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JPN: September 12th, 2011

NA, EUR, AUS: September 24th, 2011

(see article for multiplayer modes)

Training Mode

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Genre(s) Multiplayer FPS
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Ultimate Koopa Battles 2, Kyūkyoku no kuppa wa 2 batoruzu (究極のクッパは、2バトルズ) in Japan, is the first game made by NextGen Solo for a third-party fan system, the Hybrid Δ. The game is the sequel to the second game made by the now-defunct NextGen Games, inc., Ultimate Koopa Battles. UKB2 is very different than its predecessor, being a multiplayer and class-based FPS rather than a defense FPS.


There is no story for the multiplayer aspect of the game, but here are the stories for each team in the training mode:

Training: Koopa Kingdom

Capturing Princess Peach isn't doing a darn thing in capturing the lands of the Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser has ordered that all his troops prepare for an organized invasion! Loyal Koopa, prepare for the attack! This shall be the Ultimate Battle!

Training: Toad Troopers

The evil Bowser wants to capture the lands of the Mushroom Kingdom with war! He has gathered his Koopa Troops at the territory line, prepared for invasion! Pick a side, loyal Toad warrior, and prepare for the Ultimate Battle!


The gameplay of Ultimate Koopa Battles 2 is heavily based off of Team Fortress 2. The game centers around 10 classes of warrior, and the different weapons and strategies associated with those classes, used to complete the objective of the battle. Being an FPS, the action is based primarily on gunfire, unless you are playing as the Melee class, in which it turns into a first-person slasher.


Class (Koopa) Class (Toad) Description
Quick-Shot Koopa Quick-Shot Toad

Quick-Shot: This class specializes in speed and quick kills. The Quick-Shot is not good at standing against powerful, slow classes like the Armgun or Tanker. Rather, its defense against those types of classes is simply running away.

Rocket Koopa Rocket Toad Rocket: Made for taking down Builder machines and, when in large numbers, Tankers, the Rocket is a sturdy soldier type. Its main weapon is a rocket launcher. The Rocket is not ideal for taking down Quick-Shots or other fast, getaway type classes because of the launcher's rather slow reload time.
Armgun Koopa Heavy Toad Armgun: This class is ideal for defense of an Army Post or the taking down of a rush of enemy infantry. It's gun is a machine/minigun-type that is worn, Megaman-style. The other hand feeds the bullets into the armgun. Because of its slow speed, the Armgun is not good for attacking a turret or Tanker.
Jet Koopa Jet Toad Jet: When you think you're safe, you're not! The Jet swoops down from its hiding place in the sky! Ideal for ambush from above, the Jet is equipped with a high-tech jetpack. The Jet's only real weaknesses are running out of fuel (for time without it, is basically a slow Quick-Shot.) and other Jets; no other class really has a weapon that is specialized to hit the Jet class.
Secret Koopa SecretToad Secret: Shh, do you hear that? Right behind you! The Secret is a master of espionage, using its special cloak to turn invisible for a short time, creeping up on its enemies and then...stabs them, unseen! To attack Builder machines, the Secret has but one detonator bomb, forcing the player to strategize. Beware of Jets as a Secret, because they often will see you go invisible from the air.
Melee Koopa Melee Toad Melee: Don't get near one of these! The Melee class is designed for close-range combat, and because of this, has a large amount of health and defense to withstand even a close clash with an Armgun! This is yet another infantry-only class; melee weapons only make dents in machines.
Tank Koopa Tank Toad

Tanker: The strongest and slowest class of the game, the Tanker is designed for clearing out areas of intense battle, then stay put until the Builders finish building a Tank Transport for quick movement across the map to the next intense battle. Tankers have one weakness: a Flareman's burner to the wheels.

NOTE: The Tanker limit in any game is 2 tankers per team.

Flareman Koopa Burner Toad Flareman: Master of the dangerous Burner, this class is like the Melee class (designed for close range), but is powered by deadly fire! Ambushes are the Flareman's specialty; a quick flash of fire, then a getaway leaves the enemy left in flames. Flaremen are not good on Armguns or Rockets, since both can stay back and deal damage.
Builder Koopa BuilderToad Builder: The king of making stuff, the Builder class is the main choice for maintaining defense. Builders are a very unique class; they are not very good at shooting or melee, rather they can build special machines that can attack enemies or transport friendly units.

Multiplayer Game Modes

Mode Description
Army Post icon

Army Post (Koopa): Go forth and capture the Toad's Posts!

Army Post (Toad): Defend your posts against the Koopas!

Flag Capture icon

Flag Capture (Koopa & Toad): Capture the other team's flags (up to 10) and bring them back to your base to win!

NOTE: Tankers are not allowed in this mode.

All-Out Battle icon All-Out Battle (Koopa & Toad): Kill the members of the other team! An endless or timed game, you choose!


These are the 6 maps that come with the game. DLC plans were in effect, but were cut to focus on other projects.

Map Strategy

Fort 'Shroom

This map is the Mushroom Kingdom Army Post map. It is ideal for beginner players to play on and develop their skills for later maps.


Floodwater Town

This map is the Mushroom Kingdom Flag Capture map. It is split into two areas: the residential housing and the Koopa Airship Landing.


Mountain Heights

This map is the Mushroom Kingdom All-Out Battle map. A rugged mountainscape, it is a very interesting arena to fight in.


Lava Flows

This map is the Bowser's Land Army Post map. It centers around posts based on different islands in the Fire Lake and one at the top of the Magma Waterfall.


Bowser's Castle

This map is the Bowser's Land Flag Capture map. Flags for both sides are placed all around the castle, making it harder since neither the Toads nor the Koopas have designated sides of the map here.


The Wasteland

This map is the Bowser's Land All-Out Battle map. The scorched earth of the Koopa Flatlands provides a no-gimmicks battlefield to fight to the death on.

Retro Pack

UKB2 Retrologo

The Retro Pack version of Ultimate Koopa Battles 2 includes both the game, the first Ultimate Koopa Battles, and the option to play an additional UKB2 game mode called "Hero Match." By default (without selecting the option to port the 9 Koopalings from the first game over), Bowser and Bowser Jr. are your hero choices for the Koopas, and Mario and Luigi for the Toads.

Mode Description
Hero Match

Hero Match: Fight as your favorite Koopa and Toad heroes, and use their special abilities to your advantage!

Hero Description
NsmbMario Mario: The hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario is a formidable jumper and runner, much like the Quick-Shot class. However, he can shoot fireballs that resemble the Rocket's ammo on fire.
NSMBWii Luigi Luigi: The right-hand man and brother of Mario, Luigi can jump almost as high as the Jet's initial takeoff, but cannot run as fast as Mario. Luigi's green fireballs are different from Mario; instead of conflicting a Burn condition, the inflict a Poisoned condition.
BowserJr.SMG Bowser Jr.: The prince of the Koopa Kingdom, Bowser Jr. can breathe fire in a bursting, rapid-fire kind of way, making him similar to the Heavy class, except faster and with unlimited ammo.
Bowser NSMBW Bowser: The evil King of the Koopas, Bowser can breathe fire for a limited period of time in a constant stream. Once his firepower meter runs out, though, he is reduced to a slow Melee class, using his superior arm strength (Bowser's arms!) to hit foes hard.


  • This is the first sequel in the Ultimate Koopa series.
  • This is the first multiplayer-based game by a NextGen company since the first Battles.

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