Ultra-V in War of the Monsters 2: Cereboulon's Revenge
Current Age Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Gender None
Current Status Alive
Class Robot
Main Weapon(s) Missiles
First Appearance War of Monsters
Latest Appearance War of the Monsters 2: Cereboulon's Revenge
Ulta-V is a japanese war-robot who first appears in the War of the Monsters.

Video Game Apparances

War of the Monsters 2: Cereboulon's Revenge

A Japanese giant robot, Ultra-V was created by the Japanese government using the fuel from a saucer to power it, however it quickly went out of control and escaped. Ultra-V's special attack is an extremely long range grapple, launching his hand at an enemy and pulling them straight to him; the ensnared opponent is briefly stunned, allowing for follow-up attacks.


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