Ultima Warlords is an upcoming umbrella fighting game. However, unlike most umbrellas, it plays like a standard fighting game.



Ultima Warlords plays like your standard fighter, with health bars, but the combat takes place in 3D, like some of the Dragon Ball Z games. Characters have movesets similar to Super Smash Bros, with four normal moves (usually melee attacks) and four special moves.  

Additional Modes

  •  All-Star Mode, in which you fight all the starter characters as a character of your choice. The final battle is a mirror match.
  • Ultimate All-Star Mode, which is similar to All-Star but you can only play it after  unlocking all the characters. This time, you have to face the ENTIRE roster.
  • Galactic Crisis, the story mode for the game which plays like a 3D Beat-Em-Up. 

Starting Characters


Image Character Description Series
Robin2 Robin The standard balanced character and the only customizable one, fighting using magic spells that you can customize. He also wields an electric sword. You can even change his gender! (Legasp) Fire Emblem
Anna FE13 Artwork Anna A perky shop owner, who is quite quick and nimble. She attacks with her sword and shop items. Fire Emblem
250px-aizawa inori Inori Aizawa A cute anime girl designed to make people think that Internet Explorer doesn't suck. She wields a shield and can shoot lasers to attack. Internet Explorer
253Grovyle Grovyle #SCEPTILEISOVERRATED. Grovyle can shoot leaves and use quick melee attacks in battle. Pokémon
589px-KirbySSB4 Kirby A pink marshmallow who can inhale opponents to gain their power. He also wields a hammer and can ride his warp star. Kirby
480px-Meta Knight SSB4. Wii U Meta Knight An honorable knight and rival to Kirby, Meta Knight is a fast character using his sword and can fly. Kirby
Render Death The Kid-1 Death the Kidd The son of Lord Death who is obsessed with symmetry because humor. He uses two guns who can transform into people in battle. Don't f**king ask me how that works. Soul Eater
Blake render by xizayoixakix-d6hd4ct Blake Belladonna A member of Team RWBY, Blake is a stealthy character using her whip sword weapon for melee attacks. She also has night vision. RWBY
KumatoraFOL5 Kumatora A Princess and close friend of Claus. After Pink Gold Peach corrupted Claus and turned him into the Masked Man, Black Mage took her in and trained her, and now Kumatora's PSI abilities are more powerful then ever. Mother
DarkPitSSB4 Dark Pit Normal Pit was too busy protecting Skyworld from evil sentient Eggplants, so here we have the next best thing! Dark Pit wields his bow and the Dark Pit Staff, both of which are his primary weapons in combat. Kid Icarus
Alpha Season 2 Alpha An avid player of TOME, Alpha is a friendly young boy who gets wrapped up in a situation involving hackers and a mysterious virus, but who cares about storyline! Alpha uses lightning based attacks, as well as using a discus-like shield and can deliver the Vulcan's Fist punch for some immense damage. TOME
347px-YoshiSSB4.Wii U Yoshi Yoshi is Mario's trusty sidekick, but since Mario isn't in this game (AND HE NEVER WILL BE) Yoshi fights for himself! He can throw eggs, swallow enemies and spit them out, and even sprout wings!  Yoshi's Island
Honey game Honey the Cat A forgotten Sonic character that was scrapped from Sonic the Fighters, Honey the Cat uses quick melee attacks, but is short on projectiles. Sonic the Hedgehog
MamiFairy Mami Tomoe A veteran magical girl, Mami Tomoe wields guns which she uses to fight with, making her a character who relies mostly on distance.  Puella Magi Madoka Magica
371px-Princess Rosalina Super Mario Galaxy Rosalina The queen of the cosmos, Rosalina has cosmic magic which she uses as a method of attack, also utilizing her spin jump attack, starbits, and her Luma companion. Super Mario Bros.
KirigiriKyouko Kirigiri Kyoko A student at Hope's Peak Academy and the principal's daughter, Kirigiri uses her deduction skills to fight. Dangan Ronpa
ByakuyaTogami Togami Byakuya Like Kirigiri, Togami is a student at Hope's Peak, but unlike Kirigiri, he is a total jerkwad. Togami's deduction skills aren't as good as Kirigiri's, so most of his moveset consists of him trying to pin the blame on somebody else.  Dangan Ronpa
Black mage hoops 3 on 3 Black Mage A mysterious wizard and Kumatora's mentor, Black Mage uses various magic spells as part of his arsenal, and is quite a balanced character. Final Fantasy
ShantaePiratesCurseTransparent Shantae A half-genie hero, Shantae fights by transforming into animals, belly dancing, and whipping her hair.  Shantae
JigglypuffSSB4 Jigglypuff A veteran in the game of Smash, the Jiggs is back for more carnage! Jigglypuff can use many of her moves such as Rollout, in which she rolls into people, causing damage, or Sing, which puts nearby opponents to sleep. Pokemon
DuckHuntSSB4 Duck Hunt Dog  An innocent puppy with the most annoying laugh in the universe. The Duck uses the NES Zapper and can get help from the Duck, who pecks at enemies and can give the Dog a good recovery.  Duck Hunt
Shiroe Shiroe A cunning player of Log Horizon, Shiroe is more of a defensive character, having many mage-like attacks. He is more of a strategist then a fighter, making him a tricky character to master.  Log Horizon
Sayaka2 Sayaka Miki A blue-haired Magical Girl who has a deppressive outlook on life. Sayaka has water magic which she uses to fight, such as creating tidal waves. Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Leonkuwata Kuwata Leon Some dumb baseball dude nobody cares about. Seriously Kuwata why are you here. Nobody cares about you. And you're supposed to be dead. All you can do is throw round objects and hit people with a baseball bat. Get out.  Dangan Ronpa

Unlockable Characters

Image Character Description Series
150px-Luigi Artwork (alt) - Super Mario 3D World Luigi

The second fiddle takes the spotlight! While Mario doesn't appear in this game, (AND HE NEVER WILL,) Luigi is always ready to Brawl! Well, once you unlock him, that is. He uses most of the moves you commonly see Mario use, such as Koopa Shells, fireballs, and jumping. However, Luigi can also use his trusty Poltergust 3000.

Unlocked by winning 20 Matches

Super Mario Bros.
Masked Man by AverageJoey543 Claus

Once a friend and love interest of Kumatora, Claus was corrupted by Pink Gold Peach to be her servant. Now a vicious killer, Claus uses his arm cannon and sword in battle.

Unlocked by winning 50 Matches as Kumatora

704Goomy Goomy

Claus' partner in crime, Goomy can dodge attacks easily, and fights using dragon-type moves.

Unlocked by winning 80 Matches

151Mew Mew

A legendary Pokemon, Mew has quick melee attacks, and has a wide variety of psychic abilities. 

Unlocked by winning 150 Matches as Goomy

LucinaAwakening Lucina

Lucina wakes her blade! The daughter of Chrom from a parallel timeline, Lucina uses her sword, Parallel Falchion, for most of her attacks. She is quite a swift fighter with good recovery, but she isn't very strong in battle. 

Unlocked by beating All-Star Mode as Robin

Fire Emblem
Sayaka Maizono Sayaka Maizono

An old friend of Naegi, Sayaka Maizono was the first one to die in the school life of mutual killing. She is a pop star, and can use singing to attack.

Unlocked by beating 100 matches as Kirigiri Kyoko

Dangan Ronpa
Kamina zpsc6052764 Kamina

Founder and former leader of Team Gurren, Kamina uses a very, VERY big sword for most of his attacks, along with his mech, drills, and manly speeches. 

Unlocked by beating All-Star Mode as 10 different characters. 

Gurren Lagann

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