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Ultra DK
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Developer(s) Fantendo
Publisher(s) WiiSmarts Inc.
Platform(s) Wii
Release Date(s)
July 18 2008 (NA)
July 21 2008 (Japan)
July 28 2008 (Europe and Austrilia).
Single Player.
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer
Media Included Wii Disc

Ultra DK (fully known as Ultra Donkey Kong) is a 2008 game for the Wii, similiar in gameplay to the Donkey Kong Country games. It was revealed in 2007 and was rated E10.


Donkey Kong is napping at his house when Funky Kong wakes him up claiming that 4 kongs are kidnapped! DK then jumps out the door (lands painfully on the ground after the 25 ft. drop) and goes off to save his friends. On the way there Wrinkly Kong stops him, gives him a toutoral and starts going off again, before being stopped my Cranky. Cranky explanes that he saw three Kritters run away with the kongs, and saw one go to the jungle. He also says that Lanky Kong went out for a walk, and never came back. DK sets out to save his friends.

After rescuing Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, and Kiddy Kong, Donkey Kong and his friends are captured by the Manky Kongs, who have made Lany Kong their king. Lanky Kong helps the others escape and they meet Shady Kong who wants to kill Diddy for stealing Dixie from him. He and his brother Blood Kong challange the kongs to go into their lair. After defeating Shady Kong, King K. Rool appears to fight the Kongs. The kongs defeat him and they all go back home.


  • Donkey Kong - The Main hero is playable from the start.
  • Diddy Kong - DK's nephew is playable after being unlocked in Story Mode.
  • Dixie Kong - Diddy Kong's girlfriend is unlockable in story mode.
  • Kiddy Kong - A unlockable Story Mode character.
  • Lanky Kong - At first a villain in story mode, Lanky later becomes playable.
  • Cranky Kong - Cranky Kong gives advice to the kongs.
  • Wrinkly Kong - Appears in the begining to give a toutoral. She doesn't appear again.
  • Funky Kong - Funky Gun runs Funky's Flights.
  • Candy Kong - Candy briefly appears in the begining and ending cutscenes.
  • Swanky Kong - Runs a quiz stand.
  • The Manky Kongs - Kidnaps Lanky Kong and hails him as their king,
  • King K. Rool - The final boss.
  • Blood Kong - A Boss.
  • Shady Kong - A major villian.



Due to the violent nature of Shady Kong toward Diddy Kong, mild language, and several other things, the game is rated E-10.