Ultimate Allstar Clash Bros is an upcoming Umbrella Game featuring all characters from Movies,Cartoons,Comics and Video Games.

Story Mode:Darkest Clash

The Tournament

The big tournament is about to begin! Mario is about to fight Sonic, and many people are in the audience, including Luigi,Tails,and Princess Peach. Mario/Sonic is about to finish Sonic/Mario, but the two see an airship coming towards the arena! The airship launches a bullet bill, causing Peach and Tails to become trophies. Luigi escapes from the stadium, while Mario and Sonic jump up to see Darth Vader pilotting the airship. Suddenly,  Derpy Hooves crashes into the airship, which plummets to the ground.

Mario wakes up and sees that he is in a barren wasteland. He sees the trophies of Sonic,Derpy, and Vader. He revives Sonic and Derpy. The three nod, and try to find help.

NC Headquarters

Meanwhile, in a room, the Nostalgia Critic gets ready to review a bad movie, when The Joker comes in and wrecks the entire room. The Critic starts panicking like crazy when Iron Man shows up and defeats the Joker. The Critic reluctantly decides to join him.


Meanwhile, in the backyard, Calvin and Hobbes hear a rumbling noise. They notice something is getting ready to rise out of the ground. Suddenly, Ermac, a being made up of millions of souls, gets ready to attack the iconic duo. After the two defeat Ermac, they see an airship in the distance. The duo decides to go after the airship.

Green Lake

Meanwhile,Mario,Sonic, and Derpy Hooves spot a young boy digging holes in the middle of the harsh desert wasteland, when they get ambushed by Koopas,Yellow Spotted Lizards,Badniks, you name it! Soon the boy decides to help the trio, and they realize he is Stanley. After defeating the minions, the four decide to journey on to save Princess Peach and Tails. 

In the villain's airship, Moe manages to communicate with Shao Kahn, emperor of OutWorld. He says they have  one of the six 'princesses' needed to lure the other fighters in. Shao Kahn points out very few are actually "princesses" and calls him a "weak,pathetic,fool." He then asks how the airship is still functioning after Derpy crashed into it, causing them to lose Darth Vader, but Moe says it is a much more powerful airship,snarls, and turns off his communicator.

Moe assembles the other playable villains (except for ones who were defeated earlier):Bowser,Bowser Jr,Metal Sonic,Ganondorf,and Scorpion. Moe sets up a screen showing the AVGN reviewing a bad game. The villains make a plan: Bowser,Bowser Jr, and Metal will set out to find the other 5 princesses. Ganondorf and Scorpion will go after the AVGN. Moe will lure Mario and his gang to Kahn's Arena. 

Mortal Kombat

Meanwhile, Luigi is teleported to Kahn's Arena. He sees there is a Mortal Kombat fight between Scorpion and   Sub-Zero commencing. Scorpion becomes the victor of the battle, turning Sub-Zero into a trophy. Luigi decides to step in when he sees Iron Man and Homer bust in and fight Scorpion.Luigi decides to join the two, and soon Scorpion is defeated by the threesome. The trio revives Sub-Zero, and escape the arena.

Cube Land

Meanwhile, in a cube world, Steve has just finished mining up some coal when he hears an earthquake. Suddenly, Metal Sonic bursts in and fights Steve. After defeating Metal, he sees a portal to the cosmos, and goes through.

Pony Ville

Meanwhile in Pony Ville, Rainbow Dash starts hearing rumors that Twilight Sparkle is missing. After going through Pony Ville, she spots Mewtwo, flying in the air, holding Twilight's trophy. After chasing Mewtwo down, Silver appears to help RD defeat Mewtwo. After defeating Mewtwo, Bowser Jr. comes and snags the trophies of Mewtwo and Twilight. Silver and RD than go into a portal.

On the other side of the portal, Silver and RD meet up with Steve.

Front Yard

Calvin and Hobbes move to the front yard, where they find Mordecai fighting off a group of holograms. The duo joins in, and the last hologram drops Tails' trophy. The three revive Tails and press on.

City Invasion

In the big city, Superman and Goku are ready to fight to see who is stronger, but the fight is interupted by the airship coming in. AVGN comes out of a house, where he sees the invasion. The airship rains minions on them. The airship launches a missle at the Doughnut Shop, and Homer comes out screaming. The four get ready to take on the minions. After defeating the minions, the Blue Falcon appears, and Captain Falcon comes in and picks up Goku, Superman,AVGN, and Homer.

Cosmic Battle

Mario,Sonic,Derpy, and Stanley go through a portal, and find Silver,RD, and Steve. Soon the team sees koopas raining down on them. Soon, Pit comes down and gives all the koopas hell. (which is ironic since he is an angel.) Mario,Sonic,Derpy,Stanley,Silver,RD,Steve, and Pit continue through the cosmos until they come face to face with another band of minions. After defeating them, the team heads into Rosalina's Castle.

Meanwhile back in earth, the Blue Falcon arrives outside the arena to pick up Luigi,Sub-Zero,Iron Man, and The Critic.


The Blue Falcon crew doesn't go very far until The Critic and AVGN start bickering. After a long battle between AVGN and The Critic, Bowser comes in and uses his trophy gun on Homer,The Critic, and Sub-Zero. After fighting Bowser, Bowser escapes with the trophies and the group splits up: Iron Man,AVGN, and Goku go back to the City in search for help, while Cpt. Falcon,Superman,and Luigi head in the Blue Falcon.

 Confirmed Characters

Image Character Franchise Description
Mario Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Mario Super Mario

The hero of the Mushroom Kingdom! Having so many games, you would think he wouldn't do just the same thing over,and over again. He attacks with fireballs, koopa shells, and most of his other power ups from his games.

Luigi2-SM3DW Luigi Super Mario Mario's scaredy cat brother. He attacks with fireballs like Mario,but he can also use his poltergust, and super sonic screams of fear. 
Yoshi Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour Yoshi Super Mario Assuming Mario needs TWO fan favorite green sidekicks, Yoshi is here help Mario and use his unique abilities. He can swallow you for special attacks and grabs, much like Pac-Man, and can use it's eggs to attack you.
PEACH bbb Peach Super Mario The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, she always relies on the Mario Bros to save her when she herself has alot of quirky and awesome abilities. She can use her turnips and umbrella to fight opponents.
Bowser SSB4 Bowser Super Mario The evilest Koopa king of all the evil Koopa kings!...if there were more then one, but still. He attacks with his spiked shell,his claws, and his firebreath.
Bowserjr MP9 BJ Super Mario Bowser's slave-I mean son. He can fight with his 'magic' paintbrush.
200px Rosalina Super Mario A space princess thing. Is she the only princess in the world who doesn't get captured? She fights with her magic and the powers of SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE.
SonicSmesh Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog

The speedy blue hedgehog who likes waving his finger pointlessly almost as much as he likes running! Believe me, that's a lot.He attacks with his spin moves and some of his wisp abilities from Colors and Lost World.

Sonic-Free-Riders-Silver-artwork Silver the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog "But Dark, out of all the Sonic characters,why SILVER!?!?!?" Shut up. Silver is a hedgehog from the future, even though he isn't really silver. I guess the name 'Grey' doesn't roll of the tounge as well.When he isn't whining about "Killing Sonic" or "Destroying Iblis" he can use his telekinesis to attack, such as throwing debris at you,floating, and making force fields.
Project Universal Tails Tails the Fox Sonic the Hedgehog The cute two tailed useless-sidekick-turned-slightly-more-useful-sidekick is here to join the battle! He can attack by using his machines such as an arm cannon and can use his Dummy Ring Bombs. He can also fly with his two tails. (well,DUH!) 
Knuckles 27 Knuckles Sonic the Hegdehog Sonic's dumb friend who can't tell when Eggman does the same trick on him over and over again. He is one of the less unique characters in the game, only being able to punch for the most part.
Sonic z metal sonic Metal Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog An evil robot clone of Sonic. He can use pretty much all of Sonic's moves, but can shoot laser blasts as well.
250px-AmyRoseColorSharpEditDuck Amy Rose Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic's stalkerish girlfriend. She attacks with her hammer and Flicky can help her out in battle.
PacmanLAPIS4 Pac-Man Pac-Man

Some yellow thing who loves eating despite not having a stomach.Or maybe he does. I dunno, logic doesn't exist in games anyways. He attacks with chomps (which are his grabs, essentially) and can throw power pellets at you.

Twilight Sparkle Twilight Sparkle My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic Twilight Sparkle is the main character of MLP:FiM (even though Rainbow Dash is,dare I say, 20% cooler) she can use her magic and,like Amy, Spike can help her out in battle.
Derpy Hooves 2 Derpy Hooves My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic

The lovable derpfaced Mail-Pony who tries to help people, but isn't good at keeping steady most of the time.She attacks with muffins and her own clumsiness.

Rainbow Dash Rainbow Dash My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic A daredevil pony who has the element of Loyalty when she should have gotten the Element of Awesomeness (if there was such a thing). She attacks with her sonic-like super speed and her sonic rainboom, as well as her hooves for melee attacks.
Pinkie pie by patekoro-d4r7pkv Pinkie Pie My Little Pony:Frendship is Magic The cheerful pony we all know. She uses her party cannons and confetti explosions to nonsensically defeat her opponents.
MegaManSmash MegaMan Megaman A robot who kills other robots to bring justice to a futuristic world. He fights with his Mega Buster and Robot Master Abilities. 
Banjo-Kazooie Banjo Banjo Kazooie A long lost friend of Mario and Nintendo, he uses Kazooie to fly, crap eggs on people, or can run people over with a car.
Calvin Calvin Calvin and Hobbes Calvin is a young boy with a large imagination.He is one of the quicker and more nimble characters in the roster, and can attack with water balloons and temper tantrums.
Mainchar hobbes Hobbes Calvin and Hobbes A suprisingly intelligent but occasionally bothersome Tiger who is Calvin's best friend. He attacks with pounces, claws, and can use his sharp jaws for melee attacks.
Moe United Feature Syndicate Moe Calvin and Hobbes A bully at Calvin's school, who now joins the evil army with Banjo,Joker, and the other villains. He can attack by shoving people or throwing basketballs at them.
Batman-justice-league-3329865-176-345 Batman DC Comics The hero of Gotham City. He has seen a lot of tragedy (and insanity) in his life.He attacks with his gear and his badassness.
Joker Joker DC Comics The insane clown prince joins the Evil Army, but plans to sabotage them, and destroy everything, with style. He uses his guns and his laughing gas.
ManOfSteelSuperman Superman DC Comics Do I really have to explain him? He's freaking Superman!
Phineas Flynn Phineas Phineas and Ferb Phineas is a boy with a big imagination and knack for creating things, much like Calvin. Unlike Calvin, his inventions go beyond a cardboard box. Much like Tails, Phineas fights with his inventions.
Agentp Perry Phineas and Ferb

A special agent Platypus who fights with his tail and special agent stuff.

Ssbblastpikachu Pikachu Pokemon


It fights with it's tail and ELECTRICITY!!!!

006Charizard Charizard Pokemon One of the most popular Pokemon out there, despite looking like a generic fire breathing dragon.He can fight with his firebreath,claws, and tail.
Mega Mewtwo Mewtwo Pokemon A clone of Mew made to help the villains take over the world. He can use psychic attacks and physical attacks on his opponents.
Naruto Uzumaki Naruto Naruto Some ninja kid who doesn't look like a ninja at all. He uses his kunai and jutsus to attack, and is quite the speedy fighter.
Gaara Gaara Naruto A guy who is also a ninja who doesn't look like a ninja.He also carries arround a gourd full of sand on his back which he can use to do stuff.Because magic sand. He fights with his ninja skills and the aforementioned Magic Sand
Iron-man Iron Man Marvel A guy in a mech suit, who can be a bit of a snob sometimes. He uses jets and repulser blasts.
Link Link Legend of Zelda A cooler version of Peter Pan who can't decide if he looks realistic or cartoonish most of the time.He attacks with his sword, his bombs, his arrows, and his boomerangs.
250px-Ganondorf Artwork (Ocarina of Time) Ganondorf Legend of Zelda An evil king who tries to take over Hyrule. He is slowish, but can hold his own in a fight. 
Scorpion-mkvsdc-white Scorpion Mortal Kombat Some random ninja guy who is mad at Sub Zero for killing his family.He fights with his sword and trademark lava breath and spear.
122px-Sub-ZeroRender MKNine Sub-Zero Mortal Kombat A guy who looks like Scorpion but with ice powers. He can shoot ice balls and basically do anything with ice.
KungLao Cutout 001 copia Kung Lao Mortal Kombat Another chinese guy who has a badass hat. This razor sharp hat is his main use weapon in kombat. (see what I did there?)
Liu kang mk9 Liu Kang Mortal Kombat Some wierd chinese guy who is totally not a stereotype! He fights with his bicycle kick and fire ball.
Shao kahn Shao Kahn Mortal Kombat No. I don't want to see ANY dumb Star Trek jokes in the comments. No. Just No.
Ermacrendercutout2 Ermac Mortal Kombat One of the many MK characters based of a glitch or an extra. He-oh I'm sorry-They can use their awesome soul energy and telekenesis to destroy their opponents! (Ok I get that he is made out of multiple different souls, but it's just wierd that he always refers to himself in plural!)
KirbySSB4 Kirby Kirby A pink pompom with limbs who can gain your powers by eating you.
Meta Knight(Clear) Meta Knight Kirby A blue pompom who is a knight. How do they hire POMPOMS to be KNIGHTS!?!?!?!?
SAMUSsmrpga Samus Metroid A person with wierd bird DNA. She can roll into a ball and also use her Arm Cannon.
Captain Falcon the awesome Captain Falcon F-Zero The most over-the-top futuristic motorcycle driver you will ever meet. He attacks with his FALCON PAWNCH.
20247-player Stanley Yelnats Holes Stanley "Caveman" Yelnats is a young kid who always has bad luck because of a dumb curse a gypsy cast on his family for stealing a pig or something wierd like that. He can hit opponents with his shovel, slap 'em with his cap, or throw yellow spotted lizards at them.
71px-LucasBlank Lucas Mother Lucas is a brave young boy who I am suprised hasn't died from depression yet. He attacks with his PK moves and his bat. Because Mother characters have bats apparently.
Project Universal Nostalgia Critic Nostalgia Critic Channel Awesome The crazy critic joins the battle! He fights with his gun, his camera, and screaming loudly.


Cinnemassacre An Angry Video Game Nerd (hence his name) who tears a part crappy games. He fights with his game pad, F Bombs, and Beer Bottles.
Donkey kong. Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Donkey Kong is an ape who tries to save his bananas from an evil crocodile king. He uses his fists and his coconut gun that can fire in spurts. If he shoots ya, it's gonna hurt!
Ufrayman Rayman Rayman Some wierd guy who can use his fists (which AREN'T CONNECTED TO HIS BODY!!!!!!!!!) for battle.
SonGokuBOG Goku Dragon Ball Z The most popular anime character ever. Like, EVER. To attack he uses his Kamehameha and other energy beams and attacks.
FinnTheHumanBoy Finn Adventure Time A human boy who hangs out with a magical dog. He can use his sword to attack.
JakeTHEDOG Jake Adventure Time The wierd magical dog Jake hangs out with. For attack he can use his stretchy arms.
Steve SMSS2AB Steve Minecraft Some random block guy joins the battle! He uses TNT,Swords,Pickaxes,Bows, and more!
Darth Vader Darth Vader Star Wars An imperial badass who can use his lightsaber and the Force.
Reg mordecai Mordecai The Regular Show Mordecai is a laid back bird who can fly or attack people with soda and basketballs.
Homer Homer Simpson The Simpsons Homer Simpson is your everday fat slob. He fights by throwing doughnuts and can strangle people.
PIT Pit Kid Icarus This angel boy can kick some ass! He uses his bowsword and his wings to fight.
PalutenaBrawl Palutena Kid Icarus Some goddess, needing an ANGEL to save her from evil!


Image Title Description
10-clues-camp-green-lake Camp Green Lake A dry barren wasteland where 'Bad Boys' are forced to dig holes every day. Hazards include Rattlesnakes, Scorpions and Yellow Spotted Lizards.
Mushroom Kingdom 3D by Kritter5x Mushroom Kingdom The iconic world the Mario Bros reside in. Hazards include traditional Mario enemies (Goombas,Koopa Troopas,Pirana Plants)
Green Hill Zone SSBET Green Hill Zone Other wise known as the most overdone stage in Sonic history. There are no hazards in this stage.
Emperor1 Emperor's Lair The Lair of Emperor Palpatine. Hazards include Palpatine himself, who randomly pops out and shoots lightning bolts at the nearest player.
KAAAHN Arena A plain old arena. No hazards here, and if you play as Shao Kahn on this map, the Shao Kahn on the throne is replaced with Onaga.
Mc-minecraft-beta-1.9-nether-upgrade Nether The cube equivalent of Hell itself.Hazards include fire randomly appearing throughout the map and Zombie Pigman stampedes.
Peach'sCastle Peach's Castle A plain old castle with no hazards. you can battle on top of the castle as well! (if it makes any difference for you.)