Ultra Mario Galaxy is a video game trilogy developed by Adricorp and published by Fantendo. It is the reboot of Super Mario Galaxy series.

Ultra Mario Galaxy Trilogy
Official boxart of Ultra Mario Galaxy
Developer(s) Adricorp
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii, Wii Delta
Release Date(s)
March 14, 2011 (Ultra Mario Galaxy)

December 2, 2012 (2)

March 24, 2014 (3)

Single Player, Multiplayer, Online (3 only)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Adventure Platformer
Media Included Optical disc, bluray disc


Ultra Mario Galaxy 2 3
Release Date

March 14, 2011

USA & International: December 1, 2012

UK: December 2, 2012

AU: December 3, 2012

JP: December 12, 2012

USA & International: March 24, 2014

UK: March 25, 2014

AU: March 28, 2014

JP: March 30, 2014

Platform Wii Wii U Wii U
Achievements None None Yes
GameRankings Score 96.97% 84.65% 93.74%
Metascore 97/100 84/100 93/100
IGN Rating 9.5/10 8.5/10 9.8/10


Ultra Mario Galaxy

Main Article: Ultra Mario Galaxy

The first and original game in the series exclusive to Wii console. The story shows that the Mario Bros. and princess were having a birthday party in their castle. It is Peach's birthday but suddenly a huge plane arrives at the front of the castle and try to look for Peach. Suddenly when Peach went downstairs, the main door of Peach's Castle was destroyed and kidnapped her. The bros. shout. He is ferocious Dry Bowser, the main antagonist of the game. After that, Dry Bowser holding Peach returned to Bowser's Castle. Mario and his bro. Luigi must embark around the galaxies to defeat Dry Bowser and to find Peach. Starting their adventure, Mario and Luigi is looking for all stars in each universe to grant access to Dry Bowser's fiery spaceship. During their adventure, they are helped by Luma and Lubba. After the adventure, the bros. finally went to Dry Bowser's fiery spaceship searching Peach. After they found her, Dry Bowser lands near Mario and fight him. When Luigi is about to attack Dry Bowser, he punches Luigi. Mario shouted: "Luigi!!!, are you hurt? later Luigi asked: "I'm fine and i'm ok.". After beating Dry Bowser, the damsel was rescued and later went back into castle with some lumas resting in. Dry Bowser is seen warped into black hole. No one sures whether he survives or not.

Ultra Mario Galaxy 2

Main Aritcle: Ultra Mario Galaxy 2

The second part of the franchise tells that after the events of bros. defeating Dry Bowser who kidnapped Peach, they are now in peace during the vacation inside the Coconut Mall. Suddenly, a small part of roof fell in escalator and injures a toad. After that, a giant spider fell from the roof and escapes the mall then went to Mushroom Kingdom to steal power stars from it. The stars including the giant one was stolen to new galaxies altrough the bros. and Peach have'nt discovered it yet. After the power stars was stolen, the Mushroom Kingdom became dark and sunless and many people in Mushroom Kingdom were threatened. Mario, Luigi, Peach, Luma and Lubba returned to kingdom and adventured again to recover the power stars to make Mushroom Kingdom bright and shine again. Many toads and lumas were scared and became afraid. Starting their second adventure, they have to find power stars and revenge the giant spider named Gargante who stole their power stars. After entering the Gargante's Giant Cave, they were finding a way to beat the giant Gargante. During their battle, they use a shotgun to kill him. After defeating Gargante, a giant star appeared and Mario touched it. After that, they escaped the cave and drove the Starship Mario back to Mushroom Cave. Mario used the giant star to giant star statue. After the action, the Mushroom Kingdom is now safe, bright and in peace. Toads and lumas became very happy again and praised Mario and Luigi as hero with Waluigi hiding around the trees. Peach, Luma and Lubba thanked Mario and Luigi. It was revealed that Gargante was created by Dry Bowser

Ultra Mario Galaxy 3

Main Article: Ultra Mario Galaxy 3

Ultra Mario Galaxy 3 is the third and final installment of the series. Being an exclusive in the Wii Delta console, this game has robust and superb graphics. On flashback, it follows the death of Gargante, they now again rest on their own kingdom. Having their happy life during celebrating Mario's birthday on Peach's home. The comet observatory is on peace as well. Later in the story, it was revealed that Dry Bowser had survived during the events on the first game. Dry Bowser woke up on the lost desert world. He found a water and touched it. After he touched the water, he returns to his original form as a magic. Later, he teleported to a giant spaceship using the teleporter around the desert world. Suddenly, 2 giant spaceships arrived near the edge of land into water and releases Bowser and 60 troops of soldiers to attack Peach's kingdom. The soldiers were looking for the princess. They destroyed the gate to Peach's castle and captured Peach. Mario killed 50 soldiers but 10 successfully went back to spaceship with Peach held captive. Many toads outraged again and become furious. Later, a giant spaceship landed on comet observatory and look for the obserbatory overseer. Later the comet overseer was captured by Bowser aswell. The third adventure starts again. Mario and Luigi should really kill Bowser for their permanently freedom. After collecting 300 stars, chaos spread through Big City Galaxy. The epic battle starts between toad soldiers and Koopa soldiers with their guns. Some of them are on their own fighter jet. Mario and Luigi seek to kill Bowser. The bros. quickly rushed and called Captain Toad using the phone in tower in order to get help. After the toads came, they had a sword to fight Bowser. Bowser, later fell on the city roads after losing fuel in the spaceship, which crashed on the tall building. The building is about to fall. Mario later reveals that Bowser is holding Peach and Roselina. Bowser throws the two princesses to the car, mortally wounding them on the road. Mario fights Bowser until he dies. He should dodge the flames that Bowser breathe in order to prevent taking damage. After the fight, Bowser had a knife and stabbed Roselina on her heart. Luma said "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!". Mario picked the knife on the car and stabbed Bowser's head, instantly permanently killing him. She died and Luma cried.


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