Ultimate Koopa Battles (UKB) is the first-ever Mario-themed army game ever! It is also the first entry in the Ultimate Koopa series. You pick a commander, then pick 9 soldiers as your infantry (Kaisers, Marshals, Imperials, and Majors). You work for General Bowser and take over Mushroom Kingdom areas for Bowser's Kingdom. There are 20 areas to batttle in. Also, challenge your friends with local, living room 4 player battles, or engage in a 16-player Wo-Wi battle!

UKB Boxart
Publisher: Fantendo
Developer: NextGen Games, inc.
Release: Feb. 25, 2010
Rating: Teen


The Story is important, but the highlight of an army game is multiplayer. That's why we're explaining that first. With Wo-Wi, you can use one commander against up to 16 others (all the characters are commanders in multiplayer), or be it a team battle with up to 4 players per team with up to 4 teams. Local gives a greater social experience as 4 friends can battle it up in the living room with split-screen action! You can also hook up the included USB Wii Headset or the unincluded Wii Speak to communicate with your online buddies.


The 8 Koopalings, aboard the Grand Airship, get word that more and more Toad Troopers are invading Bowser's Kingdom, and soon half the land will be Mario's. Angry, Larry instructs the other 7 to get into their army getups and be ready to fight the Mushroom Kingdom Army. The airship lands, and the Koopalings move out. Larry then learns that others have their eye on Bowser's land, and that THEY will fight for it, too! So Larry jumps on the airship and flies to Bowser, to inform him on this news.....

Battle Areas

These are areas that you will fight at in the story or multiplayer. 15 areas can be found in the story, while the other 5 are multiplayer exclusive. And other super-secret unlockable levels can be found as well.

Story Areas

1. Peach's Castle

2. Mushroom Valley

3. X-Naut Moon Base

4. The X-Nautilus

5. Shroob Valley

6. Castle Shroob

7. Bleck's Void

8. Castle Bleck

9. Yoshi Mountain

10. Yoshi Plains

11. Super Star Sea

12. Star Road

13. Nimbus Hills

14. Birdo's Field

15. Smithy's Factory

16. Smithy's Dungeon

17. The Grand Airship/Bowser Land

Exclusive Multiplayer Areas

1. Lemmykoopa24's Airship

2. Micool26's Prison

3. Dk64rules' Desert

4. YoshiEgg's Land

5. SonicWiki's Battlefield

Unlockable Areas


1. Bob-Omb Battlefield

2. Bowser's Castle

3. Eight Bit's Void

Enemy Armies

Mushroom Kingdom

Secret Society of X-Nauts

Shroob Empire

Count Bleck Army

Yoshi Island

Star World

Nimbus Land

Smithy Gang


Lemmy A

Lemmy Koopa

Morton A

Morton Koopa Jr.

Roy A

Roy Koopa

Ludwig A

Ludwig Von Koopa

Iggy A

Iggy Koopa

LK24 A

Neo Koopa

Larry A

Larry Koopa

Wendy A

Wendy O. Koopa

(More to Come)

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