Ultimate Koopa Platformer is part of the Ultimate Koopa Series (Battles, Racing, Agency, and this game). This is a platforming game, and many new artworks are scheduled to appear. The story is basically the same as most platformers (girl is kidnapped, hero rescues her), and the game is to be released in Fall 2010. As of July 20, 2011, the game has been taken over by Lemmykoopa24 (tbc).

Ultimate Koopa Platformer
Ultimate Koopa Platformer Boxart
Developer(s) NextGen Games, inc.

Koopa Kastle Productions

Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii
Release Date(s)
NA: November 26, 2010

JP: November 28, 2010

EU: November 30, 2010

AUS: December 2, 2010

Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Genre(s) Platformer
Media Included Wii Optical Disc


"At last, I've finally done it!" Bowser roars to his subjects. 4 tiles on Bowser's stage disappear, and the cage holding Kelsey Koopa rises through the hole. "Gwahahaha!" Bowser laughs, and then the whole room of enemies begins to laugh along. Meanwhile, at Koopa City, Neo sits on his chair in his house and begins to wonder why Kelsey hasn't called him in a while. Just then, Haiku bursts through the door and says "Neo! I just got word from the Royal Guard that Kelsey is kidnapped! She's being held in the Topmost Cell, the most dangerous of all!" And so Neo and Haiku rush outside, and see that Bowser's Castle is flying towards Magmalava Volcano, where they plan to lure Neo into their trap, using Kelsey as bait. However, Neo does not know this. As they're running after the ship, they realize they'll need more then a mere two people to win this fight!

Upon entering Bowser Plains and completing the first level, the duo meets up with Spiritail, an exiled Ghost Koopa enemy. Spiritail offers to help our heroes by using "Tail Signs", which are regular signboards but the post is actually a ghostly tail.

Upon destroying the Parabot Troopa, Neo and Haiku meet up with Shocky, a Koopa with electric powers. Shocky says that he is lost and would appreciate it if he could join Neo and Haiku through the desert. They both agree and allow Shocky into their party. The player can now switch between Haiku and Shocky as Neo's partner, or if you have 3 people, the player can give each a controller and all 3 characters will be on-screen.

Upon beating Mummy Jr., Shocky hears a high-pitched scream in the distance. He tells Haiku and Neo that it is Pyrokey, a burning and raging Pokey that terrorizes the desert. The group continues to walk on towards Pyrokey, however.

When Pyrokey is defeated, Shocky decides to tag along through the rest of the quest. The now trio of heroes reaches the Shadow Forest, where they hear a ghostly howl. Neo decides to venture inside. Shocky and Haiku tag along, although Shocky is a little reluctant at first.

When the gang finishes Level 3-5, Spritail stops them. He tells them that a great evil is up ahead, and to proceed with extreme caution!

When the heroes defeat Shadow Neo, all of them are exhausted and insist on a break. However, thunder flashes and, although Shocky is the least bit scared, they all decide to proceed on ahead to avoid the falling trees. Haiku then looks up and replies sarcastically, "Of course there would be a huge mountain for us to cross next!"

Upon entering Level 4-1, a sign is shown. It says "Caution - Moose Up Ahead." When you complete 4-1, Moose, although a bit afraid of warm temperatures, joins your team.

When King Cooligan is defeated, the heroes look down from the peak of the mountain and see a beautiful island in the warm sun. Everybody, even Moose, gets excited! "We're goin' on a vacation!", Haiku screams in excitement. But, when the all look more closely, they see a familiar shadow walking across the beach. "Not him again." Neo says in disappointment.

More Story Coming Soon.


World 1: Bowser Plains

  • 1-1: Bad Start
  • 1-2: Crossing the Field
  • 1-3: Koopa Kross
  • 1-Tower BOSS: Bowser Jr.
  • 1-4: Para-Koopa Skies
  • 1-5: Nearing the Desert
  • 1-Castle BOSS: Parabot-Troopa

World 2: Windsand Desert

  • 2-1 Quicksand River
  • 2-2 Sand in the Wind
  • 2-3 Venus Fire Traps
  • 2-Tower BOSS: Mummy Jr.
  • 2-4: Pokey Pass
  • 2-5: Nearing the Forest
  • 2-Castle BOSS: Pyrokey

World 3: Shadow Forest

  • 3-1: Branches and Brambles
  • 3-2: Lake in the Leaves
  • 3-3: Lilypad Stream
  • 3-Tower BOSS: Shadow Jr.
  • 3-4: Terror in the Treetops
  • 3-5: Shadows on the Treefloor
  • 3-Castle BOSS: Neo

World 4: Ice Cold Mountain

  • 4-1: Moose Are Grazing
  • 4-2: Flurries in the Breeze
  • 4-3: Climbing the Icy Rocks
  • 4-Tower BOSS: Snowy Jr.
  • 4-4: Blizzard Conditions
  • 4-5: Sharp Ice Shards
  • 4-Castle BOSS: King Cooligan

World 5: Tropical Terror

  • 5-1: Palm Trees Overseas
  • 5-2: Footsteps in the Sand
  • 5-3: Harbor in a Hurricane
  • 5-Tower BOSS: Shark Jr.
  • 5-4: Shadow Waters
  • 5-5: Deep and Dark
  • 5-Castle BOSS: Shadow Neo

World 6: Canyons of Corruption

  • 6-1: Dusty Base
  • 6-2: Sketching a Skootch
  • 6-3: Crossing a Chasm
  • 6-Tower BOSS: Fire Jr.
  • 6-4: Nightfall on the Canyon
  • 6-5: Crossing Another Chasm
  • 6-Castle BOSS: General Rockoopa

More Coming Soon

Playable Characters

  • Neo Koopa
  • Haiku
  • Ludwig Guy
  • Shocky
  • Moose
  • Sunny Yellowkoop
  • Skootch
  • Koopandroid
  • Warrior Koopa



The gameplay is like that of New Super Mario Bros. Wii. You move through sidescrolling levels, defeating enemies by any means necessary. When there is more than 1 person playing, two characters can cooperate to access otherwise unreachable areas. Player 1 must always be Lemmykoopa24, but players 2, 3and 4 can pick any of the other playable characters.

Character Abilities

Neo Koopa

Can shoot bouncy balls from his wand.


Can stick to walls by gripping them and can throw kunai.

Ludwig Guy

Can flutter kick and shoot magic bolts.


Can run very fast, and strike enemies with lightning.


Can ram through the sturdiest blocks.

Sunny Yellowkoop

Can conduct water into different platforms that stay around for a limited time.


Pressing A will make Skootch enter draw mode. Here, he can draw platforms, shields, and other useful stuff.


World 1

Bowser Jr.

Parabot Koopa

World 2

Mummy Jr.


World 3

Shadow Jr.

Shadow LK24

More Coming Soon.