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Ultimate Conquest is a fighting game with characters in Nintendo, Playstation, and Microsoft consoles and handhelds the game has a total of 36 characters 12 Nintendo, 12 Playstation, and 12 Microsoft characters. you start with 8 of each category which makes 24 characters you start with and 12 unlockables it will be released by the end of 2013

Starting Character List                                      Series                                                 Debut

  • Mario                                                      Super Mario                                       Donkey Kong 1981
  • Donkey Kong                                         Donkey Kong                                     Donkey Kong 1981
  • Link                                                        Legend of Zelda                                 Legend of Zelda 1986
  • Samus                                                   Metroid                                                Metroid 1986
  • Yoshi                                                     Yoshi Island                                         Super Mario World 1990 
  • Pikachu                                                  Pokemon              Pokemon Red and Blue 1999
  • Fox                                                        Star Fox                                                Star Fox 1993
  • Kirby                                                      Kirby                                   Kirby's Dream Land 1992
  • Sora                                                       Kingdom Hearts                                   Kingdom Hearts 2002
  • Goku                            Dragonball                                        Dragonball Dragon Daihikyo 1980
  • Ryu                                                         Street Fighter                                     Street Fighter 1987
  • Megaman                                               Megaman                                          Megaman 1987
  • Sonic The Hedgehog                             Sonic The Hedgehog                         Sonic The Hedgehog 1991
  • Solid Snake                                            Metal Gear                                          Metal Gear 1987
  • Homer Simpson                        The Simpsons                       The Simpsons Arcade Game 1991
  • Claude Speed                                        Grand Theft Auto                             Grand Theft Auto III 2001
  • Pac Man                                                 Pac Man                                          Pac Man 1980
  • Aquaman                                               Aqua Man          Justice League Task Force 1995
  • Batman                                                  Batman                                          Batman 1986
  • Marine Corp Man                                   Battlefield                                         Battlefield 2 2005
  • Joe Martin                                              Call of Duty                                      Call of Duty 2003
  • Catwoman                                              Catwoman                                       Batman Returns 1993
  • Crash Bandicoot                                     Crash Bandicoot                             Crash Bandicoot 1996
  • Doom Guy                                               Doom                                              Doom 1993

Unlockable Characters

  • Captain Falcon                                       F Zero                                               F Zero 1990
  • Ness                                                       Earthbound                                      Mother 1989      
  • Mr. Game & Watch                                 Game & Watch                                Ball 1980
  • R.O.B. (Robot Operating Buddy)           Gyromite                                           Gyromite 1985
  • Bugs Bunny                                            Looney Tunes Bugs Bunny's Birthday Blowout 1990
  • Buzz Lightyear                                        Toy Story                                  Toy Story 1996
  • Rayman                                                   Rayman                                    Rayman 1995
  • Cat in the Hat                                          Cat in the Hat                            Cat in the Hat 2004
  • Eddy                                                        Ed Edd & Eddy Ed Edd & Eddy Jawbreakers 2003
  • Timmy Turner                                          Fairy Odd Parents Fairy Odd Parents Breaking Da Rules 2003
  • Peter Griffen                                            Family Guy                                Family Guy Video Game 2006
  • Mr. Fantastic                                            Fantastic Four                           Fantastic Four 1997


  • Super Mushroom                                     Super Mario                               Super Mario Bros. 1985
  • Super Star                                                Super Mario                               Super Mario Bros. 1985
  • Banana                                        Donkey Kong Country                      Donkey Kong Country 1995
  • Barrel                                                        Donkey Kong                             Donkey Kong 1981
  • Master Sword                                            Legend of Zelda                         Legend of Zelda 1986
  • Bomb                                                         Legend of Zelda                         Legend of Zelda 1986
  • Screw Attack                                             Metroid                                       Metroid 1986
  • Yoshi Egg                                                  Yoshi Island                               Super Mario World 1990
  • Pokeball                                                     Pokemon                                   Pokemon Red and Blue 1999
  • Ray Gun                                                    Star Fox                                     Star Fox 1993
  • Warp Star                                                  Kirby                                           Kirby's Dream Land 1992
  • Maximum Tomato                                      Kirby                                          Kirby's Dream Land 1992
  • Mega Buster                                              Megaman                                 Megaman 1987
  • Sonic Shoes                                              Sonic The Hedgehog               Sonic The Hedgehog 1991
  • Knife                                                          Metal Gear                                Metal Gear 1987
  • Pistol                                                          Metal Gear                                Metal Gear 1987
  • Rifle                                                            Grand Theft Auto                      Grand Theft Auto III 2001
  • SMG                                                           Grand Theft Auto                      Grand Theft Auto III 2001
  • Power Pellet                                               Pac Man                                    Pac Man 1980
  • Batarang                                                     Batman                                      Batman 1986
  • Grapple                                                       Batman                                      Batman 1986
  • AK-47                                                          Battlefield                                  Battlefield 2 2005
  • Sniper Rifle                                                  Battlefield                                  Battlefield 2 2005
  • Grenade                                                       Call of Duty                               Call of Duty 2003
  • RPG                                                              Call of Duty                               Call of Duty 2003
  • Claws                                                            Catwoman                                 Batman Returns 1993
  • Tiki                                                              Crash Bandicoot                         Crash Bandicoot 1996
  • Nail Gun                                                      Doom                                          Doom 1993
  • Baseball Bat                                                Mother                                        Mother 1989
  • Yoyo                                                            Mother                                        Mother 1989
  • Gyro                                                            Gyromite                                     Gyromite 1985
  • Magic Wand                                Fairy Odd Parents Fairy Odd Parents Breaking Da Rules 2003

Pokeball Pokemon                                                Debut                                        Move used

  • Squirtle                                                        Pokemon Red and Blue 1999       Rapid Spin
  • Bulbasaur                                                     Pokemon Red and Blue 1999       Vine Whip
  • Charizard                                                      Pokemon Red and Blue 1999       Flamethrower
  • Meowth                                                         Pokemon Red and Blue 1999       Pay Day
  • Electrode                                                       Pokemon Red and Blue 1999       Explosion
  • Beedrill                                                          Pokemon Red and Blue 1999       Poison Sting
  • Fearow                                                           Pokemon Red and Blue 1999       Peck
  • Gengar                                                           Pokemon Red and Blue 1999       Shadow Ball
  • Dragonite                                                        Pokemon Red and Blue 1999       Dragon Rage
  • Psyduck                                                          Pokemon Red and Blue 1999      Psychic
  • Jynx                                                                Pokemon Red and Blue 1999      Ice Beam
  • Scyther                                                            Pokemon Red and Blue 1999      Slash
  • Machamp                                                         Pokemon Red and Blue 1999       Revenge
  • Aerodactyl                                                        Pokemon Red and Blue 1999       Hyper Beam
  • Ho-Oh                                                              Pokemon Gold and Silver 2000     Sacred Fire

Enimies                                    Series                                Debut

  • Clones                              Pokemon                                Pokemon Anime 1999
  • Metal Mario                       Super Mario                         Super Mario 64 1996
  • Giant Donkey Kong            Donkey Kong                        N/A


  • Master Hand                      Kirby                                 Kirby and The Amazing Mirror 2004
  • Crazy Hand                       Super Smash Bros.             Super Smash Bros. 1999
  • Bowser                             Super Mario                        Super Mario Bros. 1985
  • King K. Rool                      Donkey Kong                      Donkey Kong Country 1995
  • Dark Link                           Legend of Zelda                  Legend of Zelda II Adventure of Link 1987
  • Dark Samus                       Metroid Prime                 Metroid Prime 2002
  • Vegeta                               Dragonball                      Dragonball Chapter 204 1988
  • Ken                                    Street Fighter                  Street Fighter 1987
  • Dr. Wily                              Mega Man                       Mega Man 1987
  • Shadow the Hedgehog         Sonic The Hedgehog         Sonic's Adventure 2 2001
  • Naked Snake                      Metal Gear                       Metal Gear 1987
  • Joker                                  Batman                            Batman 1986

Unlockable Bosses                   

  • Blood Falcon                       F Zero                               F Zero X 1998


  • Mushroom Kingdom             Super Mario                       Super Mario Bros. 1985
  • Peach's Castle                    Super Mario                        Super Mario 64 1996
  • Donkey Kong Island             Donkey Kong Country          Donkey Kong Country 1995
  • Ganon's Castle                    Legend of Zelda                   Legend of Zelda 1986
  • Norfair                                 Metroid                               Metroid 1986
  • Yoshi's House                      Super Mario                        Super Mario World 1990
  • Yoshi's Island                       Yoshi's Island                      Yoshi's Island 1995
  • Pokemon Center                   Pokemon                            Pokemon Red and Blue 1999
  • Pokemon Stadium                 Pokemon Stadium               Pokemon Stadium 1999
  • Arwing                                  Star Fox                              Star Fox 1993
  • Dream Land                           Kirby                                   Kirby's Dream Land 1992
  • King Dedede's Castle              Kirby                                  Kirby's Super Star 1996
  • Dr Wily's Castle                      Megaman                            Megaman 1987
  • Green Hill Zone                        Sonic the Hedgehog            Sonic the Hedgehog 1991
  • Liberty City                             Grand Theft Auto                  Grand Theft Auto 1 1999
  • Vice City                                 Grand Theft Auto                  Grand Theft Auto 1 1999
  • Pacman Level 1                       Pacman                               Pacman 1980
  • Arena                                     Ultimate Conquest                 N/A
  • Grassland                               Ultimate Conquest                 N/A

Unlockable Stages

  • Mute City                                F Zero                                  F Zero 1990
  • Flat Zone                                 Game & Watch                     Ball 1980
  • Timmy's House                   Fairy Odd Parents        Fairy Odd Parents Breaking Da Rules 2003
  • Subcon                           Super Mario                 Super Mario Bros. 2 1988
  • Jungle Hijynx                   Donkey Kong Country             Donkey Kong Country 1995
  • Freight Orphan                 Metroid                              Metroid 1986
  • Yoshi's Story Book           Yoshi's Story                      Yoshi's Story 1996
  • Pewter City Gym               Pokemon                           Pokemon Red and Blue 1999
  • Lylite Crusier                     Star Fox                             Star Fox 1993
  • San Andreas                     Grand Theft Auto                  Grand Theft Auto 1 1999
  • Viridian Gym                     Pokemon                             Pokemon Red and Blue 1999
  • Metal Mario Stage             Super Mario                          Super Mario 64 1996
  • Bowser's Castle                Super Mario                          Super Mario Bros. 1985

Character Move List     B                          B Side                B Up

  • Mario                  Fireball                 Hammer            Super Jump Punch
  • Donkey Kong       Charge Punch       Banana Throw    Spinning Kong
  • Link                     Shield                  Bomb                 Sword Spin
  • Samus Aran         Charge Shot         Rocket               Screw Attack
  • Yoshi                   Tongue                Egg Throw           Flutter Jump
  • Pikachu                Charge                Thunder Shock    Quick Attack
  • Fox                      Laser                  Snatch                Fire Fox
  • Kirby                    Inhale                  Cutter                    Sword
  • Sora                     Stab Protect        Sword Throw        Sword Thrust
  • Goku                     Kae O Ken Energy Charge Kamehameha Kae O Ken
  • Ryu                       Anger Charge       Hadoken             Uppercut
  • Megaman               Mega Buster        Tackle                Mega Upper
  • Sonic The Hedgehog Speed Charge     Home In             Spring
  • Solid Snake             Grenade             Stealth               Hovercraft
  • Homer Simpson        Anger Charge     Rough Punch      Uppercut
  • Claude Speed           Anger Charge     Brass Knuckles   Cocktail
  • Pacman                   Inhale                Chomp                Upside Down
  • Aquaman                  Watergun          Swim Boost         Jump Out
  • Batman                    Batcomputer      Baterang              Fly Attack
  • Marine Corp Man       Grenade            Pistol                   Smoke Bomb
  • Joe Martian               Sticky Bomb      .50 cal                 Jump Attack
  • Catwoman                 Anger Charge     Scratch               Stab
  • Crash Bandicoot        Tiki                    Spin                    Tornado Spin
  • Doom Guy                 Body Armor       Nail Gun               Machine Pistol
  • Captain Falcon           Anger Charge     Falcon Punch       Falcon Uppercut
  • Ness                         Projectile Block  Home Run            Yoyo Swing
  • Mr. Game & Watch    Flat                    Stanley's Bug Spray Ball Throw
  • R.O.B. Robot Operating Buddy Laser    Stab                     Jet Fumes
  • Bugs Bunny               Carrot Munch       Buff Punch          Uppercut
  • Buzz Lightyear           Laser                  Hard Punch          Jet Fumes
  • Rayman                     Inhale                 Charge                 Propeller Ears
  • Cat in the Hat             Hat Block           Fish Slap              Fish Throw
  • Eddy                          Anger Charge     CensoredSlap        Uppercut
  • Timmy Turner              Magic Shield      Wand Attack         Wand Thunder
  • Peter Griffen                Anger Charge     Heavy Punch         Uppercut
  • Mr. Fantastic               Growth              Stretch                  Air Slap


  • Each character is in a unique series listed above
  • The character selection starts with the top left from oldest to newest see years above
  • The character models are animated
  • Modes include Training, 2P, 3P, 4P, Classic, Break The Targets, Board The Platforms, Race, Item War, and Pokeball War 
  • They'res a debug menu which allows you to completely use beta stuff because the developer forgot to delete it however you need a cheating device
  • The game was originally going to have more 3rd party characters but because Super Smash Bros. didn't have 3rd party characters it was dropped
  • This game was also suppose to have famous Youtubers however this was also dropped but after someone even suggested it
  • Also it was suppose to have all the characters in the released Super Smash Bros. but it would've been the same game with added content
  • The only 2 Nintendo characters not to appear in Ultimate Conquest that were in SSB was Luigi and Jigglypuff because all playable characters are unique to a different series because they'res no 2nd character in the series because it was dropped
  • This game was going to be an RPG instead of a fighting game which it was dropped because it would be like Project X Zone
  • The reason why this game is rated M for Mature is because it has Solid Snake, Claude Speed, Marine Corp Man, Joe Martian, and Doom Guy along with items from the Metal Gear series, GTA series, BF series, COD series, and Doom series respectively items are Knife, Pistol for Metal Gear, Rifle, SMG for GTA, AK, Sniper for BF, Grenade, RPG for COD, and Nail Gun for Doom because of no rating system at the time Solid Snake, and Doom Guy still would've made it if the game was T 
  • Most of the bosses were going to need to be unlocked


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