Ultimate End Part 3
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Epic, Adventure
Chapter(s) Unknown

Chapter 1


Narrator: A long time ago a noble echidna warrior named Hiro fought and quite rightly defeated a rogue droid named Lyx, this resulted in a meeting which never should have taken place, the meeting between an alien named Theta, a Demon named Ashura and a cyborg named Visor, they kidnapped Hiro's friends but were eventually out-matched by a skilled mage named KP and a Yoshi named Clyde, this also resulted in the meeting between Lyx and another rogue droid name Phere, causing them to bring back a Knight named Lore through time, he was eventually defeated by Lyx himself after Lore betrayed and killed Phere, the most recent events of these cataclysms are Lyx having gone mad and killing a young prophet named Sauron, with whom was romanticly linked with Hiro, with this great loss Hiro lost the will to live and returned to Sauron's home, where he found his last hope, a wrist device which he will use to go back in time to restore balance to his universe...

Chapter 2

Enter the Crucible


Crucible: Your fatalities will never be forgotten, now get out of here you demon! Crucible, the creator of this universe banishes his brother, Nexus in another dimension, never to be seen again, Nexus: It's not fair! I warned all of you that this will happen! Yet you blame me? Fine! Banish me! An eternity alone is far better than another eternity with all of you! With those last words, Nexus was taken away.

Crucible: There must be another way...


Hiro has teleported 3 hours into the past to save his lost love, aswell as find answers to Tara's whereabouts, Hiro: This has got to go perfectly! No paradoxes! No interacting with a younger me! Thank Crucible Lore left this behind. ???: I think I'll be taking that! Suddenly a mysterious glowing being stole the device. Hiro: No! I need that! ???: No, you want this, which is just why I'm crushing your selfish ambition! Hiro: Who are you? ???: I am your salvation.

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