These are the enemies in Ultimate Fighters. They appear in either Story Mode or Rumble Mode.


Image Name Description
Pigmask clay Pigmask These are the baddies from Mother 3. The chase after you and sometimes shoot you with a ray gun. Other than that they're your standard enemy.
Ness SSB3M Evil Ness Clone These Evil Ness Clones are clones of Ness made by the imfamous Head3000. Even though they are clones of Ness they aren't capable of use PSI abilities. They try to strike you with their baseball bats instead.
Generic Oil Oil Oils are like galactic zombies. In the dimension of the Cobabalictic Dimension there's certain planets that have been infected by evil and turned the people into mindless beasts known as Oils. They don't feast on flesh or brains though, they feast on light.
MotobugSG Motobug One of Eggman/Robotnik's robots Motobug is like the Goomba from Super Mario Bros. All they do is charge at you. Yet there's a giant variant of the Motobug so you'll have more of a challenge with the bigger version.
Giant goomba Goomba Like the Motobug the Goomba just charges. You can kill them easily by jumping on them though. They are the true idiots of the Mushroom Kingdom.
100px-KoopaTroopa MP9 Koopa In Ultimate Fighters, Koopas can hide in their shells, which make them invincible from attacks. However, they are extremely timid and sometimes run away from the fighter being played as.
Octorok Octorok Octoroks are octopi-like creatures from the Zelda series, who well, shoot rocks.

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