Ultimate End Part 2
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Genre(s) Epic, Adventure
Chapter(s) 12

Chapter 1


In the land of Hyrule sits a castle, though it resides in the sky, there lives Hiro, the King, 5 years ago he stopped a nearing end of the world when two Shadow Androids named Lyx and Phere stole 7 precious stones which transformed them into a power hungry monster, at that time Hiro had many allies to help him, Gaia, a red hedgehog who studies magic, Tara, a black hedgehog who can access the power of chaos and Aura, a green fox who wields the power of the underworld, even with all of his allies and his defeat of Lyx and Phere, they parted ways, until...

Chapter 2

An Icy Antagonist

Until they each received a psychic message into their heads, for when Lyx and Phere escaped their own doing defeat they accidently released Frost, an old enemy of hiro, frozen solid in the ice caverns of Antarctica, alive again, but all is not lost, though Frost, Lyx and Phere now work to destroy Hiro, they are still out-numbered, for now...

Chapter 3

Frost's Revelation

Since Frost's warning about the coming of the frozen empire, he has been getting vision, during his sleeping and waking hours randomly, they tell of the world igniting into flame, the population in chains, a mysterious green hedgehog, all with one figure rising from the smoke, a purple android, resembling Gaia.

Chapter 4

Doomsday Clock

Hiro and his comrades reunited with the news of Frost having visions of the final judgement, strangely Tara was also having nightmares of a purple hedgehog, she thinks that it is Gaia, Hiro entrusts Tara's psychic ability to a point that he would also have visions too, 3 days later he finally appeared, he concealed his identity, but revealed his plan, he tells of the green hedgehog is the vital part, and the other three are just pawns, Visor: "Do not fear me, for I bring good news, well, good for me, Hiro: "What is it?!", Visor: "Me and my allies bring peace, for twelve days, for after that time is anarchy.

Chapter 5

Alienate Me

Meanwhile on the planet Alpha Centauri, Visor has sent a message to outer space from earth, receiving it is an alien/hedgehog who also resembles Gaia, its name was "Theta", Theta had been contacted many times by Visor, and finaly it was time for the two to meet, the green hedgehog was also contacted by Visor, and still is.

Chapter 6

Close Encounters

With Theta landing near the ruins of Angel Island, Visor and a green hedgehog met Theta near the Master Emeralds former resting place, ???: "My name is Ashura, and we need your help", Visor: "Good to see you again old friend", "Ready for the final days of Earth?", Theta: I've waited 4000 years for this", "Who is this Ashura then?", "Some call me the demon, some call me the ultimate end, I am here to help with this miserable planet's demise...

Chapter 7

KP's Shadow

Meanwhile Hiro has left his allies to find Frost while he meets a mysterious hedgehog mage much like Gaia, Hiro: "KP! Where are you? Ashura: "He's not coming", Ashura suddenly lundges at Hiro in his demon form, then he suddenly freezes in place, Hiro: "What?!", KP: "Just a bit of magic for you", Hiro: "KP, good to see you, why did you freeze Ashura?", KP: "C'mon! I'm as cool as ice!", KP just appeared out of the shadows and suprised Hiro, KP: "So, why have we arranged this little meeting?", Hiro: "Well, as you may know, Angel Island was destroyed by two Shadow Androids, and now their back for more.", KP: "No, I did not know.", Hiro: "Why?", KP: "Well for one, I was partying in Bermuda.", Hiro: "Really?", KP: "Yeah and practicing my magic, lets just go meet those friends of yours.".

Chapter 8

Words of Wisdom

After the many awkward moments of KP and Hiro's freinds meeting, there became a very great shock, Lyx and Phere teleport straight behind Tara and Gaia and take them away, Aura: What do we do now?! Hiro: We go see another old friend of mine, KP, Hiro and Aura travel through the snow drenched mountains of the Ice Cap Zone, KP: What's that hut over there?! Hiro: That's where we're going! Aura: Who's this friend of yours?! Hiro: Her name is Sauron! We met a few months ago! Way before I met Lyx! KP: How can she help us?! Hiro: You'll see! Hiro and co. make their way through the ice cavern and reach the hut, Hiro: You guys stay here. KP: What? We came all this way! Hiro: Shh! She musn't be disturbed by strangers, so wait here.

Hiro: Sauron? Sauron: Hiro? What are you doing here? Hiro and Sauron greet each other with a kiss, KP: Ha, I knew it! Aura: Knew what? KP: That there. Hiro: I came to see you again, also because the world is in danger once more, Sauron: I suppose you want me to show you the outome? Hiro: No, I have been having these dreams, we all have, of a strange machine taking the form of one of my friends, this machine then spoke, it spoke that the end has come, it then takes one of my friends, and kills them, although I don't know who it is, can you? Sauron: Ofcourse, now, just concentrate on that dream.

Sauron then sees the same vision, Sauron: I can't bear to watch any more! Hiro: What happened?! Sauron then senses KP and Aura outside, come in young mage, you to spirit, KP: Foiled again! Sauron: At the very moment you saw in your dreams, the demon appears, you are all destined to die...

Chapter 9

Meet the Phuemaet's

The year is 6174, and Lord Argos has died his son, Sir Lore has prepared a special coffin composed of copper ,the very source of his former armour, for unknown reasons Sir Lore suddenly dissapears.

Meanwhile in the empty void of space, Lyx and Phere have combined thier powers over time and space to bring a dark knight bak from the past, Lyx: How long does this take? Phere: As long as he's not using magic, he'll be fine, Sir Lore then appears out of the time vortex which suddenly ceases to be.

With a swift sword, he points it at Lyx's neck, Sir Lore: State your name knave, Lyx: Hmm! I am Lyx, Me and my friend, Phere have summoned you from your time to help us, Lyx then raises his hand up glowing with orange light, then Sir Lore glows too then rises up into the air, Sir Lore: Witchcraft! Lyx: Oh, and you can't? Sir Lore: How do you know me? Lyx: all will be explained later, for now I want you to destroy her for me, Lyx shows a book with Sauron in it, Sir Lore: Who is she? Phere: Her name is Sauron, she is a prophet, and she is close to the heroes, you must hurry, Sir Lore then dissapears in a cloud purple/blue mist.

Chapter 10

Final Days

While Sir Lore is on hot pursuit for Sauron, Visor and Theta decide to pay Hiro a visit, unfortunately Sir Lore is already there.

Hiro: So, how is your brother? Sauron: I'd rather not say, Hiro: The name thing? Sauron: Yes, I can't risk his life for a conversation, Hiro: What would you risk then? KP: Psst, Aura! Aura: What? KP: Are you as sick of this as I am? Aura: We have to get out of here, KP and Aura sneak out only to walk back in, from Visor and Theta appearing, Sauron then glances over at them, Sauron: Hey! You can't be in here! Hiro: Oh...dear god, that's the one from my dream, but the other, no idea, Sauron: Theta! Theta's an alien from Alpha Centauri, I could sense a sonic wave near the atmosphere, Sir Lore then appears from more blue mist, Sir Lore: I guess that's my queue, stand down echidna! Hiro: Who are you? Sir Lore: I am Sir Lore, son of Lord Argos, knight of the Mobian Kingdom, KP then freezes Lore where he stands, Hiro: Do you have to keep doing that? Visor and Theta then take hold of KP and Aura and dissapear, Hiro: No! Aura! KP! Sauron, where are they, can you tell from here? Sauron: Yes, they are close, Sauron takes Hiro's hand, Sauron: Ready? Sauron & Hiro: Chaos CONTROL!!!

Chapter 11


Sir Lore, still frozen, in Sauron's ice cavern frees himself with chaos blast, he is free and cheated, he goes back to Lyx and Phere for revenge, Sir Lore: You knew! You knew the mage would do that! Lyx: What can I say? Phere: You weren't worthy enough to serve us, Sir Lore's eyes glow red with vengeance, he strikes Phere down with his sword "Despereaux" Lyx then checks Phere's heart stone, it pulses before blacking out, Lyx: You will suffer a fate, WORSE THAN DEATH! Lyx then teleports Lore and himself into space again, he raises his hand once again against him, only crushing his armour, and then lundges towards him and chokes him to death with his bear hands, then throws him back down to earth, his eyes then glow orange and he teleports to where Visor is.

Chapter 12

Ultimate End

Visor and Theta hold Gaia, Aura and KP hostage, KP easily esapes by freezing the guards and fights his way out, while Hiro and Sauron appear from nowhere along with Tara and old friend of Hiro's.

Hiro: Sauron, elude the guards and free Aura, Clyde, take down the guards and free Gaia, Hiro then goes after Visor and punches him out, but gets shot down by Theta, Sauron fires kinetic bolts at Lyx and takes Aura away, Sauron: With enough power, I could restore you, Sauron then uses all of her power to bring Aura back to life, Aura: Thank you Sauron, let's get Gaia! KP then teleports to free Hiro and tears Theta's arm cannon off, it then regrows, Theta: Not today heroes, for this fight is your last! Visor: Clyde! Kill him! Clyde then takes Gaia away and then flames him, Tara is seen running towards Clyde for the kill, Clyde then jumps at Visor and rips his heart stone out, Visor: W-What...Is the me-mening of this? Clyde: Friend of foe? With those words he leaves with Phere's and Visor's heart stones, Theta then shoots Aura down, Theta then dissapears, Tara: NO! Aura! Gaia! Lyx's eyes go back to normal and he fires chaos spears at Sauron and KP, Lyx then flies away laughing, Hiro then runs to Sauron, Hiro: Sauron! Are you alright?, Sauron: Hiro, get away from here! Lyx then appears again with half of his arm as a blade, Lyx: Game Over!

Lyx then pierces Sauron's heart as she jumps in the way of Hiro, Lyx with the memories of Phere dissapears, Hiro:... Tara's eyes glow red with revenge, she then runs towards Hiro and kicks him in the head, Tara: This your doing! Theta then takes her away back to is planet, Hiro then walks over to KP, Hiro: KP? Hiro feels his heart beat slow down and cease, Hiro dries his tears and walks over to Sauron again, he kneels, head down, with his hand on her head, Hiro:(Whispers) I...Love...You, Hiro then walks away back to Sauron's ice cavern and sees this device on the ground, he picks it up and can see it is a black hole converter, capable of time travel, Hiro's eyes open up wide with hope, Hiro puts it on his wrist and sets it for 3 hours ago, he then disapears in a swirl of blue energy.

To Be Continued...

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