Ultimate Koopa Agency: Adventures of Tom Koopa (formerly known as just Ultimate Koopa Agency) is a game made by NextGen Games, inc. and is the third installment in the Ultimate Koopa series. This game revolves around three 12-year old Koopa's who get hired by the KAC (Koopas Against Crime) to stop Bowser and his plan for global domination.


Alex, Harry, and Tom were 3 ordinary Koopas that were 8 years old. They loved to act out spy missions in their hometown, Sunset Acres. Then one day, Bowser stopped funding the area, causing the taxes to significally rise. happened. The Mayor of Sunset Acres gave up the town because it was in an everlasting depression. No one could pay their taxes. The three split, and lived in different towns for 4 years. Then Tom joined the Koopas Against Crime to stop Bowser and his global domination plans, and to take revenge on him for causing the death of his hometown. After months of preperation, Tom was made an honorary member of the KAC, and called his childhood buddies to join his team of agents. Thus their true journey began....


Tom Koopa: Loyal Team Leader and Gadget Specialist.

Harry Koopa: Stealth Master and Thievery Expert

Alex Koopa: Computer Whiz and Master Hacker

Assassin Shell: Leader of Bowser's Elites

Dr. Drybone: Leader of the Koopas Against Crime


Sunset Acres

Agent HQ

New Shell City


Fire Flower Fields

Bowser's Doomship Armada


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