Ultimate End Part 1
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Adventure
Chapter(s) 8

Chapter 1


In the clear air of Angel Island, Knuckles, the guardian of the Master Emerald and the Hidden Palace, containing the Chaos Emeralds, Along with Sonic they use the Super Emeralds to acheive Hyper formation, as the ancient echidna ledgend goes, The Chaos Emeralds were named after there first user, Chaos Zero, the living God of the Chao, The Super Emeralds were named after Super Sonic, there first user, along with Super Knuckles, but, another ledgend fortells of a third set, the Hyper Emeralds, no one knows of there exsistence except for one rogue Shadow Android, now this android spent it's whole life looking for them, looking for the power to acheive a form far more powerful than a super, hyper or dark form, I speak of the "Ultimate Form" The android goes by the name of "Lyx" And has found 5 out of 7 And has been stopped by Hyper Sonic, but in his death, the Emeralds made him more powerful than ever, he had to get cybernetic enhancements to replace his legs, arms and eyes. 2 months after surgery, Lyx has the 7th, now calling them the "Lyx Emeralds" nothing can stop him now, though the world isn't in danger because he is neutral, but he must be stopped to neutralize him because he is now a very great threat.

Lyx 4

Lyx 1

Chapter 2

Phere the Eradicator

3 Years after the destruction of Earth's Moon, another Shadow android causes trouble by joining Lyx, calling himself "Phere", they both take the worlds Chaos, Super and Master Emeralds, Hold Chaos, Mephiles and Metalix, Sonic's feared enemies, hostage and now control half of the worlds time state, will nothing save us?

Phere 3

Phere 2

Chapter 3

Trapped like Rats

Metalix uses Chaos Control to bring green fox named "Aura" back to life after he died in Lyx and Phere's Cell, he was the only who could release them and take them through the walls because of his ghost-like state, 5 hours after Aura releases his allies, Tara and Gaia, they soon arrive at Lyx and Phere's Emerald Altar, this tyrany ends now.

Aura 3 Tara 2 Gaia 3

Aura 2 Tara 3 Gaia 2

Chapter 4

Enter our "Hiro"

Lyx and Phere already post-contaminate Aura, Tara and Gaia, thier only hope can be Hiro the Echidna, the leader of thier platoon, "The Ion Army" His brothers Pheonix and Inferno died in battle, but now Hiro takes his revenge on his enemies, right now-Lyx and Phere, the only thing that can stop them are the Lyx Emeralds.

Hiro 3

Hiro 4

Chapter 5

Fight on the God's island

Lyx and Phere use the Emeralds to achieve a fused state, calling themself "Lypherex" he now challenges Hiro to a fight to the death on Angel Island, where hiro plans to join with Knuckles and use the Lyx Emeralds.

Lypherex 2

Lypherex 1

Chapter 6

Hirock and Roll

Knuckles and Hiro maintain their fused state to become "Hirock", Hirock: "So, you brought us here and it better not be a waste". Lypherex: "You won't be dissapointed"

Hirock 1


Chapter 7

Cold Hearted Evil

An impacting battle tears up the island, as Hirock and Lypherex battle for life and supremacy, as the fight continues, Tara and Gaia split up with Aura, Aura finds the Hyper emeralds and destroys them, while Tara and Gaia shoot Lypherex down, while trying to avoid hitting Hirock, in an instant, Lyx and Phere fall back to the planet, unable to come to terms with their defeat towards "Flesh", they teleport to Antarctica to re-cooperate, Lyx: "NO! It will not end like this!".

Hirock v lypherex ML

Chapter 8

The Cold Psyche

Seven years later the heroes part ways, Aura heads east in search of a way to "The Other Side", Hiro heads south, because a sinister hedgehog and Lyx are causing trouble in Antarctica and Tara and Gaia head south for a new life, moments after their departure, everyone hears a voice inside their heads, ???: "When the Sun sets, then begins the "Frozen" Empire.

Heroes united ML

The End.

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