Ultimate Fantendo Character! is a fan-fic by many users. The idea was brought up by Steli Entertainment, but with some credit to Coke Dimensions as it was a reality show similar to the Total Pokemon Action as it is a reality show! It was made before Fandemonium. It features Fantendo character battling to be the best and most well known fantendo character by competing in gaming-related events, e.g Tetris. It is set in a jungle area.




Around The Camp(s)

Base Camp

This is the camp. All the camp-mates enter to begin with it. It has essentials to survive in a eerie jungle. The only luxury is probably No Woe Waterfall.

The Lair

The Lair is a wooden-hut surrounded by animals. It is a room to confess secrets or what has happened in the day. It has a four-seat wooden bench, propped up with cushions.

No Woe Waterfall

This is a relaxing no woe (Hence The Name) waterfall, which provides water for the group. It is near the Prove It Area.

Prove It Area

This is where the trails are done, to eventually prove they are the 'Ultimate Fantendo Character'. It is mainly used to win food for the camp.

Maul Mall

Maul Mall Is where more minor trails are completed to win, extra food, warmth immunity from the performing a trail at the Prove It Area. You win Character Currency, where the camp-mates can buy something, if their face is on the a Character Currency note. It isn't exactly a mall as it only has one shop.

Immunity Isle

You have to swim or sail to get here, as you compete in obstacle courses to get immunity from the public votes.

Craze Camp

This is for the losing camp in Prove It Trail on Day Seven they will stay here for a week a further six days. Strange and unexpected things happen here, it is 5 miles from Base Camp. On Day Six, 5 contestants will be voted by the public to go into, Craze Camp where they will fight with the normal camp to earn there freedom the last one to escape would leave the show!!!

Chapter 1: Who Are The Campmates?

"One Night Of luxury left for our campmates," Xero Chuckled. "But just who are the campmates?" Retro questioned.

"Roll The Titles!" They Shouted.




"How's It Going?"

"Good! Why Thank you." "No Not you Retro, the viewers!"

"Oh" Retro covered his face so he could hide his embarrassment.

"So we have eight campmates who will skydive in to camp tommorow, but for now let's meet some of Fantendo Finest!" Xero announced.

"A Classic Character!" Retro Proudly announced.

"It's our mascot, the blue beorn, Unten!" Xero again hid his face with embarrassment as the crew cheered.

"Next up he is a Ultimate Moose!" Retro Read.

"But will he be the Ultimate Fantendo Character?" Xero Screamed.

"It's Henry The Moose!" They Exlaimed.

"Next Up, Is the jungle good for, 3.14?!" The two laughed.

"Is he fearless? Well We'll See, it's Nightwolf" Retro Thought.

"Now, Will he be a Master Of Maul Mall? It's the shop keeper, YoshiEgg Nook!"

"Hey That's a good one Retro!

"Now Will He Ace The Upcoming Tetris Trial? Xero."

"It's Pesh."

"What is that noise? Hmmm, Silence." Xero ordered.

"MCBOO! Did We Scare Ya'?"

"The 8th Contestent is Palmman."

"Xero it's DragonMan." Said Retro as Xero was humiliated again.

"That's all for now!" Xero clapped.

"Meet your finalists!" Retro Said.

Chapter 2: Sky Live

"It's Day Two and the campmates are just settling in."

"How did they skydive?"

"It's The Ultimate Fantendo Character!"


"Ok, so yesterday the campmates all skydived in, DragonMan, YoshiEgg Nook, Pesh and Nightwolf all introduced themselves to each other on a helicopter when in a few minuets they were about to jump off?"

"Hi, I'm-" "Oh wait your PalmMan, sorry DragonMan, I'm Pesh. Nice to meet Ya'!" "Well I am the Heavy-weight Fantendo Rumble champion, the best neighbour AND BEST SHOPKEEPER IN THE WHOLE OF FANTENDO!" YoshiEgg Nook Exlaimed proudly". "Really! Woah I'm now your biggest fan Pesh Pesh!" Pesh announced, "Well that just leaves-" Pesh did not know who this wolf was.

Nightwolf was very shy becasue of the daylight.

Everybody looked at Nightwolf even the driver a Shy Guy.

"Well, ok I was raised by my Parents Blackwolf and Furywolf, but one day, they went hunting and never came back, so then I trained myself." Nightwolf explained.

A drop of white crystal liquid beamed from DragonMan's eye.


Nightwolf scowled at Pesh and then jumped out the helicopter. He mumbled to himsef, I don't need a a parachute. Pesh was laughing at DragonMan, not a Nightwolf.

A beeping noise went faster and faster and then they fell out, half-a second before it crashed. The Shy Guy then led the three into camp.

"Ooh, Nightwolf's got a little temper on him!" Xero boasted. "Meanwhile McBoo had to walk to the Prove It Area to compete in the first trail. The Lair had it's first guest today and the other three Unten, Henry The Moose and 3.14 to skydive," Retro Said.

"Wow this place, this place is. Where were staying? Oh Anyway I'll survive." Nightwolf hesitated. "When Will The Others be coming?" YoshiEgg Nook stormed in not realising Nightwolf.

"This is whre I'm Staying, has this been inspected, look Cob- Ohai Nightwolf, Pesh and DragonMan are sorry in anyway Pesh was laughing at Palm-DragonMan Cry-Cry-C-C-C-C-Crying" YoshiEgg Stutterd.

Unten then leaped out of a plane and Ejected his parachute which ended him sitting on a log.

"Where is every body?" Unten spoke to himself. He peeked into the lair and YoshiEgg Nook, DragonMan and Pesh were running around the unlit campfire after Nightwolf scared them with his growls, scowls and howls.

3.14 Squealed a high-pitched noise as he fell In the No Woe Waterfall. Followed by Henry The Moose. "I Can't Swim! I Can't Swim!"

"Yes You Can," Henry The Moose encouraged 3.14 even though in was only a few inches deep.

"Ooh is that a duck!" 3.14's eyes sparkled.

"No I'm A Moose, Henry The Moose and I'm stuck with him!!!"

Henry climbed through a window to a wooden cabin, he pranced out through the nearest door as Nightwolf stared at Henry.

"I'm Henry The Moose, See You Later." He dashed.

"Hey It's PalmMan! " Unten and Henry exlaimed.

"DragonMan!" 'PalmMan' said with a sarcastic rage. "Now PalmMan going to light that unlit fire"

All The Campmates introduced themselves to each other. Apart from Nightwolf.

Chapter 3: Welcome To The Jungle, We Got Dance Dance Revolution Games

"Ah McBoo!" Retro Said! "Welcome to the Jungle we got, We Got Dance Dance Revolution Games. That's The Name Of The Trail," Xero Said. "The Aim Of The Game is to dance to the beat On The Dance mat, you may press it with your hands. But, Some suprises may come like spiders". Retro Warned.

"I'm so scared and sarcastic," said McBoo.

"Wait there will be more and you have to recive 20% or more to get 1 meal and 1 bed/hammock, 100% is for 8 stars and 8 beds/hammocks". Retro Took A Deep Breath, "For every move you get wrong 2000 mealworms will be added. So Good Luck, you can stop the trail by saying, Am I A Ultimate Fantendo Character and we will get you out of there as quick as we can, and your time is of three and a half-min- ouch Xero, oh right a mosquito ruuuuuuuun Xero! Just start the trail!" The two ran around Maul Mall.

McBoo Grinned as the theme of his mansion started to play he tapped up, two Flyguy's come with 2000 meal worms all over McBoo.

"Itttt'sssss to heavy!" As he missed a easy left.

"Aaaaah that was a good prankI think he's too light for this," Whispered Xero.

"90 seconds left," Retro reminded McBoo.

McBoo had just missed a double move. "Ok so 4000 add 4000 is 8004 you now have 8004 mealworms weighing you down," Xero explained.

"Why Four? Oh and 60 seconds and 3 double moves wrong which equals 24,000 and another 2000 please!" Retro cunningly said.

"Meanie Retro!"

"Xero, we just do what it says in the script!"

"Do we?"

Retro hid his face in shame as Xero said, "45 Seconds c'mon left, right, left, down, left, right left, left, down! Yesss! 30 seconds now!" Xero encoaurged

Ugh McBoo fell with 15 seconds to go which was helpful because the only moves left were down. A shower of spider confetti came dashing down! "Am I A Ultimate Fantendo Character?" McBoo surrended.

"Quick c'mon, make in snappy! McBoo, I can tell you you had 9 seconds left, now let's see your score." Xero felt sorry for him.

"79 so well round that to 80 so you have got 6 beds/hammocks. Well done McBoo!" The Two Said.

McBoo didn't say a word he just flew back to camp. "Ok Bai," The two waved McBoo off.

Chapter 4: Where Have I Seen You Before?!

"YOSHIEGG!"McBoo screamed the two shook hands as McBoo introduced himself to the camp and told them the news.

Pesh's reaction was to go into The Lair and tell the news. "So McBoo was last to come into camp today after he did the trail, he had 26,004 Mealworms on him and spider confetti, genius Idea. He got us 6 beds/hammocks, but what about food?"

Just as he left the lair Nightwolf came with a scroll, he threw it at DragonMan and said, "Read it PalmMan," in a very low-pitched voice.

DragonMan was to scared to argue and just read, "Fantendoees, Nightwolf and DragonMan have been sele-c-ted to do the first Maul Mall trail. Please make your way there as soon as possible with plenty of water and a smile with a chance to win meals plus a treat."

Nightwolf grabbed his bottle of water and ordered DragonMan to burn the scroll or use it for something. He placed it by 3.14 which was soon to be ripped.

"Ok I've got my water bottle so off we go Nightwolf!"

"Indeed my fellow Palm."

"Give me a part of that scroll 3.14!"

"Who's 3.14, when did 3.14 get here, I'm The Ultimate Duck!"

"Hurry ultimate Duck Please!"

"With a cherry on top."

"With a cherry on top."

"With Icing that makes a yummy cake."

"Hey Ultimate Duck Did you know that people eat ducks and where have I seen you before, oh as my lunch!" Nightwolf threatened.

He dropped all of the scroll and Nightwolf picked it up and gave it to DragonMan and they walked off to the Maul Mall.

Chapter 5: Punch Drought

Onece the two got there they saw a envelope which Nightwolf teared like meat, and said, "Fantendoees, punch the holes and get the key worth 3 character currency!"

Nightwolf said as he punched the first hole, a red runny substance fell onto DragonMan. DragonMan placed his fist into the second hole a milky liquid squirted right into DragonMan's face. Nightwolf reached with his palm in a larger hole. "You know Nightie they are supposed to be punched?"

"Don't call me Nightie and I know!"

"Ok Wolf, Nightwolf."

"I Like Wolf!"


After they punched there way to be covered in all-sorts of liquids, a key lowered from a tree and hovered in front of the chest which lead up a tree, Nightwolf confidently climbed a tree catching the key. He made it look like a person picking up money from the floor. "Ok let's take the key to The Lair I guess and earn 1 character currency!"

"I guess so." Said Retro back at the presenting studio.

"Retro it's still your lines!"

"No it's your's Xero." Retro corrected.

"Is this in the script, oh yeah A New Campmate will be appearing next time so stay tuned!"

Chapter 6: Smile!

"Who's New?"

"Not me or you!"

"Here's a clue,

"He wears no shoes,"


"Smile and roll the titles too."


"So then as we promised our new campmate is-"

"Xero wait, I knew I should of read that line. Did you guess who it is yet?"

"Well we were not gonna' HIM get in camp easily."

"It's time to take off your happy face!"

"It's Smile." The duo stage whispered.

"We Need To Get New Script Writers, eh Retro? That was well cheesey". Xero whispered as Smile drifted past the two and then across the bridge to camp.

"Aahhh"! 3.14 was hiding behind Ella Metals, Purple Guy and Sinless Devil. He looked ahead and there was Smile. 3.14 then ran straight to The Lair.

"So Smile welcome to Camp, I'm Ella Metals!"

Purple Guy and Sinless Devil introduced themselves with a card held up.

"So Smile, you think you're gonna' get away into camp easily."

"Yeah it said on the contract!"

"Ooh tough luck cos' you're gonna' swim into camp, through a small hole and you have to find 9 stars one meal for each campmate follow us to the Prove It Area and we will show you how to get to No Woe Waterfall and the the camp". Ella Explained.

Ella led Smile to a place where Xero and Retro were waiting and there was a panel of 3 seats. The three Judges sat there with Ella in the middle and Sinless Devil to her right and Purple Guy to her left. There was a picture of a Cheep-Cheep on a sign pointing to the hole, it explained it all.

The presenters counted them down, "3...2...1...GO!"


He eventually stopped as Smile entered the hole.

"Wow! I'm not scared. " Smile slid down a Rocky area with fast-flowing water doing the swimming for him as he splashed.

It was pitch black he streched his arms out as he found a hole. "Eek, crawly things not scared! Not scared!" He repeated.

"There spiders." Laughed Retro.

"You come do it Retro!" Smile screamed.

"I'm Good." Retro replied.

Xero then fell into the hole Smile heard a splash which made him quickly move on. "I can't find it!"

Retro swam down the hole to get him. He gave the timer to Ella. Ella stood up took a deep breath and said. "2 mins and 23 seconds left."

As Smile swam on it got lighter and he found the second hole. Xero and Retro swam past Smile quickly as he did not notice them coming past all what was Smile was focused on was finding the star in a tub of eels. Found it! There was no answer. Little did Smile know it, but he passed two holes, which was two stars. The flow slowed down and he found a star drifting across the water. He then found a hole in on the side of the river as it got brighter, frogs were in there as Smile searched for it all the frogs leaped out and Smile held all the 3 stars proudly. As it led to another tunnel Smile drifted past he found another 3 stars in that tunnel easily although when he came out of the tunnel he was covered in beach worms and other stuff. Smile then shouted where is another? Ella said the time left, "58 seconds to go!"

Smile saw it and swam after it. "9 Seconds!"

He got it with 6 seconds to go. He then saw Xero and Retro waiting at No Woe Waterfall. He got six stars. "3 seconds"!

Ella walked down a pathway with the fellow judges.

Then Smile found another!

"2...1...Stop the clock!" The presenters announced.

Ella counted the seven stars.

Smile said, "I got seven!"

Retro said that "3.14 will not mind as he is more scared of you, I heard him scream before! Nightwolf won't mind not eating. So well done. Just follow the signs and your in camp!"

"Thanks Guys!" Smile said.

"What a cool task!" Ella announced after Smile had gone.

Sinless Devil and Purple Guy both held up signs saying 10! "Interesting..." Xero and Retro said.

Chapter 7: McPhew

As Smile entered the camp 3.14 was in the lair hiding in a corner. He entered and McBoo had a sigh of relief that they were similar. They all introduced them selves apart from 3.14 and Nightwolf. Then 3.14 came out screamed and threw a note and Pesh caught it and he was slightly on fire and so was the note. Pesh passed the note to YoshiEgg Nook, "I can't sell this, oh it says Nightwolf, 3.14 and Smile (crossed out) and Pesh go to No Woe Waterfall to meet Xero and Retro at the Mau-." Some of the note was burnt. "Well That Helps." Nightwolf sulked!

Nightwolf then got the note thrown at him and ran to No Woe Waterfall their was a sign leading to the Maul Mall. Pesh ran to the lair then 3.14 was scared so he broke through the window, saw Smile then ran to no woe waterfall. Pesh followed. Then they

Pesh climbed through the window in the Lair and then he sprinted to No Woe Waterfall. Smile followed, but he walked there.

A Paratroopa then told the rest of the camp what they had to do.

"-It will commence At The Maul Mall. If they win this trail they will win 3 beds and 2 Character Currency Each!. "

"Yes"! McBoo still felt guilty from only winning 6 beds.

"Maul Mall? Not as good as my shop I hope." Said YoshiEgg Nook.

"Welcome guys to the second Maul Mall mini-task called... well. I'll tell you what to do one of you gets-"

Xero carried on "One of you gets dressed as Pac-Man!" Xero clapped.

3.14 was listening as he saw two shyguy guards scaring him. Pesh came up with a excuse "My sword will ruin your costume." Even though the show took it off him. Nightwolf's was "I will look Like a fool!"

"Ok Nightwolf, Pesh you have to tell where 3.14 will be going as he cannot see through this maze? You will be up high my as you bungee jump my friends!" Retro Explained.

"You have five minutes and your time starts... now!"

"I can't see him oh right now I can, 3.14 go forwards, right, forwards leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeft!" Screamed Pesh as he was catapulted down headfirst he dropped his sword in panic it appeared right in front of 3.14. Without 3.14 noticing.

The presenters and Nightwolf howled with laughter as Pesh thought what to do next.

"Hang on! Shut up Retro I'm getting a call"

"So am I."

"Hi guys, it's me the bungee guy, a producer told me we can't go on with a sword right in front of 3.14. Give them one Pesh and One 3.14 character currency a bed or two. "

Before they could say the title of the show Pesh shouted, "Forward!"

3.14 leaped over the sword! "Right, Forward, Backwards, Forwards, Left, Forward." Pesh was managing to speedily say all the directions.

With Two seconds to go, with their jaws wide open, Xero and Retro said, "Stopppppp"!

Later back on the ground the presenters explained the reasons and the benifits. Pesh wanted to argue, but he didn't as he took the gifts back to camp.

Chapter 8: Campmates Dancing By A Open Fire!

Unten, Smile and McBoo were dancing by a open fire happy that they will sleep on a bed. Until, the bungee duo broke the news. "I will sleep on the floor!" McBoo didn't hesitate to answer as he lost 3 beds the first time.

Nightwolf stomped into the very short walk to The Lair. "Hey guess what peoples We have immature campmates!" He then left.

"Why were you dancing?" Pesh asked.

"Not my idea!" Said Henry The Moose and YoshiEgg Nook!

"Because we could sleep on a bed tonight!" Unten said!

"Oh." Pesh said.

3.14 then returned in his pac-man suit and sprinted around the fire, the others laughed.

"Ah, classic eh, retro?"

"Yeh, nice joke Xero, the next trail will have stars hidden in rotten, mankey food and they have to find the food two people can do this trail so get voting on the numbers on your screen below!"


"That's all we have time for! I'm Retro, thank you and goodnight!"

"It's been a good day and no, no Pac-Man's were hurt during the making of this show!" Retro sighed.

Chapter 9: Mama's Food Frenzy

"Welcome, were Xero and Retro asking to roll the titles".

"Welcome folks now it's good watching some famous - characters humiliating themselves in front on the viewers and us!" Retro prepared for a more lines. "So watching them trying to find 9 stars in mouldy food will Entertain all! Enjoy!"

A Scroll Fell on 3.14's head waking him up and everyone else apart from Henry the Moose, who was lighting the fire. "AAAAAAHHHHHHHH"! 3.14 screamed. All of the camp woke up!

"Uh, I could help myself to some duck right now." Nightwolf said as everybody woke up slowly and sat by the fire.

3.14 showed no sign of being scared. "It's all of that rice and beans. Good enough to sell, sweet sweet rice and beans..." YoshiEgg Nook was proud of his statement.

"Good Point." Henry said.

"Thank You".

Pesh grabbed the scroll. 'Contestants playing Mama's Food Frenzy are as follows: Well you decide you can choose two.'

All campmates quickly agreed with, "3.14"!

"I say Henry." Smile said.

"What are you really gonna' listen to the guy that's been here the shortest. I'm a moose!

"Yeah, we are"! McBoo confirmed.

So it was settled. As they went to the 'Prove It' area not a word was spoken between the two. When they got there Retro explained the task. "Welcome to the Prove Store, this task is called Mama's Food Frenzy. Now, this will happen 3 times Cooking Mama will say the five food items you will then look in all the foods to find a star there are two in each lot."

"Is their Duck Dishes?" 3.14 then stopped listening for a while.

"Maybe, we'll see." Xero said.

Retro then carried on, "3 times not finding all the stars and your out, now one of you will sit in the trolley-" 3.14 happily hopped in before Henry could say anything. "You have 3 minutes, but the clock stops when you have found both stars. If you get 10/10 you will all have beds to sleep on tonight and a treat plus a p-p-pizza partay! "

Xero shouted, "ARE YOU READY?"

"No, what do I do?!"

"Unload Food into the trolley to find the star as you push him around."

"This sounds fun, can we eat it?!"

"That would be no now let's listen for the first dish. The task has started."

"1 Pizza, Cheese, Pineapple, Peppers, Tomato and fresh tuna."

"Go!" Retro declared.

"PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRTAAY! I'm a racecar, hey that is the same spelt backwards. " 3.14 shouted as he sat in the trolley.

"Hey, Xero, wanna' replace him with 4.13?".

"I think no he might do all the trails this little race car High Five demon Kirby thing!"

"Yay! Your amnesia is getting better."

"Cheese, let's frantically load in in no star, pineapple no star, tomato no star, tuna star! Peppers nope!" Little did Henry know there was a star in the Fresh Tuna.

Without looking at him or 3.14 he sprinted back and a star fell of his hat. "Great, Guys-Henry, look you got two stars" Retro said.

"Perfect Just as skilled as Mama". Xero and Retro both said and so did the speaker as it announced the next 5 foods.

"Tofu, Beans, Dog Food, Rabbit Food and Cat Food!" The speaker announced.

Henry loaded all the food in! Henry wanted to punch 3.14 out of the trolley since he wasn't helping to find the stars. In a layer of the pet foods he found all of the stars! "Yes!" Henry announced.

Xero encouraged them "C'mon now lets listen for Mama's final order in Round 3"!

"Baked Beans, Orange Juice, Bread, Sprouts and Fish or just the Fish Eyes"! Mama ordered!




Henry emptied the already opened 39 Baked Beans tins at once, because the tins were stuck to the cardboard!

3.13 found a star in the baked beans. "OOH A-A-A-A-A-" 3.14 Stutterd!

"SPIT IT OUT ROAST DUCK!" Henry then finds the star and a star in the sprouts as 3.14 takes a nap. Which Henry dosen;t notice and he wakes him up with orange juice!

"AAAAAAAAH ACID! MY EYES OOH A STAR!" 3.14 had made sure that everyone would sleep on a matteress with a sleeping bad tonight which the show producers call a bed! Plus a meal!

"Congrats, you all know what you have won?" Retro said.


"Well you will find out 3.14 in 20 minutes"!

"Indeed Xero, you have won, they declared"!

Chapter 10: Making a Meal Out Of It

"So did you win"? McBoo asked?

"Yes and we scared 3.14"

"Hurray!" Nightwould sarcastically cheered! Followed by the rest of the group.

3.14 came running down the hill 17 minutes later with food in a basket and ran through the fire!

"Where did you get that from? Did you just run through fire?" Asked Pesh.

"Oh I went into The Lair! On a parachute!!!"

"This show is getting wierder and wiereder I wanna' get out of here soon!" Pesh had a blank expression on his face he then smiled and put his knight suit head back on!

3.14 opened the basket,

"Gimme that basket!" A scroll went a couple of centemeters away from the fire, it read 3.14 will cook Australian meat pie with tomato sauce! Nightwolf declared that 3.14 would be cooking!


"You only ate the Ketchup"! Nightwolf said, but 3.14 didn't hear!



"So let's start dinner"! Pesh said!

Chapter 11: Does this deserve a question mark or a exclamation mark?!

"Day 5 is coming to a end, but little did the camp know that two more hopefuls will be joining them!" Retro Said.

"Hopefulls? They got paid Over 9000 to appear-"!

"I think we will cut to a break shall, we? Before Xero here gets fired!"

(1, long minute later)

"We are back, now tomorrow you will watch a live trail with Two new campmates know as Question Mark and Exclamation Mark. This one is called 'The Super Smash Bugs Brawl' vote at your nearest station or on *insert two phone numbers here*. That's all for Today and VOTE AWAY!

Chapter 12: Dashed Clyde