Ultimate Koopa Racing is the new game made by NextGen Games, inc. and is the second installment in the Ultimate Koopa series. You can race over Wo-Wi with up to 8 racers, or locally with 4. The characters, unlike Ultimate Koopa Battles, are all original. There is a choice of one or two characters per kart.


Bowser got very bored. Most of his soldiers were gone, there was nothing to do at the castle and didn't have any plans yet. Then he decided to make koopas from all over the world race and compete against each other for the prize to be his new minion. Thus the Ultimate Koopa Racing was born. Meanwhile Dyno and Amy Koopa were just arriving home when they checked their mailbox. There was a bunch of junk mail until they found a letter from Bowser. "Do you think you have what it takes to be my new minion? Then enter Ultimate Koopa Racing along with other challengers and win and then it shall be.


Bowser, your host and king."

Dyno was up to the challenge. But Amy protested that he shouldn't go. He convinced her that he had racing in his soul and was meant for this kind of exictement and danger. So she hesitated but said yes. She decided to join to help Dyno at times. So there they went along with other challengers and waited, as the big door began to open slowly, to race and hopefully win.


Dyno the Heated Koopa


Dyno The Heated Koopa:

He's a burning Koopa, rarin' for some racing action!

Amy Koopa

Amy Koopa


This girl is ready to be chosen as your racer!

Krest Koopa

Krest Koopa

Krest Koopa:

He's got his star crest on, ready to show it off in a race!


Jay Koopa

Jay: This shy little Beach Koopa is brave enough to enter the Grand Prix!


Dusty Koopa

Dusty: All dusted up and ready to go, Dusty is ready to mess up the track!
Bakky the Star Koopa

Bakky Koopa

Bakky the Star Koopa: She's Foreign, has a cool mask, and is ready to tear up the track!

Chuck Koopa

Chuck Koopa:

He's a star football player, ready to tackle the competition!


L33T Koopa

L33T: Don't upset this racer, or he will PWN!
Stone Eye the Koopa

Stone Eyes

Stone Eyes: Don't let the eyes fool you, this rock-hard koopa will stop at nothing to win.

Ian Koopa


This Hammer Bro brought his special hammer to help him win!




This muscular fighter is hoping to crush all that stands in his way!




This blue Koopa knows how to race, but does he have the drive to win? (yes pun intended)

Mystery Koopa

Mystery Koopa

Mystery Koopa:

A weird Negative Koopa, he hopes that his fancy colors entice you to choose him!

Musk Koopa

Musk Koopa

Musk Koopa:

A Negative Koopa and relative of Mystery, he wants to become better than his cousin. He hopes that you help him with that, too!

Kelly Koopa

Kelly Koopa

Kelly Koopa:

The sister of Amy Koopa, she hopes that you pick her for a race!


All regular Mario Kart items, and these:

Boulder Shield


Monster Truck Wheels

Special Items

  • Dyno: Fireball Frenzy
  • Amy: Neon Missle
  • Krest: Toothpaste Blaster
  • Jay: Brave Aura Blast
  • Dusty: Mudslide Maker
  • Bakky: Super Star Shower
  • Chuck: Football Blaster
  • L33T: Pwning Charge
  • Stone Eyes: Boulder Blaster

(more to come)


Each racer has 4 vehicles to choose from. A Go-Kart, A bike, a plane and a boat

  • Dyno:
  • Kart: Hot-Rod
  • Bike: Solar Rider
  • Plane: Firefly
  • Boat: Sun Craft

  • Amy:
  • Kart: Neon Chariot
  • Bike: Blue Heat
  • Plane: Feminine Fighter
  • Boat: Puffer Fish

  • Krest:
  • Kart: Dental Truck
  • Bike: Shiny Wheelie
  • Plane: Smile
  • Boat: Rinser

  • Jay
  • Kart: Beach Buggy
  • Bike: Sandhill Bike
  • Plane: Parasol
  • Boat: Tropical Tugger

(more to come)


(in order of unlocking)

Goomba Cup

Koopa Raceway

Mega Mountain

Lake Ludwig

Paratroopa Cup

Fly Fly Road

Cloud Street

Roy's Race

Lakitu Cup

Spiny Slopes

Lakithunder Valley

Larry's Lightning Hill

Koopaling Cup

Iggy's Icicle Cave

Morton's Mountain

Lemmy's Lava Pool

Lake Ludwig II

Wendy's Windy Tornado

Roy's Race II

Larry's Lightning Hill II

Mirror Cup (Unlockable)

All courses seen above, but mirrored.

All-4 Cup (Unlockable)

All the courses seen above (regular and mirrored).

Bowser Cup (Unlockable)

Bowser Jr.'s Airship Fleet

Bowser's Castle

Shadow Cup (Unlockable)

Void of The Koopas

Bowser's Galaxy Generator

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