This article is about the main character of the Ultra Mario series. For information about the user Ultramariologan, see User:Ultramariologan. For the aforementioned series, see Ultra Mario (series).
Ultra Mario
Ultra Mario, as he appears in Mario & Nintendo All-Stars Racing 2.
Full Name Ultra Mario
Location Unknown
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Everything

Ultra Mario is the main protagonist of the Ultra Mario series and the legendary mascot of UML Inc. Ultra Mario is a plumber, but in most games, he uses his legendary jump and combat abilities to defend the inhabitants of the usually peaceful Ultra World from power-hungry villains such as Ultra Bowser. During most of his adventures, he often teams up with his younger brother Ultra Luigi and their partner Ultra Yoshi and sometimes even Ultra Toads for extra support, as they are the only two characters he fully trusts to help him. When not adventuring, he takes vacations.

Ultra Mario was created out of necessity by Ultramariologan after UML Inc. lost the license to create a fan fiction based on the Sonic the Hedgehog universe.


His Debut as a Racer

He debuted in Mario & Nintendo All-Stars Racing 2 as an unlockable driver. He can be unlocked by clearing 5 missions, playing for 1 hour in total or playing 5 Worldwide matches in Nintendo Wi-Fi.

Many Differences with Mario

Mario Ultra Mario
Favorite color is Red Favorite color is Blue
Italian voice Normal voice