unagis. He lives in waterworld.
Fiery Dino Piranha A boss whose appearance is similar to Petey Piranha's but with the flowers on his head.
Giga Lakitu He is a guy who rides a big purple cloud.
Whomp KingNSMBAS
Whomp King A greedy big whomp who wears a crown.
Goomboss new
Goomboss The father of all goombas. He will keep on growing if he becomes enraged or angry.
Megahammer ml style wip
Megahammer A mecha robot boss who is arsenal of his equipment.
Goomboss KU
Orange Goomboss His appearance is similar to Goomboss except that he is colored orange.
Bully - Super Mario 3D World
Blue Bully A bully who is stronger than Big Bully but slower than him.
Chill Bully An ice-element boss who is interested knocking the heroes off.
Chain Chomplet A boss whose appearance is identical to Chain Chomp but bigger in size.
No image available Koopboss He is an aggressive koopa who uses his shell as his transport.


All enemies encountered in this game. Some enemies are common to find but some are rare:

New Enemies

  • Spyder
  • Venus Lightning Trap

Returning Enemies

Appearance Enemy Info
Goomba Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Goomba The goombas are physically weak, not as much threat to Mario.
Paragoomba NSMBU
Paragoomba Same as goombas, but with their wings.
Giant goomba
Mega Goomba Goombas whose size is about three times larger than normal goombas.
Grand Goomba Solo SMWU
Grand Goomba Goombas whose size is much larger than normal goombas, and about two times larger than mega goombas.
Spiny NSMB2
Spiny Spinies are enemies which can't be stomped by the heroes but can be killed by star spins.
Koopa Troopa The koopa troopas aren't aggressive and their shells can be stolen.
Piranha Plant These guys are interested in eating the heroes.
Boo Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour
Boo These are enemies whose Luigi is afraid to. They can turn transparent if a hero looks to them.
Big Boo Big Boos are bigger and brighter than normal boos.
Hammer Bro. These guys are interested at throwing hammers to heroes.
Fire Bro. Similare to Hammer Bros. but hurls fireballs instead of hammers.
Sledge Bro. Sledge Bros. are fat guys that almost looks like a sumo. They can stun heroes.
250px-Paratroopa New
Paratroopa Same as koopa troopas, but with the wings on their back.
MagiKoopa - Super Mario 3D World
Magikoopa Magikoopas are enemies which uses wands to combat the heroes.
Red Lakitu from Mario Kart 7 By Shy Guy Yellow
Lakitu Lakitus are cute koopas riding in the cloud.
Cheep-Cheep These fishes can swim, and blow bubbles.
Giant Wiggler11
Wiggler These guys are always rooming around.
DryBones SMB
Dry Bones An undead version of koopa troopas.
Stingby 3D art
Stingby Stingbies are bees who loves to sting heroes.
Venus firetrap new
Venus Fire Trap These are piranha plants who toss fireballs at heroes.
Unagi Unagis are enemies who live underwater, trying to bite heroes.
Bullet Bill These are enemies who came from banzai bill.
Fishbone Fishbones can patrol a hero if they saw them. Their eyes also turn red.
Cosmic Clone A resemblance of Mario which are colored dark purple with gold eyes.
Baddie Box SM3DL
Baddie Box This enemies toss goombas in sight of a hero.
Fuzzy They are small black-furred creatures.
Chain Chomp Chain Comps are chomps who are trapped with chain.
MP9 Chain Chomp Bust
Chomp Chomps are interested at jumping and biting the heroes.
Spike - Super Mario 3D World
Spike Spikes are enemies that toss spike balls.
Snifit YG99
Snifit Similar appearance to shy guys but their mask is colored black.
Scuttlebug These are enemies that live in the webs.
Tox Box Tox Boxes are huge metal and stone enemies that rolls somewhere.
438px-Bully SM3DWgrayeye
Bully Bullies, however do not harm heroes but pushes them instead.
438px-Bully SM3DWblueeye
Big Bully A bully whose size is about three times larger than a normal bully.
Biddybud Biddybuds resemble multicolored ladybugs. They don't patrol and chase Mario.
Para-Biddybud These are sub-species of biddybuds who have wings.
Blooper 3D Land
Blooper Bloopers are squid-like creatures that attack Mario in sight.
Poison Blooper Poison Bloopers are sub-species of bloopers.
MP9 Whomp Bust
Whomp Whomps are large stone-type enemies who smashes Mario in contact.
Thwomp Thwomps, unlike whomps, they go up and down with their spikes.
Shy Guy Shy Guys are timid trouble makers who wear white mask.
Pokey Pokeys are cactus enemies that is composed of three to five body segments.
SMBDIY Mummipokey
Mummipokey Mummipokeys are mummified pokeys with red spikes.
Waddlewing Waddlewings are orange flying squirrel-like creatures with beady eyes.


All items encountered in this game. Some of these items are common to find but some are rare. Some of these items are actually power-ups:

Appearance Item Info
200px-Question Block Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Question Blocks Question blocks are one of the many blocks found.
480px-1-Up Mushroom Artwork - Super Mario 3D World

1-Up Mushrooms

If a hero grabs this, then he gains a life.
Coin Artwork - Super Mario 3D World


Coins are the main currency of Mushroom Kingdom.

Power Stars

Power Stars are collectible items that can grant Mario access to more leves in-game.

Blimp Fruit

Blimp Fruits are a special type of fruit which can be eaten by Yoshi.
Star Bits Star Bits are the lumas' favorite food. They can be used to attack enemies.
Warp Pipe SM3DW
Warp Pipes Warp Pipes are the main mode of transportation in Mushroom Kingdom.
Star Coins Star Coins are large coins with a star in the middle.
RedCoin LTL
Red Coins Red Coins can be found in every galaxy. They are worth 2 coins when collected.
Fire Flowers Fire Flower allows Mario to transform into Fire Mario.
IceFlower LTL
Ice Flowers Ice Flower allows Mario to transform into Ice Mario.
Pea Flowers Pea Flower allows Mario to transform into Pea Mario.
Lightning Bolt - Mario Kart 7
Lightning Orbs Lightning Orb allows Mario to transform into Lightning Mario.
Bulb Berries Bulb Berries are a type of food eaten by Yoshi.
Bronze Stars Bronze Star can be found by finishing the level with the assist of Cosmic Spirit.
Spring Mushroom SMG
Spring Mushrooms Spring Mushroom allows Mario to transform into Spring Mario.
Brick Block Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Brick Blocks Brick Blocks are blocks made from brown bricks.
SMG2 Cloudflower
Cloud Flowers Cloud Flower allows Mario to transform into Cloud Mario.
Blue Coins Blue coins are uncommonly found in most galaxies. It is worth 5 coins if collected.
Mega Mushrooms Mega Mushroom allows Mario to transform into Mega Mario.
3D 3 purple
Purple Coins Purple coins are rarely found in most galaxies. It is worth 10 coins if collected.
P-Switch NSMB2
P-Switches These are items which are colored blue with a "P".
Bee Mushrooms Bee Mushroom allows Mario to transform into Bee Mario.
Rock Mushrooms Rock Mushroom allows Mario to transform into Rock Mario.
Pull Stars Pull Stars are used to travel into certain areas.
Life Mushrooms Fully restores Mario's health when grabbed.
Timers Timers can increase time by 30 seconds when touched (only in the time challenge).
Double Cherries Double Cherry allows Mario to transform into Double Mario.
Super Bells Super Bell allows Mario to transform into Cat Mario.
Checkpoint Flags Checkpoint Flags signifies a checkpoint in-game.
200px-SMG2 Dashpepper
Dash Peppers Dash Peppers are a type of food that can be eaten by Yoshi.
Propeller Mushrooms Propeller Mushroom allows Mario to transform into Propeller Mario.
Flower Grapples Flower Grapples are items that can be used by Yoshi's tongue.
Rainbow Stars Rainbow Star allows Mario to transform into Invincible Mario.
Flying Question Blocks Flying Question Blocks are question blocks with wings.


All power-ups are temporary except for Cloud Flower, Boo Mushroom and Rock Mushroom unless they finish a level or hurt by an enemy. Here is the list of powerups:

Powerup Form Description
Fire Flower
Fire Mario

Allows Mario to shoot fireballs and withstand ice.

Ice Flower
IceFlower LTL
Ice Mario

Allows Mario to shoot iceballs and withstand fire.

Lightning Orb
Lightning Bolt - Mario Kart 7
Lightning Mario
Allows Mario to stun enemies when it hits them.
Cloud Flower
SMG2 Cloudflower
Cloud Mario
Cloud Mario NSMBVR

Allows Mario to build up to 5 clouds. Get a Cloud Flower to refill clouds to 5.

Pea Flower
Pea Mario
Allows Mario to shoot peaballs that stuns enemies. Second hit while the enemy is stunned, the enemy will die.
Spring Mushroom
Spring Mushroom SMG
Spring Mario

Allows Mario to jump high and reach higher areas.

Bee Mushroom
Bee Mario
Full Bee Mario SMG

Allows Mario to fly for a short time. If he touches a water while on this form, he will revert back to his original form.

Boo Mushroom
Boo Mario
Allows Mario to do things that a boo has.
Rock Mushroom
Rock Mario

Allows Mario to roll and destroy enemies. It can also break red crystals while rolled.

Propeller Mushroom
Propeller Mario
293px-Propeller mario super
Allows Mario to hover for a short time and must fall to the ground to hover again.
Super Bell
Cat Mario
400px-CatMario - SuperMario3DWorld

Allows Mario to scratch enemies and cling up walls.

Mega Mushroom
Mega Mario
355px-MegaMario NSMB2
Allows Mario to become large and able to knock enemies and objects when hit.
Ultra Mushroom
Ultra Mario
355px-MegaMario NSMB2

Allows Mario to become gigantic and trigger coin time action. This can also be used to knock enemies.

Rainbow Star
Invincible Mario

Allows Mario to be invincible and has an ability to kill enemies on touch and break crystals except for red crystals.

Warrior Sword
Mushroom Sword
Warrior Mario
Allows Mario to slash enemies and protect him from one hit.

100% Completion

When the player gains 100% completion:

  • All enemies are now aggressive
  • 9 bar health (If the player collects Life Mushroom if 100% completion, then it does nothing but gains 30 coins instead.)
  • Special attack bar increases faster than ever
  • Special attacks from all playable heroes lasts 2x longer
  • 50 free starbits at every start of the level


All achievements that can be obtainible:

Back to the Adventure

How to get: Start playing Ultra Mario Galaxy 3.

Goomba Stomper

How to get: Defeat 100 goombas.

Galaxy Addict

How to get: Play for 1 hour.

Halfway There

How to get: Finish World 3.

I finally finished Bowser off

How to get: Defeat Bowser at the end.


How to get: Rescue Princess Peach.


How to get: Finish the game.

References to other games

References to later games

  • TBA


Names in other languages

Language Translation
Japanese ウルトラマリオギャラクシー3
Russian Ультра Mario Galaxy 3
Mandarin 超级马里奥银河3
Spanish Ultra Mario Galaxia 3
French Ultra Mario Galaxie 3
Italian Ultro Mario Galassia 3
Esperanto Ultra Mario Galaksio 3



  • Various Fantendo users for some images in this videogame.