Ultimate Forum Collection
Developer(s) Zodiac Productions
Publisher(s) FantendoByArend
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
May 2013
Age Rating(s)
ESRB: E for Everyone
Genre(s) Minigame Collection
Ultimate Forum Collection is a minigame collection of forum games that CancerTurtle (tbc) played on the MSPA Forums and Chocolate Pi Game Design Forums. It is available on the 3DS E-Store. More games will be uploaded as they are created, and will be able to be downloaded through updates.


Mookland has you control 10 separate Mooks using the stylus to collect different powerups and complete missions. Occasionally Mooks must be killed in order to complete a puzzle and progress (e.g. falling into a pit so other mooks can get across.) It can be played online or through wireless connection with each player controlling two mooks.


CYOGTCG is a card game played using cards created by users. The game comes with several cards, but cards may also be created by users, and traded between players through wireless connection. If a card uses mechanics not yet implemented withing the game, players may send their card to Zodiac Productions to be implemented in the next update. (Rules will be uploaded later.)


Dreamscape is a game where you play as a lesser god, trying to prove himself to the greater gods. You must explore an uninhabitted world and built from the ground up. It can be played in co-op with friends through wireless.


Mafia is a classic text based game where your are assigned a role in the town, mafia or a 3rd party. As the town, you must find the mafia and get rid of them. As the mafia, you must kill of enough mmbers of the town to outnumber them. 3rd parties all have their own conditions for winning. It is played online or through wireless with other people. Different role names can be set, and custom images may be assigned to them, with several packs of these coming with the game.


A variation of CYOGTCG, CYOGDice is a game similar to YuGiOh's Dungeon Dice, with dice being created by players along with several coming with the game. As with CYOGTCG, if a dice uses mechanics not yet implemented, it can be sent to Zodiac Productions to be implemented in the next update.

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