Ultimate Clash is a 2D fighting game and is the start of a new series. It was originally an umbrella fighting game that was bashed for being a rip-off of the Lapis series, however the creator decided to reboot it.


The game plays like most other 2D fighters, however there are quite a few changes to keep it unique.


Each playable character has an element that determines which attacks they are resistant and weak to. The elements and their resistances/weaknesses are listed under here. When a character is hit by an attack they are weak to, they take 2x the normal damage and 2x less if they are resistant.


  • Resistant To: Grass, Ice, Thorn, Fighting, Darkness
  • Weak To: Water, Wind, Stone


  • Resistant To: Fire, Thorn, Stone
  • Weak To: Plant, Ice, Electricity


  • Resistant To: Water, Electricity, Wind, Earth, Darkness
  • Weak To: Fire, Ice, Thorn


  • Resistant To: Water, Plant, Electricity, Wind, Earth
  • Weak To: Fire, Thorn, Stone, Fighting, Magic


  • Resistant To: Water, Thorn, Fighting, Darkness
  • Weak To: Plant, Wind, Earth


  • Resistant To: Fire, Thorn, Earth
  • Weak To: Ice, Electricity, Stone, Magic


  • Resistant To: Plant, Ice, Earth, Fighting
  • Weak To: Fire, Water, Wind, Darkness, Stone


  • Resistant To: Fire, Ice, Electricity, Wind, Thorn
  • Weak To: Water, Earth, Fighting, Magic


  • Resistant To: Fire, Electricity, Stone, Darkness, Magic
  • Weak To: Water, Grass, Wind, Thorn, Fighting


  • Resistant To: Wind, Stone, Earth,
  • Weak To: Fire, Electricity, Magic, Fighting


  • Resistant To: Wind, Stone, Darkness
  • Weak To: Fire, Electricity, Thorn, Magic


  • Resistant To: Fire, Water, Grass, Fighting
  • Weak To: Wind, Earth, Darkness


Before fights, players can equip various items onto their fighter/CPUs to make certain aspects about them better.


The player selects their fighter, the CPU opponent, and the stage, and start fighting. This mode can be played in multiplayer.


The player must defeat 8 randomized opponents, and then battle a set final foe.


Here, people can play through the adventures of all of the characters to defeat the evil Disparit and


Players can increase their skills as various characters without actually fighting as them by beating up a training dummy.


Players can battle against other people from all over the world in this mode.

Playable Characters

There are 24 playable characters overall.

Image Name Element
TBA Feu Fire
TBA Tide Water
TBA Flora Plant
TBA Matt Ice
TBA Electron Electricity
TBA Hurricard Wind
TBA Paiku Thorn
TBA Rockolem Stone
TBA Quake Earth
TBA Disparit Darkness
TBA Shuri Fighting
TBA Illuso Magic

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