Ultamate or Loxteriagigian Piox238is a horrible Alien like creature related to Giygas but like a black hole. He is a character of Space Hero but Somewere a person in space was working on transformation chemicals until it transported to a Alien child that was going to be born until he died. Later the chemical fell causing a time warp reaction making him apear in the Fourth Dimesion. He is like a Living creature without and force or mind. He seems realy unknown but he saw his death past and now wants to destroy the world for what he have become. Space Hero later frozed him and transported him to timeline he was born and he restored the fabric of Space.

He is multicolored and his mutation made him unknown of what he is and has been classified as a living power. He is very Dark and sucks up everything like a black hole,With his Balck hole pwoer he could make his own lifeforms as if he were the maker of the universe.

If you look closely he has more faces and Discoveries like a puzzle,

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